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  1. Ain’t no bicycle gonna pass me, fella!
  2. Hermes

    Wrapping a wheel

  3. I’ve thought a lot about this lately @Darrell Wesh. There are two rather divergent segments in the electric unicycle world: people who ride primarily on sidewalks and parks or other isolated bike trails and those of us who ride on the road with traffic. These different use cases engender different attitudes and expectations. Not that I think that this is crucial to the current discussion here. But there have been other discussions, particularly, that point up the differences in the way we use these machines.
  4. Sure, if sliding is possible. The bulk of riding I do is on trails/road where tumbling is somewhat inevitable because of lack of smooth surface. I certainly wasn’t suggesting the type of rag doll rolling where all of your limbs are wildly rotating about. But I would rather slide tucked on my side than a “Superman” belly slide with shoulder joints in flexion. Just for clarification but I take your point.
  5. I have come to prefer a roll. All things being equal, the worst injuries are likely to come from outstretched limbs (sprained wrists, separated shoulder, fractured humerus, etc).
  6. Hermes

    The Photo Thread

    Marty, you really are somethin’ else! I hope we go “sailing” together someday...
  7. Hermes

    KS 16S as a commuter machine

    It is true, not all of us have the luxury of buying three or four wheels at a time...
  8. Hermes

    NOTICE: Gotway Server is Offline

    Don’t know if this will help anyone else but after I installed latest iPhone update and reinstalled the app it worked.
  9. Work on your starts. Put your dominant foot on the pedal (like you were doing in the beginning with your exercises) but let the wheel lean into your shin in order to stay in a straight line with your line of sight. It will hurt like hell. Get your momentum going forward as you kick away from the ground with your left foot, bring it to the pedal, and continue to lean forward. People describe it as sort of a skateboard kick. This is IMHO an essential skill. Trying to just hop on a stationary wheel and take off is needlessly difficult and, as you can see now, potentially dangerous. I personally was never one to use a object to assist mounting, except the day I bought my first wheel and I “surfed” around our minivan. Look for control and meaningful trials.
  10. Hermes

    Riding style: Bumpy roads

    Absolutely. One of the ways I satisfy my EUC itch between epic trail rides and errands is just playing around the yard chasing the kids or doing figure 8s, etc. Learning to be loose with the wheel, being able to weight shift with the balls of your feet, is invaluable when navigating challenging terrain. Focused skills practice develops preparedness and confidence faster than merely logging miles.
  11. Hermes

    EUC concerns

    Here’s to the 2019 Ninebot Z with 3000W motor, higher pedals, and a 2000Wh battery!
  12. Hermes

    EUC concerns

    Amen! This is how hard it gets. So many people come on the forum and expect that they can be told what model is “best”. The fact of the matter is, all wheels are trade off in someway or another. As has been pointed out previously, this is one product where you certainly get what you pay for. If you buy a good quality wheel, you will not be disappointed. It’s one of those things where it’s hard to know what you want out of something before you use it. I suppose that’s why people end up buying multiple wheels. For me, range was the primary consideration. I love exploring mountain bike trails and I never want to experience range anxiety. With the added component of high top speed, the MSX was my only logical choice. Everyone ultimately has to (anxiously) decide what is best for them.
  13. When I first started out, I was riding a Gotway V2. At that time I heard a lot of comments. Now with the MSX, all I hear is “Whoa...!” as I blaze into the distance
  14. Hermes

    gotway wheels. Riding modes benefits and cons?

    One thing you might try is “sticking” the landing. Often when I am proactively negotiating a bump or coming off a curb I apply a downward force that limits air time and reduces rebound (and using bent knees for shock absorption). Remember, riding an EUC is a very physical activity. Try exaggerating your body movements so you can feel and thus control the forces at play.
  15. Hermes

    EUC concerns

    EUCs are not for the faint of heart ... or wallet