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  1. In response to some (or all) of you, I may see if I can get my teenage son on a bike beside me... I do think that would do some good, but like my spouse's shoulder, he is not always available. It might be worthwhile to divide the topic into two sections: learning to ride with the help of another -AND- learning to ride on your own. Dunno. In any case, don't spend your day arguing over silly stuff when you both already KNOW HOW TO RIDE. Go have fun already! Thanks for all the contribution, in any case.
  2. @HsiangDo you mean, twist back and forth while staying in one place or while moving along the wall? Thanks @Andy Crossett for the encouragement. As I said, I'm patient and knew this wouldn't be easy (for me). Just making sure that the direction I'm headed is forward and not backward. I too am stopping after 20 minutes or so... it's exhausting for a big guy. Hoping to have some good progress before the days are too short or cold to ride much... I'd hate to have to start from scratch in the spring! On the bright side, those 20 minutes, I'm getting a pretty decent workout (from the look of y T-shirt afterwards) Thanks guys.
  3. So, some more basic questions... I have tried (about 3 hours in total) to make some progress on learning to ride. A little progress maybe? One thing I'm having issue with... I have tried all three riding modes and no matter which one, I cannot maintain any balance while the thing spools up. I had people recommend trying to get going along side a wall and then take off from the end as fast as possible to let centripetal force help, but it seems that I'm pushing forward, pushing forward and it doesn't get going until it's too late and I've already lost my balance. I"m 250+ lbs... am I just too big for it to spool up, for this learning method? The only thing I've had any success at is when I can get on, using my spouses shoulder and then she walks fast or jogs until I can take off. I've gotten several 50 foot runs using this method. Problem is, she's not usually available when I am. Any way to make it accelerate a bit faster (besides lose a bit of weight?) Second, where should I place my feet? I've tried forward (which gets me going a little faster) AND middle (Front to Back). And also right up against AND foot hanging off 1/3 to the outside (Left to Right). Can't tell that it makes a difference but that may be because I suck too bad at this point for it to help. Any suggestions? I'm a patient learner... I'm just not sure if the 'exercises' I'm try to learn with are moving me toward the goal at all. I may have to resort to the shopping cart method...
  4. I'm in the same boat (should this cliche be "on the same wheel" or would just that be weird?) Yesterday was my first time on an EUC ever. Much fun, despite my little progress as of yet. Best of luck Ruslan!
  5. I can't speak for everyone, but I have the same issues. There's a bit deeper thread on it in the KS area, here: New KS Android app v1.52 I did exactly what @Bob Eisenman suggested and can confirm that for me the KS app was the culprit. Yesterday was the first time I actually used the app with the wheel but I had installed it a few days earlier. I, like some others in the thread, are "force stopping" the app from the App panel in the Settings widget, after using it to prevent exactly what you're talking about. Yes it's a pain, but it seems from my reading that KS is pretty responsive to feedback. Hoping that they might be working on a fix now(though I haven't actually seen that, to be clear.) @US69 , @Jason McNeil Do you guys know anything more about the battery-eating KS app issues?
  6. Absolutely! Old dudes break easy when they fall... a reality I was reminded of when playing volleyball recently. <sigh> Triple eight knee pads and wrist guards, some motorcycle gloves and an old bicycle helmet... though I have to admit my first thought was to make a full-sleeved tunic out of the left over yoga mat and duct tape. What a great way to embarrass my kids.
  7. Thanks guys... I'm the eager beaver type so I've been reading and watching everything for weeks now. But just reading about it does not an expert make. I did spend some time getting familiar with the wheel, dominant foot on pedal, turning slow circles for a while. Only after that did I try and push forward with one foot and eventually step up. I'm a patient person and realize that this is way outside my normal comfort zone and activity level. It will take time... I expect it will click when it clicks. I'm actually okay with the progress... maybe it takes two hours or two months... still trucking on no matter and I can hang my hat on the fact that neither me or the wheel were injured in round one!
  8. Like a skateboarder... dominant foot on it's pedal pushing with the other. Try to step up and go once familiar with the balance. (Or so I've been led to believe)
  9. 18L showed up today...what a great looking piece of machinery! Got the firmware updated and a lovely skort made for it from an old neoprene yoga mat and duct tape. I opted to try the "pusher" approach to learning which was only slightly successful. If the goal was a homerun I got thrown out half way to first. My longest controlled run was 8 feet. Meh. I was not prepared for how physically exhausting it is just to pedal push a 40-something pound wheel. I lasted a little more than an hour before deciding to come back for more punishment later. One question... where it comes to horizontal calibration where should a beginner set it in terms of front to back? Dead center or a few degrees of forward or back. I was using medium hardness, following advice I saw herein. I think I'll take a partner next time to have a hand to balance with and someone to carry it back to the truck when I'm done. Tired(hello old man). Sore(hello forgotten muscles). Happy. (No faceplant).
  10. Grinnell...which has an active biking community and many miles of trails I will definitely ride. I just figured I might find more EUC-interested people in iowa city and des moines. But don't know those areas well. I'm not as huge a fan of Dutch letters as everyone else in the county but I do love those cherry donut holes... cannot resist.
  11. Thanks @meepmeepmayer. I'm going to take a look for sure. Of course, I will want to capture all of my wheel-riding catastrophes in full HD and from every angle possible. "it's for follow-up review and safety improvement, honey." (I'm refraining from calling it a "post-mortem" for obvious reasons)
  12. That's brilliant! I think I'm going to run all of my purchases of consequence by you from now on. You might consider changing your username to TheSpinDoctor.
  13. That's just amazing. Now, how can I slip this into the purchase of the wheel without the wife noticing... hmm. I know... I'll call it "premium protective gear"
  14. Would love to know @Seba what you think about the fusion once you've had a chance to try it out. I considered getting one before my trip to Spain in July, but opted just to stay with my old Hero4. I wish now I had picked up the Fusion... we did some canyoning and tandem mountain-top parasailing. Both would have looked incredible in 360. Especially the flights. Oh well... coulda, woulda, shoulda.
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