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  1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  2. Hei how is it going... I have a similar problem with my... Bad in my case the wheel start and doesn't balance its self... It's just beep..
  3. great job @Seba as always, a little question, does the alarms have some different tone? i ask because i got a high speed one the other day and that one kind of scared me...
  4. Check 100% that the version you're running is the .34...
  5. BT fix I haven't, but "it was apply" b4 shipping, so idk... Recalibrate, yes after every fw upgrade and a few others time when I've got a terrible Dib.. (current fw 1.07)
  6. Not sure if is the correct one Ks16x2b190605xxxx
  7. 2nd, and the dips I get are not like those show in the videos..., what I get is more like "a pedal angle change" and it's stay like this until 1-2 rebalance/restart
  8. Kuji had a front/back oscillation problem due to firmware? I think yours is a different problem I think is the same from every one else... But I can with every fw update I less and less, when I'm riding I know +/- when is coming so I stop and rebalance it, and now that I think about it usually happens when I was riding 35-45km/h... (but at low speed happens as well, not as usual but happens) But yeah let us know how goes I'll wait for the video👍👍
  9. Yeah, back when it was @paz... The one developing wl I send him and email with that suggestion and others and he answered back that it was great but he had to restructure the code for that and he didn't have the time atm (something like @Seba say b4 that the code was a bit messy...) 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻
  10. Good luck with that it's happens randomly. What I can tell u from my exp, that when it's gonna happen there's some funny movement with the pedals (30-40 sec b4) 😂 😂
  11. Umm yesterday I was practicing turning while going backwards and I didn't crash the wheel or anything but i was setting the wheel sideways a lot on my feet (from when missing balance, or a tooo tight turn), so the point is that I had to rebalance the wheel alot, and in a few of those time when I had to rebalance the wheel " will balance it self) 15 degrees higher than normal and that's alot
  12. 🤔🤔I wonder if the dipping has something to do with the outside temp🤔🤔, let's me explain: I use the wheel to go/comeback from work... Usually when I commute I ride around 25/30 km\H) and the weather temp is a bit low (7-2c), and sometimes I would get some overleaning (1) (not always), on Sat on my ride home the temp was quite cold (0-3c) and on my ride home I got (3-4 serious) overleaning, and usually to fix it I stop, step a side and lift the wheel so when I put it back on the ground it balance it self... But one was so bad that when I stop a side I couldn't hold my self standing (because of the inclination my feet where), and wheel just felt... And I had to restart it (2-3 time before I was able to ride it again) (sry I've not video of it I usually don't film my self, specially when commuting to work, Feb:1.07)
  13. *Go too euc.world and donwload the latest WL (.34 atm). *download it *on your phone uninstall any preview wl and install some file manager if you don't have... *Browse to Download, find wl apk you just download, enjoy your ride... To make sure you are in the xx version go to (about wl) in the configuration from wl..
  14. Yeah, I didn't pay attention before... This is my las tur this morning (wl .34)
  15. @Mike SacristanI ride every day on my 16x to work very early with temp (2-5-7c) I ride about 20km at average speed (34-40km/h) and it use (20% bat <3-4v>) and in summer was using (12-15%),the coldest the temp, the fastest the bat drain... 👉👉 (fw 1.07)... On a side note is anybody else getting forward tilt on(fw 1.07), it doesn't do it as often as before but still is happening other than that 👍👍👍👍to the new fw
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