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  1. jfree13


    That's awesome, must be why it is so pricey to live there, you get what you pay for!
  2. jfree13


    Does your board crew live in an area where they are allowed to take up and impede two lanes of traffic or is everyone’s board rigged to go the posted speed limit? If we did that in Chicago the cops would be all over us, if the drivers didn’t run us off the road first. I’m always in a bike lane or far enough to the side where motorists can pass comfortably. Riding in the middle of the road is scary, drivers rage too easily.
  3. Dude, this is a great in depth comparison of the two motors, first one I've seen at least! This really pushes me towards getting the 84v 1600wh, now to just start a gofundme page...
  4. jfree13


    Are you on spotify? I want to steal your EUC playlists.
  5. Yo dude! I am actually out in palatine. Did a nice trail ride (25 miles or so) out of Miles with @Steven D Wheeler the other day. It was a paved bike trail along the North Branch/ Chicago River that goes up to Skokie and is really decent. We had a great time but had to cut it short as we pushed 30 mph a few times and that drains my Tesla quite quickly (Steve rides a 100v Monster). If you know of any scenic trails downtown that is always an option as well.
  6. Don’t worry guys, I figured it out! For anyone who doesn’t know there is a rod you just push out. I redid both pedals, one with jessup and the other with 60 grit sandpaper and gorilla construction adhesive. The adhesive is a 24 hour cure time and after 6 hours still slides around. I probably should have used more clamps... bought some super glue if it starts peeling.
  7. The fact that it flew off makes me think you still chose to stand while going at a considerable speed which pretty much helps answer my query. I like all the feedback though, great to hear everyone’s input.
  8. Hey all, i want to replace my pedal grip on my tesla. I have the Allen screws out but the pedal is still on. I can’t see on the hole all that well/ have no clue what it is I’m looking at; how do I get the darn things off the wheel!? sorry if this was posted, I literally can’t seach well for anything on here. :/
  9. From the way you describe the battery drop when bursting out the gate with your msx and that you DONT like that with the 100v- we’ll that’s the tesla but even sooner. Tesla does go straight very well too, but it doesn’t like very crappy roads. It is still a great first ride and I probably would have regret getting anything smaller/ less powerful for my environment.
  10. You def lost me on the batteries, but thanks! I am starting from ground zero when it comes to those... gotways should have a tiltback setting. Oddly enough, when I was learning I had the tiltback set to 15kph and when it kicked in I felt like my toes were pointed straight up at my face. Now I like cruisin around 35-40kph and have tiltback set to 45, but when I hit 45 I hardly notice it or I feel like it actually doesn’t kick in at all. I’ll need to test it at 15 again and see if it still tilts like i thought it did while I was learning to ride. This is all on a Tesla anyway so I ca
  11. As the title suggests, looking to meet up and ride around town.
  12. Where have you found good information about making battery packs? I have trouble finding info through searching on here and it is something I am curious about as well: How to make the packs How to ensure they work with the EUC motor Etc
  13. jfree13


    Did you talk to the late Terrance McKenna about this first?
  14. Hey Everyone, From those of you that have ridden the MSX with its seat, how viable is it from a comfort/ ergonomic standpoint. It seems considerably shorter than the Monster making me think the seated option is something that is too awkward to actually enjoy, but let me know!
  15. I am no expert, but if you order from ewheels Jason would gladly discuss your situation (terrain, how you want to use the wheel, your projected riding style, etc) and he is really good at narrowing down a good 1st wheel for you. With that being said, if you aren’t in a heavy metro environment and want to cruise around town, I’d recommend something with a fairly large battery, especially if you have elevation changes. Personally, I am not in a heavy urban (definitely suburban) environment and I have a Tesla and, although I love the wheel a lot performance wise, I wish I got the msx with t
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