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  1. How do i cut, how do I secure /seal/lock /shield?
  2. Has anyone modded the ks16 series to replace battery packs from both its side-padding? , (ensuring good waterproofing). Looks very accessible, straight forward and very convenient. Any guide /tips somewhere?
  3. Not welded yet.. I've got the point about the circlip.Ignore above query. Question now is how to precision-align the axle with the chamber, before weld. Seems like a 1.5mm diameter slag.
  4. Hi suicidebike, can't quite make out from the images. Allow me understand further. Is the weld under the circlips on both sides, that we have to remove first, or welded over the circlips? Mine looks like these. 8
  5. Credits to Fastmotion for sharing V8 Motor Disassembly / Teardown And fellow inmotioners at: InmotionScv (Facebook) contributions
  6. Thanks suicidebike for your insight and guide. Same issue here for others to note its severity. See at: Loosened Axle on inmotion V8 [YouTube]https://youtu.be/Ru1JZxHAzZAhttps://youtu.be/Ru1JZxHAzZA[/YouTube]
  7. Also curious how will it be like to swap a ďefunct v8 motor for a ks16b motor or similar 800w motor, i. e. after we correct its 8 sensor and drive cables connectors.
  8. This Russian illustrated well, complete with finishing tips. Makes it look so easy. v8 motor disassembly and re_assembly looks like ball bearing issue. Currently also with a locked motor and a shorted motor to swap around with. My problem is removing the 'lockwings' from shaft. Appreciate any tips.
  9. Just joined the kiddie-party for US$200 new. Intend to upgrade batteries too.
  10. By the way, which region in Japan are you quoting here, dongie? And is Miralwheels an euc retailer there? And where?
  11. Anyone tried fitting 14D pedal stems on raised ka16, for higher pedal height? (The holes seem to measure up.nicely)
  12. Anyone attempted fitting 14D pedal stems on ks16 with raised case? (For higher pedal height)
  13. Boycott Japan for tours..haha
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