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  1. https://euc.world/tour/583076654947191 Argh.... Unfortunately the battery optimization is still off for EUC World and my tour appears as if I flew through because the app took my GPS position at turn-on of the wheel and at turn-off....
  2. @buell47 I confirm the battery optimization setting was the problem. Thank you again, this app looks like a lot of fun.
  3. @buell47 battery optimization was on automatically, so I disabled it and hopefully that will do the trick. I'll confirm later. @Chriull GPS setting was already fully allowed. Thanks both for the good ideas!
  4. @Seba Impressive work on the app, so I do not mean to sound like a spoiled brat for my feedback. I'm using EUC World on a Samsung Note 10 (Android 10) but every time I lock my phone before putting it in my pocket, it looks like EUC World and the GPS of the phone stop collaborating. The only way for me to get proper tracking of a ride is to keep the phone unlocked which of course does not make much sense while riding (I kept getting all sorts of useless rides posted to my account). Would you have an idea of what setting I need to tweak to get this fixed? Ride with my phone in hand watching the recording: https://euc.world/tour/582948469171088 Ride with my phone locked every so often: https://euc.world/tour/582947068532297 You can see how the app gets less points of reference from the GPS so it looks I am flying. Also while I understand your concern for privacy, if the user sets the app to "visible to anyone" it's not very logical that automatic tours are not set to "visible to anyone" on the website. The website is a bit slow and changing the setting is a bit cumbersome since it needs to be done ride by ride. I like very much the idea of EUC World since I ride so much and tracking myself over time but I need to understand how to make it work :-) Thanks!
  5. Hi @Joker10 Thanks for sharing Florida HB453 which appears to completely miss the definition of EUCs. I believe the text of the bill is accessible here http://laws.flrules.org/2019/109 Unfortunately the definition of a micromobility device or motorized scooter says the device "is not capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed greater than 20 miles per hour on level ground". Well that means we are riding neither a bicycle, nor a micromobility device.... which puts us in the motor vehicle section defined as "any [..] vehicle operated on the roads of this state, used to transport persons or property, and propelled by power other than muscular power, but the term does not include traction engines, road rollers, motorized scooters, micromobility devices, personal delivery devices and mobile carriers as defined in s. 316.003, special mobile equipment as defined in s. 316.003, vehicles that run only upon a track, bicycles, swamp buggies, or mopeds.". So please anyone let me know if my interpretation is wrong, because it looks like I am riding a vehicle that I am supposed to register with the DMV and insure...
  6. My 2 cents: don't ride tired or distracted. Your mind needs to be in the ride in order to react in case of anything unexpected. I've had some fairly unpleasant falls but protective gear saved me (I only use a bicycle helmet and the wrist guards but they protect the essentials).
  7. Hi Peter, I'm riding in the Delray Beach area for the past 8 months. Never spotted another EUC anywhere around. In any case, if you're still thinking about organizing a meet up and group ride, I'll be interested, not a FB user. Thanks! Herve
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