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  1. Mr. @Sebaisn't it possible to use the wheel (Buzzer) as alarm?? , the way GW app use it in current and previous apps
  2. Mecarmy SGN5 is what ive beeing using...
  3. yeah is a shame they dont make pebble anymore, i think is a great watch... but ebay is still there...
  4. Nice @Seba, but Wheellog incorporated horn in st it?, you probably mean to add support for wheels with not speaker(i hope🙏) because atm only KS users have the possibility to use the (horn)... In a relevant note I remember when I had the playstore version, my wheel (GW Tesla v1) only beep when you connected... If you changed your configuration like (pedals, ride style etc) when using WL there was no beep, even though you did change it with WL... So I hope is possible to add horn throe the beep for no speakers wheels🤙
  5. @Jacky HeshiYeah there's a feature on WL (pair wth pebble) But atm is only available for (integrated speaker) wheels like ks... I own a Tesla also and is a shame I can't use that... In the other hand I got me a (MecArmy SGN5) as a horn, and to be honest is more practical than reaching to my phone/watch...
  6. Hei @Boogiemanhow is it going, so for some PS version doesn't beep when you change between modes, at first i thought it didn't do anything but after checking in parallel with GW app i notice that it does change, it just doesn't beep... about the pedal and tiltback for me work with PS version (again it doesn't beep but it does change the configuration on this, the Tesla v1 doesn't incorporate speaker so until some future update that's out of the question for us my advice is that you update the app to @Seba version or @GMOne who knows maybe in the future we will see the horn working throw the beep for the tesla... but @Seba , @GMOne app version has much more features than the PS v...
  7. impressive work @GMOne... But i most say isn't working for me on my wheel ( GW Tesla v1)... i know (v1)its doest incorporate speakers but i was hoping the alarm will play throw the (beep thing)... it didn't work using the phone either the pebble_2 watch... so far its look good nice work one thing: would it be possible to store your (wheel conf, alarm conf...) in the EUC.WORLD web site and ones you link it you can reload your preview config... im saying that because every time im gonna install a 3rd_party apk i most clear cache on (google service and google store) and every time i try a new (v.)have to reconfigure WL again...
  8. values-es_2.0.30.zip
  9. hi hi i had some free time so i did some extra work to the ESP translation... and thanks and here is a little suggestion probably make the font a bit bigger or bold... idk if is the same in other translation... but is just to make the text a bit more readable... WL_ESP_3.1.zip
  10. Hey hey EuC family... so a little quick one... so i was taking a look to the ESP translation i did a while back a found a few little details here and there to update... so here it is: to use it in the map one more thing... i remember when @Seba open up the map feature... the realise I install back there (2-3 back), when i install it the map was working but now whenever i try to use it in the map Tab is just the EUC.word logo not the map like it was before and when i click it sends me to this: any idea on how to fix that?... great work... Best regards Francis Gil WL_ESP_3.zip
  11. Hi there how is it going EuC community. Does anyone knows the connectors type GW use?? i know there are (5.0) or something like that, im asking because one of mine broke and i solder it and works fine, but ill rather replace it with one new (so the soldering will be a reinforcement not what hold it in place...) also any tips/tricks to remove them safely? (disconnect them from one another...) hope anyone can help thanks..
  12. where can you see the available languages? do you need to have the wheel connected for that? (if that the case i don't have mine with me atm...)
  13. lol, funny when i woke i thought i can shorter some sentences there... i make it shorter, and correct 1-2 thinks that didnt spell correctly... WL_ESP_2..zip
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