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  1. I bought my king song 16b as used, it has driven 2000km should I continue to use it or buy a new one/get a new motherboard
  2. I don't remember in what way it feels unstable just that it did, it had never happened to me before this.
  3. around 10C at that time so that was not a problem i heard no beeps or voice messages. I do not remember how fast i tried to accelerate i did like i use to
  4. Hey, i was riding home from school annd while riding i felt that the whell went unstable so i stoped and looked at the battery and it was around 30%. Then i turned it on and started accelerate when i hit around 20-25 km/h it stoped balancing me and i fell forward. I wonder if this has happened any of you. I broke both my hand and elbow
  5. is it any different more then it has 800w motor and 30km/h instead of 35km/h
  6. Någon i denna grupp som har blvit stoppad av polis pga av att köpa enhjuling?
  7. I'm considering buying a new onewheel. I have an orb wheel x2 atm. But now after driving it for a while, I've been tired because it's running too slowly and too short range. That wheel have a maxspeed off 18km/h and that was to slow for me. Im going to use my new wheel in the city and use it to travel to school. Which is about 8km. My price range for this wheel is about 1100euro. The wheels i have been thinking moste about is the KS14S and KS16S. KS16S looks like a dream unicycle but its a bit to pricy. If i but KS 16S i have to buy it with the smallest battery 680Wh and most of the comment i have seen ppl recomend to buy the biggest battery.And If i buy KS14S it is just a little bit cheaper then the KS16S and seen some review where they disliked that when the batteri is about 70% the speed drops drastically. How is it to transport the ks16S on busses compered to the 14S. I have only ridden electric unicycles at max 18 km/h So i dont know how fast i want to go if the ks16S is to fast and unnecessary power. I weigh 81 kg and 186 tall if it matter This wheel i am about to buy will i use almost everyday for some years so would like a product with good build quality Should I buy any of these two wheels or someone else? sorry for my english and unstructured text hope you understand something
  8. jag funderar på att köpa en Elektrisk enhjuling lutar mot antingen en Kingsong 14S eller en 16S. Jag undrar därför vad det är för lagar i Sverige. Kan jag köra lagligt med en Kingsong 14S eller 16S och om dom inte är lagliga har någon i Sverige åkt fast för att köra olagligt?
  9. I wonder what speed would you consider safe to ride without any protective gear? I'm thinking about buying a king song 14s or 16s and i wonder if i need to use full protective gear or just a helmet
  10. I'm thinking of buying a King song 16S used but it's a KS wheel sport. Bought from AliExpress and I wonder what is the difference between the European and Asian variant. Is it worth buying a used KS wheel sport for 1200 dollars?
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