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  1. Unfortunately, it does ....but latest I heard it could resume by end of September...well it is hard to say...they are now concentrating on RS19 which is more popular model line as of now
  2. Not Gotway, but the delay is from motor manufacturer unfortunately
  3. Production is going to be delayed for another month....somehow delay is from motor manufacturer..
  4. Are you saying second batch with upgraded firmware has less speed no load than first batch Sherman?
  5. I am selling this low km (534km) 800wh version as I do not use this much as I have 2 other wheels Let me know if you are interested (one of the top LED strip cover broke as i it fell from the back of my car seat when i hit brake my car) other than that just normal scratches
  6. I'm just wondering how latest MSX 1845 100V could hit 61 mph free llad while my very first MSX 1230wh and now upgraded the battery to 1845wh only can reach 57mph ...is it caused by better main board?
  7. Steve Jo

    MSuper Pro?

    Low psi is safer when u go fast, no wobble as well during hard braking...low psi makes tyre a bit of suspension
  8. Steve Jo

    MSuper Pro?

    I am 68 and yah 23 psi is good
  9. 615wh extra is available...I did that on my very first MSX 100v 1230wh. It is 1865wh now
  10. Green fashion is another source that I talked to, suspected LG 21700 is not well proven like Sanyo18650 cells ... Well, hope others don't have similar issue i had ...MSP is really nice to ride after all
  11. Well I also talked to different source ...and new battery could have that issue ... I bought this wheel from EUC service and Daniel is the guy with battery expert It's all good ,sometimes U just get a lemon... I still ride it hard and yah more protection definitely just in case that issue happens again ..if happens again then I'll just throw it away
  12. Gotway didn't look at one incident definitely and they referred it to dealer I bought. I opened and checked internally and it was all good. I have spoken with the dealer ,well unfortunately it is not that easy to get the wheel checked as I need to send it to them..... (different countries). Well, so many troubleshooting was done and still couldn't find the issue ....he suspected the LG battery used could gain strength after few cycles .... Luckily, I only ride in 98% bike path here not on the road but I totally understand if that ever happens in public,wheel goes to sleep ...
  13. I was all good,full gears all the times anyway...the power was totally off.... My one is almost 700km now, I have been riding mix MSX and MSP every week but I definitely would like to try MSP again for 75km distance ....
  14. I haven't done for long ride again, as weather is a bit chill now but I have been riding hard around 40 km distance and didn't happen ...well never went below 30 percent battery yet so far since then....one who knows battery said some batteries need more circles to gain strength...
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