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  1. Green fashion is another source that I talked to, suspected LG 21700 is not well proven like Sanyo18650 cells ... Well, hope others don't have similar issue i had ...MSP is really nice to ride after all
  2. Well I also talked to different source ...and new battery could have that issue ... I bought this wheel from EUC service and Daniel is the guy with battery expert It's all good ,sometimes U just get a lemon... I still ride it hard and yah more protection definitely just in case that issue happens again ..if happens again then I'll just throw it away
  3. Gotway didn't look at one incident definitely and they referred it to dealer I bought. I opened and checked internally and it was all good. I have spoken with the dealer ,well unfortunately it is not that easy to get the wheel checked as I need to send it to them..... (different countries). Well, so many troubleshooting was done and still couldn't find the issue ....he suspected the LG battery used could gain strength after few cycles .... Luckily, I only ride in 98% bike path here not on the road but I totally understand if that ever happens in public,wheel goes to sleep ...
  4. I was all good,full gears all the times anyway...the power was totally off.... My one is almost 700km now, I have been riding mix MSX and MSP every week but I definitely would like to try MSP again for 75km distance ....
  5. I haven't done for long ride again, as weather is a bit chill now but I have been riding hard around 40 km distance and didn't happen ...well never went below 30 percent battery yet so far since then....one who knows battery said some batteries need more circles to gain strength...
  6. Thanks ,the issue is not simple ...I didn't have any log whatsoever. For any electronic faulty,it is hard to be proven without any proof and if no others have similar experience.. I guess ,that would be the risk for buying first batch 😔
  7. It was my 3rd time I went for that track and usually left me behind with 19%-24% remaining...only that day, the motor just died completely...I defaulted to OEM ..not average ...trust me I didn't go fast at all, pure cruising .. Charging habits? Well the wheel was quite new though, just recharge the night before I ride usually. I got MSX 100v for 2 yrs...nothing change of habit for charging battery ...so definitely I got lemon MSP ...
  8. I paid for it,so not demonstration model ..maybe I just got lemon.... because I had already issue, half of left LED strip did not work when I had it ...
  9. As long you are well gear protected, you are fine or much better definitely..if unlucky that you have obstacles in front of you and the motor just shuts off on you and hit them ...that's the worst nightmare ever
  10. No ,I wasn't logging....just used Strava instead ...😔 Definitely not overlean at all, I'm only 69 kg ...and beside I knew how wheel cut out because of max speed reached ...power is still on ,not dead but that time my power was completely off....and I still rode to the car (around another 10km) and it was fine but I was prepared to fall all the times and nothing happened
  11. It was just cruising speed and it was like 3rd time doing 70km distance with MSP and died in me on last ride. So I didn't go fast whatsoever. Condition of road was also flat No beep, no warning and the engine was just off Oh trust me ,I pushed MSP and rode with the beep...hit 58 kph max so far and it was nothing I have ridden MSP over 500km now
  12. Yah I'm all good ,since I always have full protection on me ...just shattered to see new wheel stacked like that ..
  13. Okay, not sure if U guys have this experience but hope not. I was one of who received first batch of Gotway MSP in early March 2020. I experienced motor cut out when battery was 28% and I was cruising just 31kph... Let me emphasise that I had original MSX and I ride fast too (68 kph my max)so I am not new about wheels especially Gotway When it cut out, the engine completely shut off...I needed to turn it on myself To cut story short, I informed my supplier EUC service and I believed Daniel already contacted Gotway ..but still not heard til now Hope, U guys don't get same experience as me.. Anyway, I hope Gotway reads this and hope they could do test more especially with LG 21700 Thank you
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