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  1. Hello. I checked my inbox and don't see a new message. Can you resend?
  2. 1600 and ill cover ground shipping. I couldn't find a way to post a picture so I can send to an email or phone
  3. Im selling my extra Msuper X for 1600 including shipping. I bought it about 6 months ago and put about 1200km on it. Recently I got a flat tire and decided to replace the shell, tire, tube, and pedals/pins. It now has the Nikola pedal upgrade. The shell I purchased came with new lights, plugs, wiring harness, and power button. This wheel works great and is ready to go. I can leave the custom cut pads on and include the originals with it in the box if you prefer originals. The side covers are original so they will have scratches/gashes from previous drops.
  4. Has anyone brought an electric wheel onto a carnival cruise ship to explore the island stops? Just curious if people have success with this or had to put them in the car before boarding. Thanks in advance
  5. Im selling my 1 year old gotway monster. I took the battery out of it for my msuper x. The case is in great shape and it has around 500-600 miles on it. Its always been a solid machine and works well. I've gone up to 33mph on this and it was solid and oscillation free. Recently I did notice a small squeak coming from the right side pedal as I lean forward and back. Im asking 600 plus shipping costs. It will not include batteries.
  6. willing to sell this for 700 without the batteries
  7. I got my MSX in the mail so the v3 is for sale now. It has 515km on it. I have trained someone to ride on this so it has been dropped a few times. Theres no cracks or structural damage but it has several scratches and scuffs. I got this 5 months ago so the battery is still in perfect condition and the tire shows no wear. Wheel has no issues of any kind and is ready to go. Im asking for 1400 plus whatever shipping costs if out of the area. Im only able to upload 1 picture but I have many more that I can send. PM me if interested
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