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  1. Sergei Dubovsky

    Tire pressure >35psi

    I've been there -40 kilo and a 4th place in Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints in a year. But a knee injury took it all back. Some people are just cursed with the weight, no matter how clean you eat. Anyway, markings on my tire are 32psi for 190kg cold.
  2. Sergei Dubovsky

    Tire pressure >35psi

    I am close to twice your weight. I guess, that is the factor. I set the pressure to 35psi. Oh, feels so good now. I guess, that's my "pressure". Thank you, everyone.
  3. Sergei Dubovsky

    Tire pressure >35psi

    I decided to try 45psi. Bad idea. I hit a small pothole and got a very painful kick to heels, that went through the whole body. My knees, back and neck were in pain for a whole day. Thank goodness, it seems to went away today. The whole reason to increase pressure - to get some more speed/power and stability, didn't deliver what I was expecting. Accelerations seems the same. Handling is super-weird: it's way more unstable-ish... Hard to describe. It's more difficult to keep riding in a straight line. Mount/start from zero-speed got way more difficult - I am getting wobbles, until I get at least to a walking speed. I am getting back to 35-ish psi. May be 38-40? I was bit puzzled yesterday - I got beeped, and the Darkness Bot only show me max speed of 14mph.
  4. That's the part, I am still trying to figure out. Sometimes, parallel feels better, sometimes, slight angle is preferred. Idea is to keep most comfortable stance. About the control - it should not feel heavy. If you are dragging the wheel forward - it will be heavy. Let it roll by pressing toes slightly forward. I was trying to place heels slightly forward on pedals, it felt weird with my size 13 shoes. I swear, my toes were sticking from the front of the wheel. Try to start with wheel at angle, as Simon demo on YouTube. Find an angle, where wheel's weight is compensated by your weight. Kick with the foot on the ground and you will end-up on the wheel almost magically.
  5. Fun fact: Z10 is called ZlO (Evil) in Russian. I was learning on Z10 from zero, couple month ago. Pointers from my side: Don't try to stay static. If you going to dismount, jump back and let the wheel roll forward (be prepared to run after it, Z10 is quite stable and it rides quite well with no humans on it). This way it won't hit you. Z10 is quite tough. It won't break, crashing on a grass. It's ok to keep learning sessions short. There are muscles, used for EUC riding, they need to gain strength. It will happen, while you sleep. Watch this:
  6. Sergei Dubovsky

    Tire pressure >35psi

    Hi there! 35 psi still feels soft for my weight. I wonder if it is safe to put bit more air into Z10? Did anyone tried pressure over 35psi?
  7. Sergei Dubovsky

    Flexmeter alternatives

    Amazon does ship it to Russia. It's not super-cheap, thou. I would try Amazon.de, may be it's cheaper than shipping from US
  8. Sergei Dubovsky

    Valve extender question

    I know, there is a mod in main forum, to add the valve core to an extender, so it won’t deflate tire, while I am attaching the pump. But I would like to get something less DYI. Is there a product on Amazon, that have a valve on it? Thank you.
  9. Sergei Dubovsky

    Z10 need help for the first start.

    Did you activate the wheel in app?
  10. Sergei Dubovsky

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    My screws debacle was an operator error - I put the long bolts there, so it pulled the inserts. Anyway, this thing is not super durable. My guess, plastic was too cold, when they pushed it in. There was almost no plastic particles on the grooves of the insert, when it was pulled. Not a big deal. As far as I can see, this particular place doesn't carry too much tension, so some superglue on the outside, seems to fix it. Thank you.
  11. Sergei Dubovsky

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Grrrrr! At Ninebot. I finally got enough confidence to put the trolley handle on. Top screws on the mudguard pulled the brass inserts clean off. Included key didn’t limit torque to prevent it. Also, there was almost no plastic on the inserts. So it might be a small defect in production. Anyway, be careful with these screws.
  12. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Support the great app
  13. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    I think, they just want warning beeps. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the wheel in full-face helmet.
  14. Sergei Dubovsky

    Mod idea

    I saw this topic on General forum, but I would like to get into Z10 specifics. I would love to add this to my Z10, hidden underneath the shell. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_305TRACKER/Samsung-SmartThings-GPS-Tracker.html This tracker is pretty small, so I would guess, it will be possible to find a spot for it somewhere. The thing to solve, would be a charger. Z10 does not include USB port, unfortunately. So it's not super ez-mode. Questions to forum - does this makes any sense? And where would be a good place to put the tracker, and where to get the 5/12 volts for the charging? Thank you.
  15. Sergei Dubovsky

    DarknessBot - iOS App

    Thank you! Great app.