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  1. Yo @KevinvdV, @Simone Malicius! Just checking in with you guys - how are you both getting on with your new wheels?!
  2. Really pleased it's finally arrived with you! and JUST in time to see the New Year in! Wishing you many safe rides ahead! It has been a bit of a learning curve coming from such a small wheel to such a large/heavy wheel, but enjoyed it. I have done 91km's already! Fingers crossed @Simone Malicius it won't be long now...! Adam
  3. adampj

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    Just for anyone that's interested, my V10 that arrived today from Gearbest is a 126XXXX serial model. Stamp in warranty books refers to July 2018.
  4. Ha no I haven't ridden it yet. It came with an EU charger, so I've had to just go out and buy this UK cable today before I can start charging it. If your in the EU you'll be all set.
  5. Merry Christmas Guys. Well Done Gearbest. 😎 No additional customs fees either. Happy lad right now.
  6. Here was my latest one fella if its any help, with a delivery ETA of 19/12:
  7. I don't know what anticipation you're talking about... #CMONalready ;-)
  8. @KevinvdV, @Simone Malicius, Thought I'd just add to my last post, I have a second wheel also in transit right now. This one shows only 4 days in Mala, then straight to Lodz, 8 days faster. You might well be luck with yours if that's the case. Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks @Simone Malicius 😎. For me specifically, the Wheel sat in "Mala" state on tracking for 12 days then appeared in Lodz, then 2 days later UPS "received" it into their system, ready for local processing with UPS. UPS had it marked as a UPS Standard delivery type, which from trying to figure out ship times on the UPS website, I found they advise 5 days for DE to UK deliveries (apparently). Following this, UPS first showed activity on 14/12 and have advised delivery is 19/12 expected, 5 days later. Overall, "Mala" to delivery (in my case) will be a total of 19 days from first showing as in Mala on my tracking. Gearbest did confirm their was a delay on my delivery by email around about the time it was in Mala so if you do not experience the same delay, hopefully you will have a shorter time to wait perhaps. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!
  10. Contacted UPS today, as no further updated tracking since my last post. They have confirmed Wednesday 19th Dec as my delivery date. Hope all this info goes to help those thinking about ordering from our good friends in China in the future
  11. You reckon that quick? That would be awesome. It is now only feeling real ha it seems like it is on that train FOREVER. Cheers @ED209.
  12. Finally! It's in UPS's hands. The excitement is killing me. DAYS to go now fingers crossed.
  13. Hi @KevinvdV, @Simone Malicius, Don't give up hope quite yet - it looks like their may have been a delay in my particular shipment. I just spotted this e-mail from Gearbest hidden away in my e-mail: So maybe it is normally quicker for delivery from Brest to Lodz, and mine was delayed longer than normal? Fingers crossed for you!
  14. "Recently, measures have been taken to increase the speed of the China-Poland cargo railway connection, such as non-stop cargo-scanning container inspection introduced on the Polish-Belarus border." - Article Link. Might be a bit quicker than you think! You can also check your tracking ID on the UPS tracking website. It'll tell you when UPS have your order actually in their hands and once they do, an ETA for delivery once they have received it in the first instance.
  15. Hi @KevinvdV, @Simone Malicius, @ED209, Here's my V10 journey to the UK so far . Hope it provides a little more detailed info for you guys! All the best, Adam.
  16. I've received an update today to say the train carrying my order has arrived in Lodz, Poland. I can also see that Gearbest have generated UPS shipping labels going from Germany, so I'm guessing it'll be transshipped from Poland to Germany, then Germany via UPS to the UK (in my instance). I'm hoping once it's in the hands of good old trusty UPS, it'll be a swift journey over for the last leg fingers crossed!
  17. Great news @KevinvdV! I also checked mine after seeing your post, both deliveries are showing tracking progress also to the UK - thanks for the heads-up!
  18. Btw - @hobby16 has published a really useful article about voltage, currents and charger types for various types of EUC's here: http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/11/20/charger-customization/ for anyone else that may also be interested.
  19. @meepmeepmayer - It looks as though the V5F uses a Lenovo charger connector and the V10 uses a GX12-3 charger connector. I've dropped @hobby16 a message and asked him if it's possible that a Dual Charge Doctor could accept both styles of cables as inputs, with an output of GX12-3 to connect up to the V10. In theory, 2A from each charger, hopefully a 4V charger output if this idea works. I'll keep you posted. Big thumbs up to you if this is a possibility!
  20. @meepmeepmayer Who, me? ha, yes I did, the V10 for longer, more adventurous rides and the V5F for quick town rides or for friends who want to come out riding with me - I didn't even think about that idea to be honest. I think you've pretty much made the decision for me and saved me a few bucks in the process. Beers are on me when I next visit Germany I think. From what you've suggested, the Charge Doctor is definitely the way to go and utilising (both) the existing chargers is a spot on idea. Now to go find out what's possible on that front..! I'll keep you posted.
  21. Hi @meepmeepmayer, A big thank you for your very comprehensive reply (as always!). You've given me far more information than I've managed to accurately obtain from most other places I've read up on this - I'm very grateful! I'm now going to go have a look at the links you've kindly provided, additionally I've been considering something like the charge doctor actually for prolonged battery life. However, your idea for combining this with another standard charger is also a great idea. Once again, you've been a great help, thanks man. Adam.
  22. Hello All! Patiently awaiting delivery of the V10 🤞 (yay) ... In the interim, I've been doing a bit of research on charging options. I understand the supplied charger takes approximately 5 hours to recharge from empty. However, I've seen talk online of so called "fast-chargers" that can reduce this time downwards. Can anyone offer any advice/guidance on this front, particularly relating to the V10? I've struggled to find any definite answers, a lot of talk around Gotways but nothing concrete for the Inmotion. I've seen talk around 4V/5V chargers but it's a little beyond me if I'm honest right now. Really appreciate any advice, guidance, links etc and particularly what type of charging time someone could expect if such a charger exists. Thanks all! 😄
  23. I'm also getting discontinued in the app... UK here.
  24. Haha cheers @meepmeepmayer - my parcel tracking app is getting bored of the refresh button . Patience is a virtue... another crappy saying I'll add to that list..
  25. How does the latest video above compare to the previous video for those that saw it?
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