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  1. I know a company in China who is working professionally into cloning the PCBs and cracking the programmed microcontrollers, so that the code becomes visible to read. Here's their website: www.chinapcbcopy.com I guess they might help you with something...
  2. Okay, so here's the flowchart of the algorithm, which I have designed. It's a very basic one. Let us have some further discussion over this.
  3. What if, we use a trapezoidal/square wave control algorithm for developing our open source EUC controller? Reasons why we should go for it: 1.) Trapezoidal/square wave algorithm is the cheapiest and the easiest to implement. 2.) Implementing a sinusoidal or FOC control algorithm is very difficult and costlier to implement. 3.) From the above points, we understand that, the amount of effort and cost needed for developing a sinusoidal or FOC controller, is too much against as that of the trapezoidal/square wave controller. 4.) So, from point 3, what I think is, even if w
  4. I have seen this Instructable already, which you have mentioned. Here, they aren't using a BLDC hub motor for building their EUC What they are using is a normal DC motor. So, they have managed to make an EUC, by using a normal DC motor. Following that Instructable, won't prove much helpful for our purpose. When its a DC motor, then the circuit which runs this DC motor and the code which is meant to run this DC motor are too simple, as against of a BLDC hub motor. In my opinion, migrating from this code and the circuit, to our purpose would become way too difficult. S
  5. I would like to share my basic knowledge about the working of electric unicycles, so that further productive discussions can begin on this thread. I am making an attempt to keep this discussion in such a crude language, that any person, even if he/she doesn't know electronics, electrical, or computer programming, could easily make sense of what I'm trying to say. As far as I know, electric unicycles run on BLDC Hub Motors. The image pasted below shows, how exactly a BLDC Hub Motor looks like: BLDC hub motors are also known as, in-wheel motors. These hub motors, are s
  6. I was not here for advertising. You didn't read my post clearly, and assumed that I was here for advertising. I said, I am already working on developing an EUC controller. @Chriull I am attaching screen shot of my designed PCB, in case you need a proof. I also said, I'd be happy to collaborate with others, who are already attempting to make a controller. Along with that, I said, I also run an Electronics Manufacturing Company in India, since the last 30 years. And I said so to clarify that, I being a member of this forum, can support manufacturing of the PCB
  7. Hello! I am from India, and I am already working on this project. I'd be happy and interested to collaborate! ...
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