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  1. Yeah - close the door behind you and keep jogging on..that was no discussion - it was an attempt at ridicule, you person..
  2. Thanks for dropping by to 'clarify' the generality of my words - I guess you were there at the skate park as well when I was coming off from a 35 degree incline to a brief momentary flat drop within nano seconds, then elevating up another 30 degree angle to the main skate level terrain - all within in 15 to less than 5 miles an hour at a low crouch posture/position and pressing real hard with my front foot to accelerate hard and then it tilted and dumped me like a sack of potatoes - then running off into the distance before it got stopped by a bunch skaters..Hey armchair critic with all your fancy numbers - who cares? I Mathematics is not your god - it's merely a tool for measurement - I should feel inferior with your supposed 'knowledge'..'This is no point for discussion it is simple physics. ' Really? Seriously? I really need to get out of my bat cave..
  3. Thanks for your imput - don't know what you mean by being 'angsty' - but I'll let that fly over my head and being so early in the morning, I'll assume you woke up on the wrong side of your bed - hence the probable oversensitiveness to my answer stemming from personal experience - I take it you own a z10 and know what you're talking about. Have a good day.
  4. Like really quickly and no - it wasn't because it was modded - that's just an urban myth, it has to do with an underwhelmed 58 volts pushing an 1800watt motor. I will like to see these so called videos you mentioned ( and I've watched a LOT! ) of hard accelerations on the Z10 - as it will dump you if press too hard on the pedal whether at 5mph or 25 - I know this as I still ride it everyday. It's a wheel that is quick to cruise up to high speed without leaning hard like MSX..
  5. I was doing about 15 mph and then accelerated quickly while trying to overtake a racing bike - then the pedals dipped and got unceremoniously tossed off it - this wasn't a cutout - as it was still running afterwards..it was a rider error asking too much power for such a puny battery voltage to feed the motor..
  6. Anyone in the UK or Europe selling a spare working Inmotion V8 battery? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have an Inmotion V8 with 2 spare chargers, spare shells and top plastics advertised for spares and repair on the for sales page if you're interested..
  8. Might be interested in your batteries if still available - how much for a battery pack delivered to the UK?:
  9. Help! Stripped and disconnected battery of the Z10 yesterday to get to the wheel without resetting the Ninetool firmwire back to the original factory settings - now the machine won't work. Tried the battery discharge hack method and now the actual battery lights turn red when charging. It has been suggested its in a deep BMS sleep although it tries to power up momentarilly with the bluetooth icon flashing - but doesn't boot up. Any way of rectifying the issue guys?
  10. Dayum - that's savage. That MSX has been through the wars, by the looks of it - if it's indeed an image of the seized euc..won't be heading to Pocklington in a hurry - that's for sure..
  11. I'd get the V8 as a starter learner wheel - even if you outgrow its speed, you'd want to keep as backup for the next one up. Very good build quality too and rather nippy around town - you can't go wrong with reliability either..
  12. Rather - dear chap. Each to their own. Also recently bought a barely used ( not even 3 months old ) one 2 days ago from this forum - as was a bit wary of the recent batch with 'dormant' battery issues ( big shout also to Ju Reader ) - it does turn, if you have prior motorcycle riding experience and love like cornering at high speed. It's being delivered this weekend and can't wait to scrape those pedals!
  13. Speedy recovery also sent a message of interest on your FB messenger..much regards.
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