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  1. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Men han ska inte med ut på tur idag?
  2. Jens Ronnedal

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    For the European market, probably june.
  3. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Jag kan inte sluta tidigare än 16.30 på fredag. Men sen kan jag vara med på både hjul, mat och dryck.
  4. Jens Ronnedal

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

  5. Jens Ronnedal

    How reliable is KS18XL?

    I've ridden my KS18XL for about 600km. Haven't had any problems with it yet. The lift sensor has failed a few times. But I lift it pretty often and I'd guess it's been working 95-98% of the times. But riding it I haven't felt anything that would make feel unsure so far. But most owners, including me has only had their wheels for a month or two. And that's probably too little time to evaluate. The only problem I've heard people have is with new app and firmware. Which I haven't installed yet. When people say it works fine, maybe I will. But if it ain't broken, don't fix it. =) I also have a V8 and I've put more than 2000km on it. But I realized after a few weeks that I would grow out of it pretty fast. It's great for short commutes since it's so light. But on longer rides you're always aware of the little battery that is gonna stop you from feeling the freedom you get from a ~1600WH battery. My choice for my first wheel was between the V8 and the KS16S. If I got to go back and change my decision I would have gone with the 16S. Those extra 5 km/h and almost twice the size battery would probably not have made me grow out of it just as fast. I can add that I'm not at all an extreme rider. I haven't yet gotten the XL up to max speed and I feel no need to do it. But it feels great to ride a wheel that has more to give than I need to use. On the V8 I was riding the limit pretty much all the time, and that just takes the fun out of it. Don't get me wrong, I've had lots and lots of fun riding my V8. But after riding the XL, the V8 just feels like a kids toy. When it comes to reliability I think you're pretty safe as long as you stick to the biggest manufacturers (Kingsong, Inmotion, Gotway and Ninebot). Since your first choice also was an Inmotion wheel you probably chose quality before performance, so you would clearly not chose a Gotway wheel. Only having the experience of Kingsong and Inmotion I would say that Inmotion probably is the better manufacturer, but Kingsong is not far behind. And the Kingsong wheels has way better stats than the Inmotion. Like I said, I had regrets from buying the V8, but I'm pretty sure I will never regret my XL. It was a big change with 10kg more weight. But being a man of 195cm/100kg it feels like the perfect size for me. You just need to be a little bit more confident while making turns and the wheel will follow. I'm sure you wouldn't regret buying a XL either. I bought mine from Speedy Feet, they have the XL-footplates in store. Don't buy a XL without the larger footplates. Best of luck in buying your next wheel!
  6. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Har svårt att bestämma nånting långt i förväg. Ska ut och rasta landsvägscykeln, men en eller annan tur på ett hjul blir det säkert också i helgen.
  7. Jens Ronnedal


    Yeah, I read about that. But I think I need to use some kind of spacer. But I don't know if I want to spend anything on my V8. I'm not gonna ride it much anyways. My wife is riding it and she has size 38 so it's no problem for her.
  8. Jens Ronnedal


    After riding 600km with the XL-pedals and then switch back to my Inmotion V8 got me to realize that I will never buy a wheel with shorter than 25cm pedals. I would prefer 30cm, but I guess we have to wait a few years for that size to hit the market. But when it does, I'm getting them. The strange thing about pedals is that they are centered and you have the same space for heals as for toes. When the toe part need to be bigger. So my conclusion is that evolution should evolve towards asymetric pedals with longer toe part. I have 46 EUR sized shoes and my toes are hanging way out even with the XL-pedals.
  9. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Marginell skillnad.
  10. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Priset skiljer väldigt lite mellan Speedy Feet och Aliexpress som du länkade till om man även där väljer 800WH modellen. Så jag hade hellre beställt från Speedy Feet.
  11. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Ser ut att kunna bli smutsiga kläder med MCM5 om man inte lyckas bygga på nån egen mudflap. Jag hade hellre gått för en KS16S. Samma vikt, lite större hjul, lite större batteri, bättre design och mjukvara. Och bara aningen högre pris.
  12. Jens Ronnedal

    Did tiltback throw me to the ground? 18XL

    I don't think that the tilt-back on the KS18XL is any worse than Inmotion V8. And I haven't ridden any other wheels to compare with yet. But I think that the tilt-back feels more violent the more you lean into it. I'm always aware of my tilt-back settings and battery level. So I rarely or never get tilt-back that I didn't already know was coming.
  13. Jens Ronnedal

    KS 18XL mudguard - Found

    If someone else want some money for their old mudguard I'd like one too. I'll pay for delivery as long you live in the EU.
  14. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Blir man inte uttråkad av att gneta på en landsväg i flera mil funkar det säkert. Men för min del är det skoj att åka så länge det händer nåt. Städer är nog det enda som lockar. Men det är en grym frihet att inte känna nån direkt begränsning i batteriet utan mer hur länge jag är intresserad av att åka. Kommer skaffa en snabbladdare till sommaren så om man vill ut på riktiga långturer så kan man ladda när man stannar för mat. Och du hade nog kommit 10-20km längre än mej på en laddning.
  15. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Jag tog en full-to-empty-ride runt Göteborg. 68km enligt Darknessbot, 56km enligt Strava. Solen tittade till om med fram några minuter.