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  1. I don't have issue with mine though (not using Micheline Pilot)
  2. Haha U know that is definitely hard to answer ....it all depends on how I like and you like...but nothing compared to Z10 :)... Another thing is that I found pretty inconsistent between air pump ...so it's hard to have same exact psi tyre for each pump sometimes....my 23 psi from my air pump may be different to yours .. A lot of factors definitely
  3. I rode Z10 quite a lot before and I know exactly what you mean :)...it was nothing close to that feeling of riding Z10 i have 23 psi on my current tyre now and it just feels good
  4. You can try deflating tyre psi and it should work fine...beside I feel middle tread of this tyre is soft
  5. I would NOT go back to default tyre definitely ...I definitely recommend it ....please be mindful, the tyre is definitely heavier than default one
  6. Well, actually not a light mod but it's just a glue to minimise shell vibration from the fan
  7. MSP with knobby tyre and MSX with Bridgestone Battlax SC 80/90-14 (40P) SC1F
  8. It's like knooby tyre on Sherman...I have it fitted on my MSP
  9. Less bouncy definitely...it's perhaps different compound ..and I feel my msx feels snappier :)...very happy with the tyre.... It's Bridgestone 80/90 14 40
  10. Hi mate, Can you please tell me about Michelin Pilot Street? If you could give me the link,it would be much appreciated
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