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  1. I'm Android user, but most of iOS users use DarknessBot app.
  2. I connected it to battery connector directly. Not to mainboard.
  3. Next time when i open my GT i will try to take a picture of it inside. By words.... I demount led window. Expand window frame to fit indicator. Cut out from transparent plexiglass window and glue to body. Inside body. I had to divide led mainboard in two to have enough space to install indicator. It connected to main battery. I wanted the indicator to be turned on at any time, regardless of whether the wheel was turned on or not. So i install little switch opposite the power button. All inside if fixed to thermal glue sticks. That's it.
  4. Sorry for late answer. Please uninstall previous version of the app, and then install my.
  5. Good day to all! Since recently, I became a lucky owner of Rockwheel GT-16. This wheel is a dream for quick ride and all is fine. But after I had to carry the wheel on myself hoping for the last blinking led i found that the battery indicators must be improved. In stock these 10 led indicators that can't objectively give you battery level information. On my previous wheel Firewheel indicator showed level and percentage of battery remain. So i decided to do same small upgrade of indication on my new Rock. Long thought and tried where to place it. But last moment i decided to keep original design and install new indicator in place of one of the stock indicators. I had to cut the body inside, replace the dark plexiglas with a transparent one, shorten the standard display board. Here is my result. Everything took about 2-3 hours + about 3-4 $ for the indicator. I bought it from Ali. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/12V24V36V48V60V72V84V/32845700146.html I will be glad to hear your stories. Who changed something in wheels?
  6. Hi! A month ago I became a happy owner of gt16. It's awesom! Downloading the application, I found that the maximum speed, battery indications, the percentage of the discharge were displayed incorrectly. With a little knowledge of programming I decided to fix it and slightly changed the design. So what's done: Correct display of percentages and visual indication of battery charge Correct display of maximum speed for the trip Correct visual display of battery voltage Translated text from Chinese Corrected curve translation Slightly redesign I hope this helps you. RockWheel App 4.1.2_GT16 AP edition 1.0b.apk
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