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  1. Marty, fantastic input. Thank you for your ideas!
  2. How could I miss that. 5'7 185lbs Marty, fantastic input. Thank you for your ideas!
  3. Hey everyone! Been doing a bit of study, but my use cases are kind of odd, so I wanted to ask a " which first ride " question but give my specific examples and reasons why I need what I need. First, about me. Im in my 40's and have extreme allergies. This causes me to have breathong issues when outside. I use to take 2 hour a day walks with my wife and kids, but now have probelms doing so. Most of our time is spent on casual hikes with a lot of elevation shifts. I want to get a Euc to allow me to contiune being outside with my family. I would like to keep the cost as low as po
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