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  1. The lower center of balance might help too but I'm not much of a physicist lol
  2. Perfect! I've been looking for a solution for music as I don't want to wear earbuds while riding.
  3. This already exists lol. Gotway Monster and Msuper and KS 18S all have seat accessories. Probably some others I'm forgetting
  4. If theres a 14D 200-300 then it definitely has something wrong... At your size and that budget no option makes sense. Generics are around that but slow, low battery life, etc, and then you'll want to upgrade to a nicer wheel. Save your money, try to get a better cost:performance ratio
  5. Use darknessbot, the only thing I use the inmotion app for is to make/change the LED patterns lol
  6. Damn I didn't know grass is the final boss. I think I got about 20 feet before falling. Plan on getting a cover for it so I won't bang it up any more than it already is so I'll check out some trails!
  7. Hey all I'm reasonably confident on my V8 on paved surfaces but I dont know how I should practice offroading. Is there a certain practice routine that is recommended? As soon as I transition from paved to grass I instantly just bump all over the place.
  8. Would you be willing to ship it? Also how much would you like for it?
  9. It is substantially more likely that it is going to lock up rather than stall. Skill only gets you so far, even the best aren't perfect.
  10. Have you ever tried an electric skateboard? I'd assume that with esk8 and EUC eliminating the issue of handlebars you have significantly more control, am i correct?
  11. Exactly Mono, I don't know why this guy thinks that he is going to be any safer on a scooter. The only advantage scooters have is that they are easy to learn/ride.
  12. Pretty condescending to Korean people. Also this post should probably go into off topic as it is essentially worthless.
  13. I think you are overestimating the safety of an ES2 in a crash. You'll just go flying over the handlebars. Anyway, its little tires and low power make it more likely to cut out on hills or slide out on anything but dry, smooth road. I'd rather ride my V8 on campus in the rain than one of the bird or lime scooters.
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