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  1. All, I need to send my mini-Pro in for warranty service but I do not have the original packaging. Ninebot wrote: DO NOT USE Styrofoam or Styrofoam packing peanuts. This packing material breaks down and gets into the product. Sealed inflatable foam packs are ok. Does anyone have any specific product recommendations? I've never used inflatable foam packs before. I'm not sure if I should just go to a shipping store and have them pack it or if I should be ordering some from amazon. Suggestions?
  2. No -- when I spoke w/ them I asked them how long to expect from when I sent back my MiniPro and when I got it back. They let me know that they had an unusually long repair queue right now and that if I sent it now, I might be waiting a few more weeks than I normally would. The issue isn't urgent for me as I only drive <1.5 miles per day on the device and I can live longer with more frequent charging in the interim (as long as it eventually gets resolved) In theory they are supposed to reach out to me when the queue size drops, but I was planning on checking in a few weeks.
  3. It is a 59.5V charger. After chatting w/ NineBot USA, I'm going to hold off on sending it in for a number of weeks as they have an unusually high volume of repairs. I will report back on this thread w/ the ultimate results.
  4. I checked again after an overnight charge and the numbers were pretty much the same that I previously posted (82%, 59.29v, 4678mah). my original charger broke early on (physical/pins) and I am using a replacement from Ninebot USA. It sounds like my experience/performance is substantially less than what others are experiencing so I guess I will be trying to figure out how to pack it up (didn’t keep the box) and hope they don’t mess with my firmware. I’m getting the feeling it is going to be gone for well over a month.
  5. I thought that was after a full overnight charging, but I will charge it again tonight and verify in the AM. I thought I had read that Segway/Ninebot chargers only went to 80% and that this was "by design" ....
  6. I am talking to Segway USA. I took a bunch of photos from the ninebot app before/after rides (this is where my original table of usage info came from). Apologies! I wrote that wrong. I am running v1.1.1. I really don't want to change that because it sounds like newer versions punish your max speed each time it engages tilt back. If necessary, I would do so, but if I drive 1.2 to 1.3 miles/day and the capacity is >10, I should be able to run multiple days without issue. I am aware that the speed slots down once the battery hits 50% (a shame that isn't user configurable).
  7. Yes (mini pro) a week or so ago. It was not random though, the battery was low and when it ran out it suddenly stopped. I may have a hardware issue (separate thread). I am also running an old firmware v1.1.1. I have had no issues otherwise.
  8. I was unable to get the NINEBattery app working because a Kindle Fire apparently isn't compatible w/ the app (guessing too old an Android version). Here is the information from the battery info of Ninebot app. This is from fully charged: Remaining percentage: 81% Remaining power: 4643maH Battery status: normal Voltage: 59.24V Current: .01A Wattage: .59W Temp: 75.2F Total capacity: 57000 mAH BMS Firmware v1.0.3 I recall reading on the battery thread that it seemed like Ninebot was deliberately only charging to 80% - presumably to keep the battery lasting longer so I *assume* that this is not a problem.
  9. Since it arrived from Ninebot, it has been used on average 4 days a week (2x/day). I usually charge it once/week.
  10. Thanks (trevmar and mrewlwood). I didn't even realize I could see battery details in the app. It sounds like the NINEbattery app will have more details so I will pursue that. I run IOS, but I have a Kindle Fire and should hopefully be able to get the NINEbattery up installed. I'll report back once I get that sorted and have some data.
  11. I ride at full speed on a flat sidewalk. I was under the impression from the forum that the actual ride ranges were fairly lined up with the predicted (at least it seemed that way from reading through some of the other discussions on the battery). If it really is the case that I should only expect to get ~6 miles on the 320 battery, then I can accept that. My primary concern is that there is a problem with my device and that my window of opportunity to have it resolved will close soon (due to the 6 month battery warranty). With respect to getting thrown, I have the original firmware v1.0.1. Perhaps they adjusted the "runs out of juice" behavior later. I knew I was low on battery and the max speed was substantially reduced, but when it apparently hit zero, it didn't slow to a stop... it hard stopped (~5mph->0mph boom).
  12. I live fairly close to my work (.6 miles) and had the unfortunate experience of having my MiniPro run out of juice on me on the way back home on a Friday (which apparently translates to a hard/sudden stop which threw me from the vehicle -- fortunately I didn't face plant). This meant that it ran out of juice after ~6 miles. I inflated the air in my tires to 45 in case they were low and took note of the "remaining mileage" report on the app before/after each leg. Extrapolating these results gives ~7 miles (which is a bit higher than I experienced but regardless is way under the expected capacity). My Mini-Pro is <6 months old so the battery is still covered by warranty, but it sounds like I'd need to ship the entire device to them (at my expense) for this to be looked at. My mini-pro is on firmware 1.0.1. I'm not sure if the later firmware updates will negatively impact my riding experience and I'd hate to see this messed with. I'm using a stock charger. I'm not thrilled about the idea of trying to pack up the entire unit (I don't have the original boxes anymore) and am not sure how much it would cost, but I suspect packaging it up safely and shipping it will be a pretty penny. Is it possible to "prove" to them that the battery has a problem without going through this process? Has anyone else been through this w/ battery issues and have any insights on the resolution? How long did you not have your device while it was being worked on? I don't like the idea of my device being defective or having 1/2 the capacity it should.. but if it isn't going to get any worse than this, I can probably live w/ charging the device 2X per week instead of 1X per week... (although it sounds like I should be charging it 1X per 2 weeks)... Ride Distance Start Remaining End Remaining Decremented Total Traveled 1 0.6 15.1 13.6 1.5 0.6 2 0.6 14.1 12.7 1.4 1.2 3 0.6 12.6 10.9 1.7 1.8 4 0.6 11.5 10 1.5 2.4 Total miles traveled 2.4 Total consumed 5.1 Ratio 2.125 Max actual capacity 7.105882353
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