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  1. Oh, I like the shorts too. Probably should have commented... I wear them if i'll be riding a longer distance (30 miler a couple weeks ago) But, I pulled out the D30 butt crack protection because it's probably more for downhill mtb. The side/thigh protection actually works and i can attest to sliding out... not a bad biff but i just slid out and the shorts protect the hips well. They fit well under jeans. A friend bought the same set up but bought the long pants. They are ok but i like the shorts.
  2. I'm 5'10" and about 173 lbs (Waist 34, Chest/42) I wear a large and it is just right. It fits close but not tight and matches their definition of large. When I wheel I just put it on like a wind breaker, add the Fleximeter wrist guards and a bike helmet... done. I've added my gore-tex bicycling jackets that fit close too and it works too. Also added heavier wind stopper and lined jackets too. The d30 becomes more flexible as it warms up but hit it and it stiffens up instantly. Hope that helps. Scott
  3. Yes it can be warm or cold. It is light enough to wear by itself. I have also warn under ski clothes for when doing double blacks. I don’t bounce like I used too... So, you really have a full range of motion and that d30 is cool.
  4. Marty, Sorry to hear you were hurt. Your vids are an inspiration... hope you get better without the need of medical attention. FWIW... I use the Demon D30 like Ian at Speedy Feet... https://demonsnow.com/store/MTB-BMX/MTB-BMX-Upper-Lower Body/Bike-Team-Pack-Core-Men has shoulder, arm, elbow, back and chest protection and all pads can be removed so you can fit what you want and wash it... also really low profile. Feel better soon!
  5. See6

    Where to practice?

    Me and my wife learned together... She has a Glide 3 and I have a KS18L. We found a grocery store with a medical center next door. The grocery store has carts that we borrowed to get our balance and feel of movement (Jason at ewheels recommended this). Use small carts if you can... really, it's just for the feel of movement. The medical center is really 9-5 m-f so the parking lot was totally empty and we practiced early evening and on weekends. We then found the best way to learn is that if one person walks with the person learning to wheel, by holding on... the person learning will place a lot of weight on the arm of the person walking... then less weight... then they lean on just the hand... then a couple fingers... then you really just balance and there you go. It seems to just click. It really only took about a week to learn basic balance. More time then was just riding around the medical center parking lot getting better. We just learned around October. We now ride 20+ mile rides. Good Luck!
  6. See6

    Upper body armour

    I have the flex force D30 upper. The good thing is it really fits under a shirt. You can take all the pads out for washing or you can insert what pads you want depending on how much protection you want. I also use for some of my more extreme skiing.
  7. See6


    There is no bad weather, only bad gear...
  8. I use a compressor at home. But, I have another mounted into my trucks engine bay. I use the ARB for mtn biking and 4 wheeling (airing up) and just today for the my wheel. ARB https://www.amazon.com/ARB-CKMA12-Compressor-Output-Board/dp/B009F49NP0 Also... https://www.excelsports.com/main.asp?page=8&description=Air+Chuck+Elite+Inflator&vendorCode=INNOVAT&major=12&minor=1 I keep one of these and a couple 16g CO2's in all my road bike bags with spare tubes and 20g CO2's with a 2 oz bottle of Stans in the mountain bike. I have not used yet for EUC wheeling. But, they are great for cycling.
  9. See6

    Kingsong 18L Wrong Tire Direction

    Yes, I used a level too... tried with the iPhone level app but an actual level worked better.
  10. See6


    50-55 km for a KS18L? Last Saturday I did 30 miles on my KS18L starting with 95% battery and ending with 60% remaining. Actual. Today i did 15 miles starting with 100 and ending with 80% remaining. I did an additional 6 miles the next day on Sunday, without recharging and took it to 50%. 30 miles is 48K and with 60% remaining I could have gone a whole lot farther. I weigh in at 170 pounds. I'm still learning and riding somewhat slow and flat last week but today I rode on hills in my neighborhood today. Maybe my good mileage is due to an average speed of 12mph or so. Yeah, still in learning mode.
  11. See6


    Kingsong Europe has both listed. Look at the data sheets. https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/95-ks-18l.html https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/126-ks-18xl.html Interesting Forum here... Translate if you dont speak French... they even know of Marty Backe https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/6412-kingsong-18xl-1550wh/?tab=comments&br=ro&
  12. See6


    Current 18L specs say the wheel will max at 31 mph and has range of 105k/67 miles or so. What will the 1554wh/2000w give the XL?
  13. See6

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    Here is another video for the Insta360... with a KS18L. I may need to get me one of these...:
  14. See6

    Great tunes for EUC riding.

    I have a Ks18l... The Cars... Candy O...
  15. See6

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    A nice surprise... A friend just gave me an Apple watch yesterday. I went to IOS 12 on my phone and activated the watch and when setting up the watch face, there was the Darkenssbot App! I just did a 5+ mile ride on a KS18L. Darknessbot Speed, battery and mileage, etc are displayed on the watch. I have 87.9 remaining miles to go on the charge. That's a tad bit off... All other stats are good. It's excellent to have the app on the Apple watch. Thanks!