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  1. I'm an informatics major(cs but less theoretical), and esk8s, the most prevalent owned form, are usually brought into class and put next to the desk/table. Same with normal scooters and skateboards/longboards. I haven't seen people who personally own scooters and have never seen an euc in person. Some boards have handles that you could loop a lock through but honestly it's too much of a risk with how easy it is to break.
  2. I'm at Indiana University and the campus is big enough that from corner to corner its about a 30 minute walk, bus trips are variable upon traffic, and the scooters have next to no regulations on campus except for "park at a bike rack," so they are flying around campus pretty much all the time. I can understand using a scooter once a week or so, but everyday or multiple times a day adds up quick enough that you may as well just buy your own scooter/EUC/esk8. Meepo, a good quality budget esk8 brand, can get you an 18 mph board for $299. Because of their wheels, esk8s are not possible in the winter, but I don't know how the bird and limes will handle the snow/ice/slush/salt either.
  3. I'm a college student and am trying to save up the cash for an EUC. Right now a lot of students use bird and lime scooters.
  4. Adam.

    Approximate used cost

    Unfortunately it says that there are no shipping options to the US
  5. Adam.

    Approximate used cost

    Yeah i've been trying to camp out on the refurbished page hoping for either glide 2 or 3. A v5f for $300 seems like a steal
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering what about $400-450 would get in terms of a used wheel. Thanks
  7. Somewhat unrelated but are you selling your S1?