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  1. please post your range with the 820wh model.
  2. yeah , doesnt matter who sells it still assembled and created by them.
  3. 1kw

    Msuperv3 range?

    I need to do 40 km daily, 50 on weekends. I think acm can do this.
  4. 1kw

    Msuperv3 range?

    Anybody have range reports for 820wh version?
  5. Gotcha. Too bad not many have reports of the new msuperv3.
  6. Also this seller claims the 1200w version has fans on controller... New model.
  7. Are you saying this seller is not selling good units? Or 20 bad units from ks?
  8. Gotcha. Could care less about music, sitting down. I just want to make that 30km commute... And do it quickly. While riding local mtb trails. i feel like msuper v3 has a better motherboard.. It's almost a year newer.. bad review on the ks18a on that sellers page. Says a fuse stopped working at full speed?
  9. ok, so ks18a 1200w 1360wh it is... so why the hype for the new msuper if it is same price as ks with half the range?
  10. 840w msuper3 claims 80km per charge, the 1360wh ks18a claims 100km...
  11. Yeah but that will be like 1600 usd most likely, didnt want to spend more than 1400 lol. Plus 840wh will get me what...60km range easily?
  12. yes its a very hard choice. since they are the same pricerange. This purchase will be the last for atleast a year. So I need the newest tech. I think the KS is the oldest of the 2, however has been upgraded with fan on motherboard ect. The gotway 18" might take the cake though, trolley, larger pedals, known to have no issues really, iphone compatible. Only downside is that it is almost 500wh less than ks18a....
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