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  1. Preferred location in NYC selling a Dualtron 3 with custom clamp that removes all wobble/play in stem that plagues dualtron and other scooters. Also comes with carbonrevo upper bar/ lower kitty bar, carbonrevo tow handle. In perfect working condition never dropped. Reason for selling is wanting to upgrade. Any questions please send a message, cheers. I’ll be adding photos in a bit. Still has warranty from ewheels.
  2. My finger print scanner works fine on my dualtron 3
  3. Any info about “changing the acoustic effect” if it has speaker maybe we can play music as well :)?
  4. vido

    New firmware v 1.22

    @David S tilt back feels the same to me.
  5. Ye my friend v5f+ overheated the same way. Think he weights 130 ish. He waited about five min for it to cool off and was riding again but just forward this time. I think @Rehab1 is saying he was simply practicing going forward then reversing not in partially in one spot in general.
  6. vido

    KS16 in rain

    I'm already bored of 30 kmh beeps every two seconds :/. But still content with the speed
  7. vido

    KS16 in rain

    One of my speakers started making static noise after being caugh in rain. I would tape the opening of the speakers
  8. vido

    New firmware v 1.22

    @Ponne I would upgrade from 1.20 to 1.22
  9. vido

    New firmware v 1.22

    @da_toni yea the motor noise does sound different .. Hard to listen with all the wind
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