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  1. It’s about the same price as the TSG Pass that a lot of EUC and esk8 riders have. I like the POC better because it doesn’t feel like a full face helmet and still has chin protection.
  2. It's the POC Artic SL Spin https://www.pocsports.com/us/products/artic-sl-spin/10497.html?dwvar_10497_color=Hydrogen White&cgid=snow-helmets#
  3. https://www.escrow.com could be an option
  4. Awesome. Thank you👍
  5. Thank you! Would this cord have a 2 prong or 3 prong grounded plug? I'm able to find the 2 prong laptop style cord on Amazon, buy not a 3 prong.
  6. My new Gotway MSX 84V arrived today, but came with the Chinese 2 prong power cord. Does anyone know where I can buy the US equivalent cord?
  7. The Z10 is going to wobble, follow grooves in the road, fight you when you turn and steer you off course when you encounter an obstacle at an odd angle. I’ve simply learned to bend my knees and throw my weight in the direction I want to go to compensate for its behavior. I’ve also found that keeping the tire PSI somewhere between 25 and 30 will make the Z10 more compliant in most situations. Let’s face it, though - dogs can be unpredictable and generally aren’t too crazy about EUCs. I exercise extra caution around them and slow way down well before I pass someone walking a dog for my own safety and theirs.
  8. I’ve decided to go with the Leatt 4.5 body protector and Leatt knee pads. Not quite as much protection as Marty’s Leatt 5.5, but pretty close.
  9. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/11976-ninetool-increase-max-speed-ninebot-and-change-model/ As others have already mentioned - Use this mod at your own risk. I have not tried it on my Z10, but was tempted to when I read about it. I decided to purchase an MSX instead for a higher top speed and will leave the Z10 with its factory settings.
  10. There’s definitely no reason to second guess your purchase. You bought the best all-around wheel on the market. It’s fast, reliable, has superior range, braking & acceleration and is the most comfortable wheel for long distance riding due to the large pedals and padding. It’s also a great looking wheel. Other wheels have their merits, but if I could only own one, it would be the 18XL. It’s better to invest in a wheel that you won’t outgrow than to start with a cheaper wheel that you’re ready to replace in a few months.
  11. Great job taking EUC reviews to the next level. 👍 very informative and entertaining. You beat up $4,000 in wheels for the community’s benefit. Subscribed!
  12. It becomes easier with time. I didn’t like my Z10 at first. It was frustrating to ride because the wide tire seemed to always want to stay upright. Turning it meant throwing my weight into a turn in a way that felt unnatural (to me). After riding it for a while and learning its idiosyncrasies, it has become my favorite wheel. It’s fun now to get it up to speed, bend my knees and lean hard into a turn. Then, at slower speeds maneuver it as easily as my Glide 3. I find the Z10 to be my most confidence inspiring wheel because of how easily it will turn at low speed and how it wants to stay upright at high speed. It reminds me of riding a motorcycle. I also have a KS18L, which is a no brainer for distance riding with the new pedals and easily outperforms the Z10 in range, braking and acceleration, but I still choose the Z10 for most rides because the wide tubeless tire handles bumps, dips, grass, dirt, sand and corners so well. It really inspires a lot of confidence because I know it’s going to soak up any terrain or situation I encounter. I feel myself concentrating less on the terrain on the Z10 and just enjoying the ride. Unfortunately, based on some of the reliability issues other Z10 owners have reported I don’t think I would have it as my only wheel. I don’t anticipate that it will hold up as welI as the 18L over time, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.
  13. I had a fear of face planting when I started riding too, but don’t fear falling as much now hat I have the right gear. Get the right helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads and maybe even a body protector. I’ve found that Leatt makes some great CE certified products for motorcycle riding and motocross that work very well for EUC riding. As long as I’m riding with my gear on, I feel pretty safe.
  14. I wear a POC Artic SL spin helmet. It’s like an open face motorcycle helmet, but has a chin Guard, which I hope will help if I ever faceplant. I can hear beeps on my KingSong wheel loud and clear at all speeds, but struggle to hear anything after 20mph on the Z10. That’s really my only annoyance other than the speed throttling at 50% battery life. The Z10 is the wheel I always grab every time I go out for a short trip. For longer rides, I take the KingSong 18L.
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