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  1. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    is it: https://euc.world online? or is it missing a .com/net etc?
  2. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    now i manage, now just wait until tomorrow to check it out... one question is it enable the (horn) feature on (when is pair with a pebble w..) on this app? specifically for GW or can you add it in a future? @MacPara has the missing code for that in case there's some missing...
  3. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    yeah, there are a few apps that don't work properly anymore since I update..., but yeah let's hope that is just a version issue... Best Regards
  4. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    ;( doesn't start, this bring me back to those time when none of the "official" apps from GW will work... i struggle to install it and when finally manage to install it Boom crash on opening: try on: Phone: Sony ZX3 Android: v9
  5. ArqFG

    Kingsong 16X

    hei how is it going every one... what you guys think of this new 16" wheel from KS Battery: 1554 Wh Range: 100km Motor: X from the the video it look ok for of road and its funny how its look a bit to the GW ACM
  6. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    yeah lets hope
  7. ArqFG

    WheelLog Android App

    So is it the Beep (as Horn from the watch preference)option support for GW coming out anytime soon atm using v. 2.0.19 and my Tesla do nothing when pressing the middle bottom on watch that was a deal breaker for me, one of the main reason i purchase the watch was to have that feature while riding in the city...
  8. yeap the ewheel one, i open it up and even replace the power cord because it wasn't getting any voltage with when i check it with a multimeter, but ill keep test and looking but tomorrow...
  9. Just a quick question has anybody has have any problems with the 5A 84.2v Smart Fast-Charger?? mine out of nowhere stop working... it was charging my wheel and when it was about done just die, first i thought it was because the battery it was full but after doing some testing with the battery (i was balancing the cells in the battery nothing to do with the charger) i notice that it wasn't to a full charge, so when i plug the charger to charge it to 100% it was just dead.... has anyone experience the same problem and better than that anyone has any idea how to find/fix the problem ty...
  10. ArqFG

    Gotway Tesla v2 Predictions

    I think GW made the right call when they took the road of Mate color instead of Glossy, cuz we all know what happens to the Glossy staff... but i guess everyone has a choice
  11. ArqFG

    Gotway Tesla v2 Predictions

    nop i didn't, i think i read somewhere or i saw it in one the 100 videos i saw before buying the wheel... that @Immotion had patented the handle button (or something like that), thats why i thought that GW will come up with something similar...
  12. ArqFG

    Gotway Tesla v2 Predictions

    wow wow wowo wow, i had not idea of the existence of Nikola, just saw a video of it on u2, well i can say... from my opinion (personal) Nikola is like a new wheel line... so im still quite positive on a T .v2 there in the horizon , agree with @RockyTop and well one of my predictions was right (about the new upcoming wheels from GW: handle button)
  13. Hello EUC riders how is it going..., this time ill like to discuss what you people think GW will come next for 2019/20... (sorry if my focus goes to the Tesla but is the wheel i own and im in love with that wheel(anyone who owns a Tesla knows the feeling : ) ), but i thing the topic will be general for news upcoming GW... from the top of my head -the first thing that comes to my head is that the v2 will go with the same egg shape (some people dont like it but in the personal i like it..), cuz if we look back a bit AcM & Acm2 is about the (look/shape, but not the same internal...) the same with the MSuper, so i really think a T. v2 will go with the same as well, -next thing a v2 will have will be a tail light, and i thing i know exactly where they will put it... -next i think they will squizz some cell somewhere to have a bit bigger battery. -next will be they will start incorporating smart-charge feature the new wheels (i think the MSX already have that but not sure...), and the next thing that comes to my mine will be some lift button/sensor for new upcoming wheels... what you people think is coming next?
  14. ArqFG

    Ring_light issue on Gotway-Tesla

    umm ty ill give a try...
  15. ArqFG

    Ring_light issue on Gotway-Tesla

    light mode is gone...