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  1. Sergei Dubovsky

    Tire pressure >35psi

    Hi there! 35 psi still feels soft for my weight. I wonder if it is safe to put bit more air into Z10? Did anyone tried pressure over 35psi?
  2. Sergei Dubovsky

    Flexmeter alternatives

    Amazon does ship it to Russia. It's not super-cheap, thou. I would try Amazon.de, may be it's cheaper than shipping from US
  3. Sergei Dubovsky

    Valve extender question

    I know, there is a mod in main forum, to add the valve core to an extender, so it won’t deflate tire, while I am attaching the pump. But I would like to get something less DYI. Is there a product on Amazon, that have a valve on it? Thank you.
  4. Sergei Dubovsky

    Z10 need help for the first start.

    Did you activate the wheel in app?
  5. Sergei Dubovsky

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    My screws debacle was an operator error - I put the long bolts there, so it pulled the inserts. Anyway, this thing is not super durable. My guess, plastic was too cold, when they pushed it in. There was almost no plastic particles on the grooves of the insert, when it was pulled. Not a big deal. As far as I can see, this particular place doesn't carry too much tension, so some superglue on the outside, seems to fix it. Thank you.
  6. Sergei Dubovsky

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Grrrrr! At Ninebot. I finally got enough confidence to put the trolley handle on. Top screws on the mudguard pulled the brass inserts clean off. Included key didn’t limit torque to prevent it. Also, there was almost no plastic on the inserts. So it might be a small defect in production. Anyway, be careful with these screws.
  7. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Support the great app
  8. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I think, they just want warning beeps. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the wheel in full-face helmet.
  9. Sergei Dubovsky

    Mod idea

    I saw this topic on General forum, but I would like to get into Z10 specifics. I would love to add this to my Z10, hidden underneath the shell. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_305TRACKER/Samsung-SmartThings-GPS-Tracker.html This tracker is pretty small, so I would guess, it will be possible to find a spot for it somewhere. The thing to solve, would be a charger. Z10 does not include USB port, unfortunately. So it's not super ez-mode. Questions to forum - does this makes any sense? And where would be a good place to put the tracker, and where to get the 5/12 volts for the charging? Thank you.
  10. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Thank you! Great app.
  11. Sergei Dubovsky

    Older regular injured rider seeking advice.

    Not directly related - but Ibuprofen is not harmless. It's not as toxic as Acetaminophen, but it does put strain on your kidneys.
  12. Sergei Dubovsky

    Full Face Helmet - Fox Racing Proframe

    I just got my Pro Frame. Fits fine on top, but it is super tight on cheekbones. I wonder if it supposed to be like this or is it too small for me? And a chinstrap is too tight even on maximum extension. I wonder if I should keep it or go with TSG Pass?
  13. Sergei Dubovsky

    Ninebot Z10 as my first wheel

    One more session. Feels like regress. When I ride, my feet arches hurt like hell.Almost cramping. Not sure what is going on. I tried to preposition back and forth on pedals, it doesn't seems to make any difference. Still hurts. It looks like I am doing most of driving with my left leg. So I have troubles with left turns. I just can't lift weight from the left side in a controlled manner. Wide left turns are so-so, but I can't do anything tight on a left side. Right turns are not a problem at all. I was trying figure 8 - no luck. When I get to let turns, I have to step-off. I was tempted to try the bike trail... But, I decided against it. My Fox ProFrame is in a mail and I don't want to risk it with bike helmet.
  14. Sergei Dubovsky

    Ninebot Z10 as my first wheel

    One more session. This time I was doing laps around the whole court. Straight line was relatively straight, right turns with wide radius were also easy. And I figured out the triangle mount-dismount. Yay, that's an answer to pressure bruises on the inner shin. It's way easier to not hold the 50lbs wheel straight by keeping it with the side of the leg. I also managed to slow down and stop gracefully several times. Not so good yet - I applied the skateboard tape(?) that sandpaper-like thingy, that eWheels guys asked the Ninebot for. It holds my feet in place like a glue. Well, it's good if I step up the right foot into proper place. If the position is off - I have no way to move it back or forth. That was the biggest issue. I positioned my feet forward a bit. It feels weird. I wear size 13 (47EU) shoes, so it almost looks like my toes sticking out in front of the wheel. Yet, I still feel ton of pressure in my feet arches, as I am pressing forward with toes. I need to work on that. Left turns were not as good as right ones. I tilt the wheel bit too much, for some reason, so if I am trying to get a 5m arch, I am getting a 1m turn. Sometimes it's way more tilted than I can correct, so I have to jump off. Wheel took a crapton of beating. It just run off forward, if I step up at a speed. So it crashed into a wall couple times. Several flips in the air and so on. So far, noting is broken. Yay Ninebot!
  15. Sergei Dubovsky

    Ninebot Z10 as my first wheel

    I just logged one more session on Z10. So far, I am abusing local tennis court. It have semi-soft-ish honeycomb-like surface. Just what I need not to scratch the Wheel. The goal for today was to control the wobble. I figured out, by reading the forum, that I am not supposed to tilt the wheel, but steer with hips rotation. Damn. As soon as I am up there, all the theory flies out the window. I am holding for my dear life. Yet, by the end of session, I was able to stay on the wheel for several laps along the half of court. Wheel was not beeping any more, so it was definately a speed limit warning. The goal for tomorrow is to go straight. And if I am not too exhausted, to figure out how to decelerate/stop.