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  1. Vanzen

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Lower pressure make it worse. But bumps wont be as nice, right :). A choice to be made ... Am at 31 psi for 70kg. And yes that the ONE HUGE HUGE flaw of the Z. Much worse than the difficulty of turning at high speed or the tendency to "embrass" road's inclines After a while you tend to get used to it tough and dont get your heart rate to 160 at each "slide ". I take advantage of this post by asking how do you cope with road's "inclines" I use my leg to apply pressure and conterbalance the tilting, is there an other more efficient technic ?
  2. I have a KS18L and a Z10. Weirdly I find the braking on the KS even worse than on the Z10. But mostly I find the KS incredibly boring to ride ... Z10 is like a wild animal you try to tame, but so rewarding and fun
  3. Vanzen

    Z10 Milage

    You sure its a Z10 battery ? You had a look inside to check ? 39km is what I do with my Z6 in Paris with a fair weather and my 70kg weight
  4. I just got a Z and rode it for 3 days. When I got back on my Mcm5 like nothing happened I just fell right then. Like I never rode a wheel ever before Hard to go from a Z back to an other wheel, wasnt that hard the other way around.