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  1. hi hi i had some free time so i did some extra work to the ESP translation... and thanks and here is a little suggestion probably make the font a bit bigger or bold... idk if is the same in other translation... but is just to make the text a bit more readable... WL_ESP_3.1.zip
  2. Hey hey EuC family... so a little quick one... so i was taking a look to the ESP translation i did a while back a found a few little details here and there to update... so here it is: to use it in the map one more thing... i remember when @Seba open up the map feature... the realise I install back there (2-3 back), when i install it the map was working but now whenever i try to use it in the map Tab is just the EUC.word logo not the map like it was before and when i click it sends me to this: any idea on how to fix that?... great work... Best regards Francis Gil WL_ESP_3.zip
  3. Hi there how is it going EuC community. Does anyone knows the connectors type GW use?? i know there are (5.0) or something like that, im asking because one of mine broke and i solder it and works fine, but ill rather replace it with one new (so the soldering will be a reinforcement not what hold it in place...) also any tips/tricks to remove them safely? (disconnect them from one another...) hope anyone can help thanks..
  4. where can you see the available languages? do you need to have the wheel connected for that? (if that the case i don't have mine with me atm...)
  5. lol, funny when i woke i thought i can shorter some sentences there... i make it shorter, and correct 1-2 thinks that didnt spell correctly... WL_ESP_2..zip
  6. keep going... ESP Translation ps: about the missing HORN … I download the WL it files to take a look to the code and I notice that there's only code for (ACTION_REQUEST_KINGSONG_HORN), not inmotion,gw, nib… that's why is not working with mt GW when trying to use the feature…. (“WheelLogAndroid-master/app/src/main/java/com/cooper/wheellog/BluetoothLeService.java”) (“WheelLogAndroid-master/app/src/main/java/com/cooper/wheellog/utils/Constants.java”) WL_ESP.zip
  7. is it: https://euc.world online? or is it missing a .com/net etc?
  8. now i manage, now just wait until tomorrow to check it out... one question is it enable the (horn) feature on (when is pair with a pebble w..) on this app? specifically for GW or can you add it in a future? @MacPara has the missing code for that in case there's some missing...
  9. yeah, there are a few apps that don't work properly anymore since I update..., but yeah let's hope that is just a version issue... Best Regards
  10. ;( doesn't start, this bring me back to those time when none of the "official" apps from GW will work... i struggle to install it and when finally manage to install it Boom crash on opening: try on: Phone: Sony ZX3 Android: v9
  11. hei how is it going every one... what you guys think of this new 16" wheel from KS Battery: 1554 Wh Range: 100km Motor: X from the the video it look ok for of road and its funny how its look a bit to the GW ACM
  12. So is it the Beep (as Horn from the watch preference)option support for GW coming out anytime soon atm using v. 2.0.19 and my Tesla do nothing when pressing the middle bottom on watch that was a deal breaker for me, one of the main reason i purchase the watch was to have that feature while riding in the city...
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