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  1. If you want to experience the Gotway glide, try a MCM5, you ll understand immediatly. Its no longer a wheel but a magic carpet I know because i went yesterday with my MCM5 to Gyroshop in Paris to try the KS16X (same as in the video above ...) and lol .... After 5 minutes I wanted to get back to my beloved Gotway and never set foot again on this clumsy crap .... Personal feeling of course ...
  2. Nope. To be insured in France atm (mandatory by law ), a wheel cant exceed 45kmh by construction.Firmware doesnt count. Not even takling about the law that will forbid speed over 25kmh, again by construction this fall ...
  3. I hope someone tell them that if its an "officially" 50kmh wheel, they wont sell one single unit in France due to insurance policies and new laws coming
  4. No problem for me, but maybe cause am not doing tight enough turns ...
  5. Cant get bettter .... Nikola's pedals ... The power of a 14" with the comfort of a 16"
  6. We all order from Aliexpress, dont worry
  7. Worst news ever for French users. You have to take an insurance now for everywheel you own, and you cant take an insurance for any wheel going above 45kmh. Not even talking about the new law coming in autumn banning all vehicules going over 25kmh
  8. I ve tried many full face helmets. I think the best is the Met Parachute. Considering its price, weight and solidity.
  9. I rode EUC in any streets at any time in Paris, among trucks, buses, cars, taxis etc ... It takes some skills and carefulness but its pretty doable ...
  10. Yup, much more comfortable w/o the pads ... And better control. I just ordered the Nikola's pedal to put on my MCM5.
  11. Well ... I must admit that riding a MCM5 at night in Paris in empty streets after one or two drinks (no more ...) is something .... Well, its something ...
  12. Funny cause its not the actual tire ... I wish it was so ... The actual tire has a central groove, that I think is the reason for the Z erratic behaviour, its the groove that "follows" road's irregularities ...
  13. No no no, moaning is a French prerogative, but since the Brexit, one must acknowledge that Brits are catching up ...
  14. Its Because riding EUC in Paris is just magic
  15. Just a shot in the dark ... Are you using Darknessbot ?
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