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  1. Hermes

    Sacramento, Ca riders?

    Hell, yeah! We’ll have to meet up
  2. Hermes

    Onboard Rear Lighting Concerns/Advice

    I prefer to attach a light to the back of a helmet or backpack or somewhere higher than the height of an EUC.
  3. Hermes

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    For this reason I crouch a lot in order to present a low profile to the wind from any direction.
  4. I feel like someone who cuts through a gas station to avoid an adjacent right turn at the intersection is too far gone to be affected by a passive aggressive civics lesson... of course, that being said, it can be very hard to feel like someone is getting away with something or getting over on you. I got this feeling a lot as a bicycle rider. As far as influencing the drivers future behavior, I feel like it’s just as likely that you will cause him to carry his aggravation from this situation and apply it more so to the next situation. In all fairness, I do not live in a Los Angeles or other ridiculously large metropolitan area so my point of you is probably affecting someone by that. If I was surrounded by aggressive, thoughtless people every second of every day, I myself would probably be more aggressive and want to teach people a lesson. As with most of life, though, I think it’s probably best to just exemplify the morals and behavior that you wish that others would display and let them be responsible for their own actions.
  5. Terrific thesis to a great question. As a long time pedestrian and bike rider, I agree with all of your points wholeheartedly.
  6. Hermes

    Negative reactions from motirists

    I agree that this is a sensible strategy. Though I acknowledge that it’s not always possible, I try to do this instead of stubbornly trying to hold my ground. Cars always win the physical battle. The key is to not lose the emotional one!
  7. Reaching out to anyone wanting to ride in the Sacramento/Folsom/Auburn area. Lots of civilized trails in Sac and scenic Folsom. I live in Auburn and really enjoy the MTB trails up here in the foothills.
  8. It kind of makes my heart hurt that there is an unridden Z10 somewhere...
  9. Hermes

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    When you crouch there is a tendency to grip the wheel more with your calves at first. This is okay (though ultimately unnecessary) but one result initially is that you will bring you knees closer to the centerline. I’ve found that if you keep your knees over your feet (shins vertical), it reduces wobble tendencies while crouching considerably. As others have said, too, it is largely a matter of staying relaxed. Chooch’s riding style of loosely hovering over the wheel is certainly one to emulate for fast riding, particularly on trails.