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  1. Dag CL, What a great story! Since euc’ing, I often wondered how good/bad it is for the knees or back. Since it helps you a lot, i’m leaning towards good. After riding a Ninebot One E+ boosted with a batterypack for a year and a half and more than 2200 km, I was searching for a better wheel. The KS-16s had my focus, but still a bit too expensive for my taste. Last monday I bought the V10f at Onewheel.be after seeing it in promotion, as it’s cheaper than the KS-16s. And reading your testimonial, glad I did! Smooth ride... Mine also doesn’t switch on with one press. And it has a strange sound when idle, but I switched on another V10 (no f) when I was at Onewheel, and that one had it too. Once riding the sound disappears. The led in the poweradapter does turn green when fully charged. That can take a long while. Even if the app says a 100% charge, the led on the charger can still be red. I contacted 1radwerkstatt for a faster charger that stops at 80 or 90%. I think it’s wise to let it charge the first few times fully and afterwards even once in a while, because of balancing the batteries (=green led) and prolonging the lifespan of them. I really whish there were alarmsettings for a few different speeds and even more range. But maybe the battery needs more conditioning. Or I need to ride slower... I ordered me a full face helmet and a protective jacket. Cheers from Oost-Vlaanderen and happy riding! It’s nice weather today
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