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  1. This thread has gotten so large that it's exerting a gravitational pull
  2. How's the Mten3 for a 2.5 mile commute (each way) on a fairly smooth bike path? For carrying on the train, I thought I'd stick it inside a large backpack.
  3. No, not me. I'm usually on my MSX. The only time I'm on my 14d is when I'm riding backwards, or attempting to, badly.
  4. There must be some kind of medal for logging multiple thousands of trips down a 10 foot hallway in 6 days.
  5. KS 14d - Miata MSX - Buick Grand National GNX
  6. Hey Jason, I think I said hi to you and your wheel in the Bart station a couple of weeks back. Your wheel looks really nice in person. It's in great shape.
  7. Every time I get excited about the 16X, I think about this, my excitement leaves me and I'm left with the thought that the Nikola 100v is the only option.
  8. I have a nice gouge in my thumb when I picked up my first wheel (Tesla) this way. It's deep valley of missing flesh that'll never go away.
  9. My 14d training wheel is probably going on sale once my gf learns to ride confidently and I can comfortably ride backwards. It's only got a couple hundred miles on it and it's been fully padded up the whole time. Might take a month or so, and probably locally in SF.
  10. Imagine EUCs becoming so popular that brand loyalty turns into full on flame wars ala Xbox vs Playstation, lol. Probably unlikely.
  11. Had my first bad fall yesterday. Going way too fast (25+ mph...I've been riding for a month) down a narrow corridor that was fenced on each side. Hit a divot in the road that I didn't see and caught air, and then landed. I think I would've recovered however I landed pointed toward one of the fences. I couldn't course correct in time and smashed into the fence, then the ground. Smashed up my hips pretty bad but my wrist guards, elbow and knee pads did their jobs.
  12. I was worried about that too, but he seemed legit in person. He rode the wheel very well. He said he got it in a trade for some motorcycle equipment. He was a super nice guy with a normal looking facebook profile. I can't be 100% sure but I didn't get "bad person" vibes from him. Thanks for the info.
  13. I bought a used MSX 84v with less than 500 miles from a really nice guy who was desperate to sell. I'm very happy with the wheel and the purchase price (no matter the battery size), but for the life of me I don't know how to tell whether I got the 1600wh or the 1230wh battery. Is there a serial number or some number on the unit to decode? Or would I be able to tell by my riding? I weigh 210lbs and I went for a 20 mile ride yesterday. The Gotway app showed 80% at the beginning of the ride and by the end it was at 50%. But the app only shows battery level in intervals of 10s. Not sure if that's normal. The seller had no idea what he had. He didn't know the make or model of what he was selling. He advertised it as a "one wheel".
  14. Thanks for the info. That doesn't seem ideal because my 40 minute (each way) train ride is prime nap time for me. I'd have to stay awake and make sure the wheel doesn't go tasmanian devil on the train. How do you think an Mten3 would handle a 6'3" 210lb dude on a 2 mile commute? I'd at least be able to stick that in a big backpack.
  15. Does anyone commute on public trans with their MCM5? How does the curvy body shape work wedged between your legs while sitting in a bus or train? Does it slip around or can you secure it?
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