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  1. I'm exactly your height and weight plus 5 pounds, and I have exactly zero miles on any of my wheels. Work has just been kicking my butt. All my wheels were bought used in the last couple of weeks. Once I get the hang of riding, I'm probably going to sell most of my skiing gear and buy a new wheel. I was thinking 16x, but the reported luxurious ride of the Nikola sounds so nice.
  2. I'm curious too. The reviewer at the end of this 16x video (around 6:08) mentions it too. He calls it the "Gotway flow".
  3. I might be one of those people super sensitivity to high pitches because the first thing that hits me in that video is the piercing motor whine. It's like ice picks in my ears. I had turn the sound all the way down.
  4. I might name my learning wheel "Holdo" because it keeps running into things.
  5. The motor whine is one reason why I would never consider a Kingsong, no matter what the specs. To me, the sound is really obnoxious and reminiscent of tinnitus. I would rather warn people with a polite "excuse me" (riding slowly) or a bike bell. Hopefully KS gets rid of the noise with the 16x.
  6. I just bought a used MSX and man is this thing beat up.The panel where the power button and charging port are located is pushed in slightly, and detached from the body panel on one side. It works for now but at some point I'm going to have to fix it before it caves completely. Otherwise the wheel seems pretty strong and powerful.
  7. Hey, thanks for the pointers. I was planning learning at this roller hockey rink near my house but it's always packed with little kids or a hockey match. But then I remembered that there's a gigantic turf field that I can go to with a chain link fence running the entire length. It should be perfect for learning. The guy I bought the MSX from learned on it only a few months ago and he seemed very confident riding it. I'm hoping my downhill skiing skills will translate. I regularly ski 50+mph on snow, but I doubt I'll go faster than 25mph on pavement. Seems terrifying.
  8. Funny, it was seeing a guy on a Onewheel that got me into EUCs. I thought, man that would be awesome to ride one of those things to work. But then I did some research and I realized that the range is limited and they're not as fast as EUCs. That was a few weeks ago. I had an old MCM3 laying around that I never got around to learning how to ride. Since then I've bought a used Tesla and a used MSX (got awesome deals on both) and I still don't know how to ride! My schedule is so hectic it'll be a solid 2 weeks before I can even think about getting some riding time. One thing area where I think the Onewheel is better than an EUC is in slow speed travel. The guy I saw on the Onewheel was able to negotiate his way around a large group of pedestrians at slower than walking speed and pivot on a dime.
  9. bumping an old thread. This thread is a convincing argument for the Mten3 being my learner wheel. I'm a newbie and I currently own a used Tesla with a flat tire and a bent rim, with no charger. Before I even ride it, I have to learn how to disassemble the thing, fix the rim, fix the flat, and buy a charger. I also own an MCM3 that I don't want to ride. It seems to struggle with my weight (210lbs). I think it would be great for someone 180lb and below but not for me. My plan was to learn on a smaller wheel, then ride the Tesla, and then buy a 16x, although with the latest news maybe I'll change to the Nikola. My goal, other than fun and commuting, is to be good enough to go on the SF group rides. Those look like a blast. What I didn't want to do is buy an interim wheel that I'll quickly outgrow, but it seems like everyone loves the Mten3 even when they have bigger wheels.
  10. Hi. First post. I'm in sort of a similar situation as the OP, except I'm slightly taller and heavier (195cm, 95kg) and I'm a total newbie. I just started learning on an MCM3 and then I want to eventually buy my first real wheel (Tesla? 16X? 18XL). But in the meantime I think I want to upgrade my learning wheel to something that can handle my weight (the MCM3 seems to struggle) and then, after I get the hang of riding it, use the learner as my beater wheel on my daily commute. And I have to be honest, I hate the way the MCM3 looks. It looks like an OG Solowheel rather than the new breed of wheels. My commute is on this trail, from 11:10 to the train station at 12:20. I probably won't take it on the train though but instead lock it up in a Bikelink locker. I wonder if a KS14d/s be a good option.
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