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  1. Adam.

    Where to practice?

    Hi guys, I just got my Glide 3 in the mail yesterday and i dont have much of a yard or enough room in my house to practice well. What should i look for?
  2. Adam.

    Ninebot One C+

    Might be a tough sell at the price, new ones are $450
  3. Adam.

    Inmotion Hovershoes vs Segway Drifts

    Can someone enlighten me on where anyone would use these? They're slower than a Segway Mini, less battery, and don't work on as many surfaces?
  4. Adam.

    Buying an EUC with PayPal

    Gotcha, I am talking to someone on Facebook Marketplace and the description is good and the photos accurately show the wear of the EUC. I'm really more concerned about it not showing up at all than I am getting something not described.
  5. Hello guys, I was wondering if PayPal was the best way to make a transaction so I can purchase a used InMotion V8. If not, suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, looking for a 14D. I live in Bloomington Indiana if it helps for shipping cost estimation. Thanks
  7. ah damn. Good luck getting an 18L
  8. Unrelated but are you selling the 14D?
  9. Adam.

    Looking for a 16" upgrade to my KS 14D

    alright wheel keep me in the loop
  10. Adam.

    IPS S5

    How did you guys buy the S5?
  11. I get problems with searching. If I search too much too fast then it fails.
  12. Adam.

    Looking for a 16" upgrade to my KS 14D

    On paper I think the v10(F) would be a good fit if you want to stay in the 16 inch range. Totally unrelated but will you be selling the 14D?
  13. Adam.

    Selling KingSong 16S

    Probably best to list the price
  14. Adam.

    Cruising Speed

    https://www.myinmotion.com/pages/refurbished The unicycles are all out of stock most of the time but every once in a while you can see them in stock for a little under a day.