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  1. From France this is sureal In our "socialist" country as some (few ?) americains wrongly like to aprehend it, if I had Marty's accident, here is what would have happened : If in too much pain and worry I decided to see my generalist, thanks to what we call "universal coverage" from social security it would have costed me like 3 bucks. If in doubt my generalist had sent me to some Xray or MRI it would have costed me like 20$. If then in case I had needed a surgery, whatever the extent or the time I would have to spent at the hospital it would have costed me no more than 100$. And if after I had been in need of some physical training and reeducatiion with a therapist whatever the length of that therapy it would have costed me close to nothing ... GOOD luck with everything Marty, and the best will still be you needed absolutely no medical attention free or not !
  2. Vanzen

    Ninebot Z10, recording of my experiences.

    Riding at 42 psi for 70kg. Course its bumpy but it minmizes the tilting and make the wheel easier to control. After 600km ish you start not to mind the sudden unwanted moves ... not before ...
  3. Vanzen

    NOTICE: Gotway Server is Offline

    Guy could have been the noobest of noob totaly unknown to anyone, reactions would have been the same. He asked an simple question to help you, and you lashed at him as if there was no tomorow .. And you should apologise for the sake of yourself not of the community. Regards tough.
  4. Vanzen

    NOTICE: Gotway Server is Offline

    Some people have serious issues ... Scary.
  5. Vanzen

    Tire pressure >35psi

    Am at 42 psi 70kg no problem
  6. Vanzen

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    In France a whole batch of Z6 and 10 had the same problem. Mine included. Everybody managed to solve it. Hope it the same one and not a BMS one. From all the wheels in France and there are quite a few, only one had a serious malfunctionning issue later on concerning battery. My Z10 has 900km with no problem whatsoever (fingers crossed), exept a small tire leak wich I fixed thanks to Marty's slime video. Thanks ! On a side note, I wonder when I see the incredible prices Z were sold for during the 11.11 promotion if they are not trying to get rid of the first Z generation, aware of certain issues and preparing for the second generation coming real fast ...
  7. Vanzen

    Ninebot one Z10 braking

    Yup... After 700km Am starting to see some progresses Z10 is hard to master.
  8. Vanzen

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    Considering you can buy the msX for 1400 euros these days on Ali as part of the 11.11 promotion, I d really hesitate to get the KS XL ...
  9. Vanzen

    Tire pressure >35psi

    Riding with 40 psi Weight 70kg Bumpy for sure but better turning control.
  10. I have tried a KS18L for 300 km, I sold it back. I found this wheel absolutely boring, giving no sensation whatsoever, and clumsy in town. And talking about comfort, I find the Z10 more comfortable over long distance ... I ve tried a MSuperX for 30 minutes and just ordered one To each his own ...
  11. But but ... at worst you ll pay the 25% VAT + custom clearing taxes to UPS, thats all. You are not cheating or anything, you order from a perfectly legitimate site. And its writen in their general condition that your aware that you might have to pay those taxes. Then its not your problem if THEY manage to cheat your customs, you didnt ask for it, its a grey area here. Btw I saw comments from happy 2 Swedish customers ...
  12. Exept the good wont come from China but from Holland when it will be sent to be custom cleared first and where taxes are lower than in all EU. Thats why goods from China are cheap. I live in France, you think our customs are nicer to China's imports ? You should sent a message to the Ali Vendor whos btw is one of the most well known (even on this forum...) and reliable of all and ask about taxes if sent to your country.
  13. Option 3 ? https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/Nouvelle-Gotway-Msuper-X-19-pouces-monocycle-lectrique-auto-quilibrage-scooter-une-roue-2000-w-moteur/32863148960.html?spm=a2g0w.search0204.3.1.56c91be3Gksu2J&transAbTest=ae803_4&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_4_10065_10068_5731315_319_10892_317_5728815_10696_10084_10083_10618_10304_10307_10820_5731115_10821_10302_5731415_5731215_5730115_5731615_10843_328_10059_10884_5731515_10887_5732715_100031_321_322_10103_10913_5729115_10912_5731715%2Csearchweb201603_55%2CppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel&algo_pvid=aa10c5fa-79e2-4dbf-acd8-74058075131b&algo_expid=aa10c5fa-79e2-4dbf-acd8-74058075131b-0 Dont know if you can order in US tough. Just bought mine equivalent 1600 USD free delivery no import fees Oh, but original post is in Sweden I just saw ! So easy choice : option 3 mate ... And you ll get the MSX at the same time you d got the KS 18XL...
  14. Vanzen

    Ninebot one Z10 braking

    Z10 is not really good at breaking and sometimes its scary ... If you compare with a MCM5 ... ( I know 14 vs 18 )