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  1. - ... - the body is pointing in the right direction ?
  2. lutz

    Larger pedals for my INMOTION V8

    thanks, this is even more ambitious!
  3. lutz

    Larger pedals for my INMOTION V8

    Thanks for the details mrelwood! Pics from the backside would be appreciated in case you ever build another one. My feet are too big,too.
  4. lutz

    Larger pedals for my INMOTION V8

    " .... Searching the forum I’ve seen a few guys who have made custom larger pedals, I believe for Kingsong models. ...." More like sole shaped aluminum plates bolted on top of the original pedals? This is what my search for "larger pedals" turned up.
  5. lutz

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Acturbo, this is a very sci-fi look suddenly.
  6. lutz

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    It seems to be quite difficult to find any page that has max load information on the MSuper X. Ewheels no info, TecToyz no info, euc.nyc 220 lbs, I can imagine this might be an an error. Seems unlikely that the payload is 1/3 less than its predecessors?
  7. lutz

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    Thanks, this tire profile does inspire confidence.
  8. lutz

    Wheels for heavier riders?

    Hi All, thanks a lot for the advice. It is good to see that my weight might not be such a problem and that both 16 inch and 18 inch wheels could work. This area is rich in goathead thorns and similar unpleasantries. Is any tire setups perhaps more thorn or flat resistant than others? I am aware that slime or similar are highly recommended here.
  9. Hi all, which wheels would you recommend for bigger people? I weigh 260 lbs, am 6ft4, and would sometimes also carry a backpack. I also will be a beginner, but hope to avoid buying a beginner wheel first - in part because the more affordable wheels do not seem to be suitable for my weight. I am living in a rather flat place. Thanks in advance for any input.