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  1. Well I will say it's comfy af. Like a slightly less gutsy magic carpet in the bumps and potholes of Seattle. I just don't want to be worried it's going to throw me on to the street when I least expect it. From what everyone's saying it sounds like that isn't likely. I would hope Kingsong would add more internal fail-safe measures inside these things in the future.
  2. I had never known about this thank you! Given that there IS a lifespan to these I'm surprised they don't have backups (is that possible?) Or a software timer that requires you replace the board regularly. For an electric bike this wouldn't be a big deal but these things are ground helicopters.
  3. Rev Rides took care of the fix so the only thing I saw was a slightly darker spot on the inside of the shell which I had them replace. What you're saying sounds scary. Is this something that can happen over time with normal use? Is there any way to pre-diagnose something like this? I hate the idea of constantly being ready to be bucked off. The wheel did lock. It was like I was being tripped. No ragdoll behavior, it was like someone hit the brakes. No beeps or anything. The unit didn't turn on afterwards.
  4. In terms of product design the thing is just a beautiful TANK. It feels much more clunky to stand on in comparison to the S18 though. Definitely feels like an earlier innovation in terms of ergo.. but damn. I'd like another wheel made like that again.
  5. So after 4k miles I finally managed to blow a little hole in my tire. This appears to maybe be something that I could patch up without taking off the wheel but I would love any suggestions. I prefer not to take this thing apart. On a side note if anyone's interested in a functional Z10 with wheel issues for a low price I would be willing to sell it as I have another wheel now. The rim is slightly dented from hitting a couple heavy bumps but the wheel is fully functional. DM me if you're interested in more details. I'm in Seattle.
  6. Really good to know. I have mixed feelings for sure as these things are basically ground helicopters in terms of points of failure, but they're so dang convenient! Awhile back when cleaning my Z10 I managed to jam a towel into the wheel while it was on which fried the control board. I've heard this can happen from too much stress. Do you happen to know if most control boards fail at the same place? Would it be unreasonable for a manufacturer to build a sort of fuse-box scenario into the control board? You can probably tell I'm a designer and not an electrical engineer 😬
  7. @meepmeepmayer@~~~o~~~ I really appreciate both comments. I overlooked the battery to motor ratio when purchasing this as I assumed it was better than a three-year-old z10 with a slightly damaged tire. IMO the Z10 is gutsy. Gutsy enough that I had never learned the terms for pedal dip and cutoff in three years of riding, and constantly throttled the thing. When I got the S18 I gulped down Kuji's acceleration test video and definitely throttled it as hard as I could, which is naive on my part. I weigh about 135 and managed to crash it at around 25mph within a block. It bounced and rolled like runaway tire which ripped the trolley handle out. The fact that it bumped the "crown" suggests the board failure later on. Seems like an unfortunately vulnerable place for a board.
  8. I'm posting here because I would love some thoughts from the community to help strengthen my relationship with these wheels. After putting over 4K miles on my Ninebot Z10 and loving it, I purchased an S18 in hopes of not face planting as often when hitting these huge potholes in Seattle. Shortly after falling in love with the S18, I send the thing into an accident by over-accelerating and inducing a strong pedal dip. This destroyed the trolley handle and ripped me to shreds. Diagnostics showed the unit was working fine after this. After a week of bandages I hopped back on to test if it was working. It appeared to drive fine and then suddenly locked up without warning and sent me into a crash at about 15mph. It was a brick afterwards. Huge props to Rev Rides for taking my wheel in, examining the issue and replacing the board with KS's latest one. It turns out the first accident damaged a capacitor on the board which caused it to fry later when I was testing the unit again. Now (again huge thanks to Rev Rides) I have a beautiful working fixed wheel and I am scared to death to use it. I would love some thoughts on these units so that I can stop worrying about it. Is there any chance something like a lock-up could happen again? Does anyone know if these boards typically have backup or redundant circuits that kick in if something fries? Should I be worrying about any water getting to the main board while riding in Seattle? I'd love to stay safe and sane as I'm tired of nursing injuries and replacing clothing. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if the body panels will be replaceable? Like, if you wanted to change the color later on?
  10. @Planemo great thoughts. I actually am slightly familiar with the inside as I had to replace a fried motherboard awhile back. Scary experience but what beautiful internals! Might be worth giving the inside a look. I strain this thing on Seattle hills constantly. I can’t imagine replacing the bearing is a very straightforward process if and when it comes to that..
  11. Hey all, nabbed a Z10 back in October and have been happily shortcutting urban transportation since. I recently checked the app and realized I've put 1000 miles on the wheel! I thought I'd ask if there is anything I should think about tuning up or checking out after this much mileage. The wheel is working great, and I'd love to make sure it stays that way. Any tips or advice?
  12. @Chriscrowdercakes I noticed this didn't seem to be much of an issue after the recent firmware updates.
  13. Scratched up my Z10 pedals plenty and am looking to replace them and the trolley handle. Ninebot doesn't seem to be offering any official replacement parts unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Has anyone bought some off AliExpress or other sites? I'm a little sketched as I don't know if they are actually Ninebot official parts, and I'd like to trust what's under my feet at 27mph. Linked a couple below. Link Link
  14. @houseofjob tried your calibration today and the wheel seems to be performing pretty well from my quick test. Thanks for that. Will report if I experience anything strange later. Thanks for the thoughts all. I was mainly concerned if it was a hardware issue and if I would need a new board. Does anyone know if it's just an accelerometer that's in the board that keeps these things upright, or what?
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