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  1. @Vagabond Elf I hope you stick with it. Learning to ride was super painful and daunting for me, mainly because I didn't stupid stuff... (I once bailed by jumping off in front of the wheel. Never do that cause it's gonna hit your foot, really hard.) ...and I hated everyone looking at me falling off my wheel like a spaz. But now riding an EUC is my most favorite thing to do.
  2. Back to knee braces. The RXRs seem fine but also very budget. I've been doing a ton of research on more established brands. I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of Leatt C Frames. The good thing about those is that they only have the hinge on the outside, so you can feel the wheel with the inside of your leg. Not as strong as other one braces but we probably don't encounter the same level of forces that motocross riders do. But then I saw a post on a forum where moto riders said it's junk, that pieces were breaking off during rides. Those guys seem to not like Leatt in general
  3. Make sure you don't buy a cheap, low-powered wheel. It'll hold you back. I made that mistake. I thought I was just having a hard timing learning to ride on a crappy wheel but then the first time I rode one with adequate power it was immeasurably easier.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm currently using the EVS TP199s which I like (a lot more than the Leatts that everyone seems to love) but I think I'm going to give those RXRs a try for some more protection.
  5. Does anybody wear knee braces when they ride? I have a few knee pads that I wear, but from what I understand knee braces also provide twisting and hyperextension protection in addition to impact protection. My knees are bad due to years of doing jujitsu and skiing. I'm looking into knee braces and man are they expensive. Like we're talking close to a grand or more. I have found two brands that are fairly affordable, one by a company called RXR protect ($240), and another by EVS (model SX02 $150). The EVS looks like really crap quality though. I'm wondering, as EUC riders, if we even
  6. If you're still looking, I have a Tesla with around 500 miles I'm thinking of selling. You'd have to change the inner tube and get a charger though. I have the tube but I never got around to changing it. PM me if you're interested.
  7. What part of Myspace can I find this "Instagram"???
  8. Nah just precautionary sliming. Thanks for the tips.
  9. Thanks! How do you slime this thing? I can't seem to get the valve core out. The entire valve just spins when I try to turn it.
  10. It's funny, I just sold a 14d right before I bought the Mten3 but I have super smooth paths where I live. The little Mten3 did arrive late yesterday. I only got to ride it for about 20 minutes. Stepping on it was a weird experience. It pretty much hits me in the ankle instead of my calf like other wheels. There's no gliding start with this wheel. I pretty much have to do the beginner-hop. It was super fun and squirrelly. It seemed like could feel every contour of the pavement. I can't wait to get more miles on this little wheel.
  11. Welp...I just ordered one. And I'm a big dude - 6'3", 210lbs. Wish me luck.
  12. We should have a bot where anytime someone puts up a for sale post without a price, it replies with "Price: tree fiddy".
  13. This thread has gotten so large that it's exerting a gravitational pull
  14. How's the Mten3 for a 2.5 mile commute (each way) on a fairly smooth bike path? For carrying on the train, I thought I'd stick it inside a large backpack.
  15. No, not me. I'm usually on my MSX. The only time I'm on my 14d is when I'm riding backwards, or attempting to, badly.
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