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  1. Same thing happened way back when my v10f was delivered from Ewheels. All four screws on each side was missing. E-wheels quickly sent me replacement screws when notified.
  2. Sounds like there may be some variability in the first batch. Sorry to hear your experiencing those issues with your model. Either way it makes more sense to leave it on for the protection it provides
  3. The cap on my production version does not come loose and tightens easily by hand. You can feel some type of spring building up as you tighten the cap. I believe the aluminum cap itself is flexing and acting as a spring. This is probably keeping the cap tight against the housing resulting in enough friction to keep the cap from loosening. If the cap on the right side of the wheel impacts a rock I believe it could come loose. But if there was an impact on the left shock cap, I would think it will only tighten the cap further.
  4. I have a production wheel from the first batch and the cap was designed to wrap around the hex to limit movement unlike the pre-production model. While the cap is still threaded to the inner valve this helps limit it's movement by encapsulating the hex. I had herd others say their cap was plastic on the production model but mine is aluminum.
  5. At first I felt high as I used to ride the v10f but after a few weeks it feels normal to me. I especially like the high pedal height for extra clearance it provides when riding rails with big roots and boulders.
  6. Are there plans for you to have the v11 or S18 for testing soon? Curious about how it will do on overheat hill.
  7. Highly recommend this from personal experience getting a flat on my V10 from a staple on the road. I guess I expected the Tire to be a little more durable. Luckily for me I was close to home and was not going full speed when the flat occurred. Unfortunately I received a little road rash on my hip but it could have been much worse.
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