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  1. I own a batch 2 Sherman and it’s been a great wheel. No tire fit issues and I used some vinyl wrap around the outside edges of the control panel to weatherproof it. There is some pedal dip in sharp turns, but it’s never been an issue for me. I’ve never scraped my pedals, but I’m sure it’s possible with some aggressive riding. The Sherman is my 6th EUC and is the best wheel I’ve owned.
  2. I think the guy who makes these stands could create one without a groove since they are just 3D printed, but the groove seems to be a safety feature to keep the pedal hangers in the correct position. Any recommendations for a better stand?
  3. The new Black Crow stand for the Veteran Sherman is great. I was concerned that the weight of the Sherman would be an issue, but the stand handles it with no problem. Available on eBay.
  4. I just put some carbon fiber wrap around the edges. Probably not as good as wrapping the entire panel, but definitely offers some protection.
  5. Selling my Gotway MSX 84V/1600Wh with 2000W Motor in excellent condition with only 219 Miles. Purchased from eWheels. $1,195 including shipping. View specs here
  6. Did you elect to have eWheels replace your inner tube?
  7. Selling my like new KingSong 16X 1554Wh Battery/2200W Motor, 3″ Wide Tire with only 76 miles. Asking $1395, but will consider offers shipped (Continental US Only). Purchased from ewheels. Photos below. Black Crow stand included.
  8. If Veteran can accomplish what Jason mentioned in his latest email about the Sherman, I’d consider Marty’s test successful. Quote from the email... “Veteran is working on improving the firmware/controller combination in order to be capable of tackling the most grueling inclines without self-immolation.”
  9. All of us who have preordered sincerely appreciate the time and effort you’re putting forth to help make the Sherman a better, more reliable wheel. I would have surely cancelled my pre-order and waited for one of the new Gotway wheels if not for your endorsement of this wheel, testing and ongoing feedback. If one of these control boards results in a successful overheat hill test you’re going to make hundreds of us breathe a sigh of relief and feel better about spending our hard earned money. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. 👍👍
  10. This socket actually works great https://www.ecstuning.com/b-schwaben-parts/strut-nut-socket-24mm/003046sch01a-05/
  11. I wish they’d used a different color for the flashing lights. Blue flashing lights are illegal in most states for bicycles and motorized vehicles. https://www.supernovabikelight.com/statutes/
  12. The Black Crow stands on eBay are pretty nice.
  13. I wondered the same. It’s interesting that they only used the Panasonic batteries in a small batch of wheels and switched rather quickly to LG.
  14. There was mention of the Nikola’s battery pack appearing “swollen” in this post by ecodrift back in December. Photos - Ecodrift disassembles the Nikola 100V 21700
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