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  1. Hi all, it looks like my account has a limited number of replies for both public and private messages. Please reach out to me at darkdwhite.prime@gmail.com for any further questions. Thanks Kevin
  2. yes this is an XL. It is the rubber black style. I ordered it back in Jan 2019 from Jason at ewheels.com. I rarely charge it to 100%. The only time I do that is when I know I'm going on a 20+ mile trip. I try to keep it around 70% when I'm not going to ride right away. The lift sensor has been working perfectly for me. Right now at 85% charge it is at 82v. I took some pictures of the wheel but not sure how to upload it to this post.
  3. I am selling my ks18xl I'v 333mi/537km on the wheel. The wheel rides great, super smooth and reliable. some minor scratches on the footpads and sides of the wheels. This is a great wheel to start and grow with. I am asking for $1100.
  4. Hey @PlusUltra I have a ks14d I got from ewheels. I still have the box and everything so I can ship it to you. Here is my Craigslist post. https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/d/chicago-kingsong-14d/6937921947.html. I can't private message yet. We can talk about the price if you're interested
  5. @tscottn do you still have an issue connecting while riding outdoors with it being able to connect when stationary indoors? I have this exact same issue with my ks18xl.
  6. @gena why did you choose the msx over the ks18l/xl. From what I heard kingsong improved the handle quality.
  7. @Jason McNeil when do you think the ks18xl will be available for purchase/preorder on ewheel?
  8. Thanks for the initial review @Jason McNeil I'm so excited for this wheel will be ordering one from you as soon as possible. ?
  9. @chafouin I'll take you up on the offer. I don't think I can pm yet. I'm fairly new to this forum. Let me know when you want to meet up!
  10. Hey @chafouin! I've been riding around in the loop too. I'm on a ks14d looking to upgrade to a ks18l. The ks14d is a great starter wheel but I'm wanting more speed and range. Thanks for the review.
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