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  1. Hi mate, Can you please tell me about Michelin Pilot Street? If you could give me the link,it would be much appreciated
  2. Begode or Gotway is implementing Samsung approach by having so many product lines !!
  3. The pedal dip in Sherman is noticeable especially first batch when turning...if you don't feel any pedal dip during turning then you may get latest firmware
  4. Wondering if anyone can post/report off load max speed with latest firmware
  5. I'm just wondering if they updated the firmware to fix pedal dips while turning has effect on torque distribution....I noticed first batch of sherman was capable of 106kph off load ,then gradually decreased with later firmware (100-103kph max off load)..not sure if this is true
  6. Ask them to send you the firmware chip, U then remove the top part where mainboard is and just plug chip in and reset ....they should provide U video how to do it
  7. You need to get it from where you bought the wheel from, unfortunately
  8. Upgrade the firmware if you have first batch, it's reduced a lot
  9. More like pedal dipping issue ?
  10. i did it on purpose to recharge til 90% only then i slow charge it with 2.8A til full
  11. Funny thing happened to my older MSX that I added 615wh extra battery always read 100.2V with my either 2.8 or 3A charger ...but then I used for first time this fast charger filled out up to only 90% then switched to 2.8A charger and it now reads 100.8V
  12. You would love this charger ...the quality is really good.... I took some photos of that charger, been using it to charge my MSX and MSP, and waiting for Sherman next month or so
  13. pedals clearance is obviously lower than standard MSP/MSX as the guy scraped the pedals easily with that turn ....
  14. if all good, production of Monster Pro will commence in mid Oct
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