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  1. Jens Ronnedal

    Wheeling Sickness

    I felt that a lot the first couple of weeks. But now I think I'm passed it. But as it's turning colder and colder as winter is coming the time spent on the wheel gets shorter and shorter.
  2. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I don’t like automation when it comes to lights. I want to be able to chose.
  3. Jens Ronnedal

    New V8 from eWheels coming tomorrow... First wheel

    This will be easier, a lot easier.
  4. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Those pedals are so sexy! It just hit me. I don’t even know what color I ordered. But it doesn’t matter. What matters are the pedals.
  5. Jens Ronnedal

    New V8 from eWheels coming tomorrow... First wheel

    The V8 is a great wheel for a beginner. You won't be disappointed. There are lots of tips on how to learn to ride. But the most important it, don't give up. If you're not experienced in like riding unicycles you will struggle the first hour. Just don't give up. Great reward is waiting for the one that just keep on trying. It's a process you're balance have to go through, there's no kind of reading that will teach you. Just if you fail enough times you will get it. =)
  6. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Or the black will be installed on all wheels from now on?
  7. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Hi Jason, I greatly appreciate your reply. I'm grateful for the work you're doing for your customers in the US but also for the rest of the world. If you would ask me the logical size for a foot plate is 1 feet. There's probably a really good reason other than cosmetic that I as a new customer in the EUC-market does not understand. My feet are almost one feet long without shoes. There are three points of the foot that are crucial for balance. For me it's about 23 cm between two points farthest apart. Riding with a foot plate 20 cm long will result in at least one of those points will be on the edge or even hanging outside the point of where it will help me keeping balance. Not to mention the stress and ache it will cause to my feet after a long time riding. So the foot plate that you made happen is just barely enough for my feet, and my feet are in no means extreme for a man in Sweden. For me it's not even an option if I will get the larger plates or not, I have to. It was one of the factors that made me chose the 18XL and not another wheel with larger plates like the V10F. But to have to pay extra for something that I thought would be standard makes me a grumpy customer before even having it delivered. But the least I can do to contribute to the larger-footplate-movement is to buy them. I hope KS will keeping statistics on how many of these footplates will being sold and base new models of that information. "wink" to Tina, I know you're reading this.
  8. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Big thanks to Jason then, for making the bigger pedals happen. And my disappointment goes out to those who import to the European market for not taking advantage of the oppertunity when the work has already been done.
  9. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Black works just fine. But to pay an extra €100 to get the pedals that was suppose to be standard feels more and more irritating the more I think about it.
  10. Jens Ronnedal

    KS18L - max. charging current

    Tina, does it matter if I use both charging ports or not? If I feed one port with 10A instead of 5+5A using both charging ports?
  11. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    If we get a professional EUC-racing league driving development instead of common riders I'm sure everything will change. "If", big "if". Another thing I'm waiting for is the first big hollywood EUC-product placement.
  12. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    The first reaction to so called clipless pedals is "what happens when you fall"? Well, it's like the safety you get when you attach your alpine skiing boots to your skis. As long as the force comes from a correct angle you remain locked on to your skis. But if the force comes from an incorrect angle you're released. When you fall off a bike with clipless pedals or fall off your skis it usually detach you. At least if you do so in higher than walking speed. Most accidents with clipless pedals happens at slower than walking speed since riders forget about being attached and rather than twisting your shoe out your trying to lift it off the pedal. In which way there's no chance off detaching. But in cycling it's more about the power in your pedaling that's the reason you want to be attached. In skiing it's more the same as in EUC'riding, but not quite. But if EUC pedal manufacturers are gonna steel ideas from another market I still think that the technology from bike pedals are more similar to what's needed. But I think we're gonna see someone make their own shoe to pedal attachment before we see any big manufacturers doing it. But when we do see it, we're gonna see some crazy off-road madness. =)
  13. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Would be interesting with a solution like you have on MTB and road bikes where you attach your shoe to the pedal. Then you wouldn't have to worry about losing contact with the pedal. And you could jump with the wheel full force upwards instead of just being able to use the down force while jumping. Not ideal to your every day casual ride. But for extreme off-roading I see that kind of solution as a must.
  14. Jens Ronnedal

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    There's also two different kind of cusomers. Those who will go through anything to get a good price and no warranty. Against those who are willing to pay good money for warranty, service and support. And to get a wheel EU-certified that at least in Sweden will give you an opportunity to get 25% off of the original price. How you decide to purchase anything will have consequences for both yourself and the market as a whole. I'm not saying that there's a wrong and a right, but there's a choice to be made.
  15. Jens Ronnedal

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    I asked Ian about the pedals and it will come with the smaller but black pedals. The larger ones will be available in their store. Price is like age, it's just a number. Riding the wheel you really want is priceless. My road bike cost about €5000 and it didn't even come with a motor. =) And comparing the MSX with the 18XL is like comparing a Harley Davidson with a Honda Goldwing. A customer knows what it wants and is not gonna go for the HD if he wants a HG just because it cost a bit more. If you let money be a big factor in what ride to buy, you're probably gonna regret it.