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  1. Does anyone know if the body panels will be replaceable? Like, if you wanted to change the color later on?
  2. @Planemo great thoughts. I actually am slightly familiar with the inside as I had to replace a fried motherboard awhile back. Scary experience but what beautiful internals! Might be worth giving the inside a look. I strain this thing on Seattle hills constantly. I can’t imagine replacing the bearing is a very straightforward process if and when it comes to that..
  3. Hey all, nabbed a Z10 back in October and have been happily shortcutting urban transportation since. I recently checked the app and realized I've put 1000 miles on the wheel! I thought I'd ask if there is anything I should think about tuning up or checking out after this much mileage. The wheel is working great, and I'd love to make sure it stays that way. Any tips or advice?
  4. @Chriscrowdercakes I noticed this didn't seem to be much of an issue after the recent firmware updates.
  5. Scratched up my Z10 pedals plenty and am looking to replace them and the trolley handle. Ninebot doesn't seem to be offering any official replacement parts unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Has anyone bought some off AliExpress or other sites? I'm a little sketched as I don't know if they are actually Ninebot official parts, and I'd like to trust what's under my feet at 27mph. Linked a couple below. Link Link
  6. @houseofjob tried your calibration today and the wheel seems to be performing pretty well from my quick test. Thanks for that. Will report if I experience anything strange later. Thanks for the thoughts all. I was mainly concerned if it was a hardware issue and if I would need a new board. Does anyone know if it's just an accelerometer that's in the board that keeps these things upright, or what?
  7. Hey all, I'm trying to determine if this is an issue with the latest firmware update, a problem with the control board, or another issue entirely. Most recently I have noticed that my Z10's center of balance is making more drastic changes at low speeds. When I start the unit up and begin making small movements, I can feel the sensor reset slightly and at times have had the footplate tilt back and forward a significant amount before slowly resetting. This isn't as extreme as the issue linked in the post below, but is significantly different than when I got the unit. Again it hasn't affected me too much at higher speeds. Is it possible for the control board to slowly wear out?
  8. I replaced my control board after it fried awhile back. Most recently I’ve noticed some subtle adjustments that the unit is making. At times it feels like it’s leaning a bit forward, other times a bit back. Is this me just being hyper-aware or is there something that could cause it to become less accurate over time?
  9. Do you guys know if these are the US versions of the wheel? Have they been ULed for US use? Not that it matters much, just curious on Ninebot's schedule.
  10. Hi everyone, I have observed that distribution of the Ninebot Z10 since the announcement has been a little spotty? I am seeing that you can order them in the EU now but still no official source in the US. In my endless googling, I recently found them available on freemotionshop.com. When I contacted them, they explained that they are actually taking pre-orders and will be shipping on the 10th or 15th. When I asked why Ninebot isn't distributing to the US yet, they said it's probably because of the current 25% tarif imposed on these. Does this seem like legitimate information? I have seen a few bad reviews of freemotionshop's eBay account on here in the past, but they have been very responsive and seemingly honest. I feel a little in the dark about how Ninebot plans to distribute these. I'm down to wait on a legitimate source if it's somewhat soon. Any advice?
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