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  1. "Yeah, the diagnosis fault lead to hall sensor hick ups….it is the Question if that was from missing power or real hall sensor defects…. " Good point here.... makes me think, the battery should only be good for 2 years? I've read on this forum the battery has Panasonic cells which are suppose to be the "good kind" lasting 2000 cycles. I think I did around 400 cycles in 2 years, I almost never leave it plugged overnight(disconnect at green 100%): 70% of time I recharge from 30%-100%, 25% of time from below 20%-100%, 5% occasional 20-60 min charge if I really need some e
  2. I'm 77kg, well let's round it up to 80kg with backpack and all that. I have the E+ for around 2 years, ~4400km, over 525h operating time. My ridding setting was 1 when it happened, now I'm ridding at 3. Yeah, I was technically accelerating but very slightly as the sidewalk was so low. The shut off happened after I went over the sidewalk after I heard a beep like when you press the power button to turn of the EUC. Could the button be faulty?! My battery range is the same as always. I actually went in a broken parking lot last night, with lots of potholes, and accelerated / decelerated
  3. Hi guys, I've just experienced my second shut off last week. I started the day full charged. Rode about 10miles (16km). Then I put the EUC on charge only for about 15min.(usually 99% of time I let it change completely). After that I went ridding for 1.5 miles (2.5km). I stopped for 30 min. Rode again for 1 mile(1.6km) when I passed over a small 2 inch(5cm) sidewalk, I went for another 3 feet(1m), I heard a bip and it shut off. The EUC just shut off no beeping on the ground. Luckily my speed was about 3-4mile/h (5-8km/h) when it happened. I turned the EUC back on a
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