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  1. Change phone, Bluetooth app resolved.
  2. Gyroscope issue, no motor power. Disconnected all peripherals, except sensor/motor cable, balance power to no avail.
  3. Rested 18L for 2 days, turn on today and doesn't balance, with 2 red lights on each side leds, and single beeps every 5 seconds, even when off and charging. Board and app bluetooth are on. Rolled the wheel and registers speed (hall sensor working), basically only motor is off. Went into kingsong app to ensure unlocked. Disconnected batteries and motor cables, restedj 30mins, and reconnect with same results. Kingsong app says gyroscope malfunction, euc world has a red spanner logo. One giveaway, was bluetooth music disappears. 2+ years, 12,000+km on this workhorse, just curious
  4. One helluva big 10A charger, but works great for daily 150km trips. with 3 hrs slow touring and 2 hrs charging /food, realistically 180km in 10hrs. Then again, the myth on battery life with super fast charging.
  5. Bought both plastic stapler and separate welder for my wheels repairs, esp. 18L on its weak pedal holders. Were provided with 4 rolls of plastics fuse, PET, PPE, ABS, last unknown. Which should i be using for most wheels?
  6. Are you saying 1 5mm is still not sufficient? I'm going with Kenda k1039 tire, about 2mm less tall. (btw, for those with 16S, 3inch tire actually fits and rides without scrapes, but drags power)
  7. I wonder if 1. shaving the tire rubber outermost edge by 1mm, and 2. lifting the shell by 0.5mm (with some metal scrap) in the screw holes, works with normal 2.5" on v1?
  8. Good knowing a fair bit of people using mcm5 lite.
  9. Like to ask developer Seba: 1) what's the purpose of grey-out screen (without info) when swapped up on main connected screen? 2) is it possible to bypass the password connect, if no password has been set?(quite a hassle when on the move) 3) any plans to make main screen 6 info tabs customisable? Thank you.
  10. Can u share a schematic or sketch of the plastic cut on the shell, required for the mod?
  11. car garage rejected me for fear of cracking aluminum rim, claiming they only handle steel /metal rims. A little concern since I'm changing to higher tires (2.5" wide, 1.5cm higher than 2. 125"-KS16) Wonder what now?
  12. Was yours fixed with preheating? I tried vises, did not bulge, was afraid of cracking it.
  13. I'm on eucworld 2.01 (beta tester) , can install thru browsing unzipped wav files, but can't install avaspack. Received error illustrated here. kindly advise.
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