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  1. Scooter Man Fran

    I'm looking for damaged unicycles.

    Also I’m always down to ride, I live on my Msx that works. But I’m becoming very frustrated on uploding these photos man. So I discovered it won’t let me choose file from camera roll when in private messenger but even when I begin to upload here on this post it says “ you only aloud to upload 3.13mb “ so I don’t know what to do
  2. Scooter Man Fran

    I'm looking for damaged unicycles.

    Yea I do have my batteryless, bent rim, beat the heck up Msx available lol I’ll upload photos now
  3. Scooter Man Fran

    I'm looking for damaged unicycles.

    Yea if you have family in Florida that would be perfect and much more convenient. I’ll take pictures of damages and we can come to agreement on price.
  4. Scooter Man Fran

    I'm looking for damaged unicycles.

    I have a beat up Msx collecting dust, just cosmetic damage and an extremely bent rim due to serious curb spill. Instead of fixing I just purchased another Msx from ewheels.
  5. Scooter Man Fran

    Tampa bay area

    Yea I’m pretty bummed about upcoming weather. as far as the pinellas trail I unfortunately have not run into other EUC riders yet.
  6. Scooter Man Fran

    Tampa bay area

    Just saw this @RayRay . You let me know when your available to ride again.
  7. Scooter Man Fran

    Tampa bay area

    Hey y’all my names Francisco and I’m in Clearwater Florida. I’m eager to find some other folks with Eucs in my area, I broke my first rim and shell that I will eventually refurbish on my 1st MSX. However, I just got my batteryless MSX yesterday from Ewheels and I am super happy I’m back wheeling again.
  8. Scooter Man Fran

    Installation of new MSX Sidepads for Hill Climbing

    Not a day more then a week and I’m in Florida ! Happy customer here
  9. Scooter Man Fran

    Gotway MsuperX - Repair Questions (post-crash)

    That crash was something serious
  10. Scooter Man Fran

    Gotway MsuperX - Repair Questions (post-crash)

    Opened up my wheel to see if I can get rim repaired but then I come to find out my shell is broken in many places where the screws go to hold it together
  11. Scooter Man Fran

    Gotway MsuperX - Repair Questions (post-crash)

    Yea I was going way too fast down sidewalk and that curb that it hit was massive! Entirely my fault, I love my wheel and am wondering about the batteryless msx if I can just plug and play with the current insides of my beat up msx.
  12. Scooter Man Fran

    Gotway MsuperX - Repair Questions (post-crash)

    I’ve crashed and dropped my Msuper X dozens of times within these weeks of me having my first wheel just from being a little too confident in my riding capabilities, that being said gotway makes them tuff ! I am a prime example of why you should take it slow because today I had to ditch my wheel going high speed on a bumpy sidewalk. I tried to make a left into an empty parking lot but didn’t realize how long the curb was coming in, I was going to fast and for whatever reason didn’t even attempt to hit my brakes I left the wheel and landed running on my feet thankfully. I’ve only ever suffered cuts and bruises from wheel accidents but today my wheel has been badly damaged and I’m super sad about it. I have a bent and cracked rim and the case itself is basically falling apart down the middle of the handle.
  13. Scooter Man Fran

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    Yea I’m riding my msx in Clearwater fl right around the way from Tampa and cars here are reckless for sure. My skills are excelling and I’m very comfortable on my first euc but even with that being said I try my best to stay away from major roads. Back roads and the pinellas trail have been my best friend this past week or so since I’ve had my wheel.