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  1. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    Yeah, there's probably a way around some fees if you want to put in the extra effort. I just paid with my mastercard.
  2. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    The wheel cost £2,195.00 (vat incl.) at Speedy Feet. With today's exchange rates it translates to 25,681 SEK. When I ordered it back in November I payed 26,244 SEK. But I think some of that is a fee for the currency exchange.
  3. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    The day before the 55.6km ride (according to the kingsong app) I did a 40km ride according to strava (gps). I forgot to reset the distance on the Darknessbot app so I don't know exactly how it compare to a gps. But after those 40km at about the same weather conditions I had 53% battery left according to the Kingsong app and 43% left according to Darknessbot. A lot of head wind on this ride and with fluffy winter clothing. So like the worst conditions possible. I've bought both of my wheel from Speedy Feet.
  4. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    Only negativ thing about the XL. Even though the new mudflap might look the part, it doesn’t do the job.
  5. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    Have to put in perspective that the Kingsong app is not known to report accurate mileage and you can't ride the battery to zero. I was hoping the wheel would take me 70-80km in summer conditions, but it seems to do it even in winter, so I'm very pleased.
  6. Jens Ronnedal

    18XL - 1 week (167km) review

    After owning my first wheel (V8) for about two week I was already thinking about an upgrade. V10F, Z10, MSX or KS18L? I wanted the 18L but with the battery size of the MSX, and all my dreams came true with the 18XL. So far the wheel has delivered to all my expectations. It’s a really smooth ride, smaller bumps that made a not so smooth ride on my 16” are hardly felt at all. Where a smaller motor had to struggle getting my weight up a hill this handle with ease.Only thing I don’t like is not being able to turn of notifications that sound more like alarms. People both at home and office that were accustomed to my former totally silent wheel were not so happy with these sounds. I found my own way of dealing with it but Kingsong should do something about this very easy to solve problem. I fully understand the need of alarm when you’re pushing the wheel to it’s limits and the riders safety is at risk. Not so much why the same alarm is needed to tell you that the light is turned on.I have not yet received the larger pedals, and my 46 size shoes doesn’t even nearly have enough space to get full support on the standard pedals. It’s far from a deal breaker, but I’m sure that most riders would benifit from larger pedals.I’m 195cm tall weighing just above 100kg. My old wheel would take me 25-30km if I ran the battery to the very bottom. The longest ride I’ve taken so far is 55,6km in about freezing temperatures and it left me with 46% battery according to the Kingsong app.
  7. Jens Ronnedal

    Did tiltback throw me to the ground? 18XL

    I don’t know is this i technically correct, but from what I can feel from riding both my V8 and 18XL there’s two levels of tiltback. When I reach the speed that the tiltback is set to I notice that the pedals stiffens and if I push past that I get tiltback. I’m always aware of what speed the tiltback is set to, my current speed and battery status. Since low battery usually means tiltback at lower speeds. To just lean forward as much as possible and totally rely on tiltback will probably throw you off the wheel just as you explained. It’s better to set warnings to get your attension to lower your speed and set as goal to never reach speed that would give you tiltback. And while running on low battery, lower your speed and don’t ride agressivly
  8. Jens Ronnedal

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    Thanks! I've disconnected it. I'm totally aware of the consequences of not having the beeps. I will probably connect it as soon as Kingsong will add a feature to only have beeps as warnings and not notifications.
  9. Jens Ronnedal

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    I couldn’t agree more. I getting ready to disassemble my XL right now. I saw in a clip that it’s mounted on the right side of the wheel. Same sollution worked just great for my microwave owen. I don’t need alarms for 10 minutes telling me it’s done. Next up is my XL and then our dishwasher is next in line. Silence,..I kill you!
  10. Jens Ronnedal

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    There are 5 speakers. One of them is a system speaker (buzzer). It’s getting disconnected if no other sollution presents it self.
  11. What ever I do with my 18XL the system speaker beeps. And it’s loud! I turn it on *beep* I turn the lights off *beep* I turn the lights off *beep* I connect the app *beep* I walk whithin blutooth range while charging and the app is on so it connects *beep* How do I turn all these totally unnessessary beeps off? Don’t tell me that I have to tare my new wheel apart to disconnect the speaker. But I will if that is what it comes down to.
  12. Jens Ronnedal

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Ser fram mot nästa sommar med fler såna och gärna längre turer med fler hjulare och fler öl och mer mat efteråt. Väntar otåligt på min XL och hoppas på att hinna åka lite innan permafrosten slår till.
  13. Jens Ronnedal

    Wheeling Sickness

    I felt that a lot the first couple of weeks. But now I think I'm passed it. But as it's turning colder and colder as winter is coming the time spent on the wheel gets shorter and shorter.
  14. Jens Ronnedal

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I don’t like automation when it comes to lights. I want to be able to chose.