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  1. adding photo
  2. not that I can see. iphone and android. code 35 on the display? This is what i purchased https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Dashboard-for-NINEBOT-ES2-electric-scooter-parts-Panel-display/32898171059.html
  3. I plugged it in and went on with my day...
  4. bahahaha thats just to great.
  5. I mentioned the regen simply because I don't know how it really works and since I cant tap into the BMS I wouldn't want to damage the battery =) I forgot to snap a photo of the battery leads and 4pin and the BMS board maybe someone might have some ideas.
  6. Hoping someone might be able to chime in on what Ninebot/Segway uses for the BMS. I have a es1 with the dual battery setup however I would like to add extra power for range. via craigslist i bought two broken es1 and the battery packs look fine, voltage was putting out 35 on both packs however the 4pin which i thought was balancing leads dont put out anything on the multi-meter. Off the top of my head I was thinking just pop them in parallel and somehow disable regen but... since I dont know the BMS or how to tap into it i held off. open to ideas =) thanks!
  7. My display was acting strange so I ordered on via aliexpress. Popped it in without problems. I think that's the "mother board" unless were talking about power in the tube.
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