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  1. @TMoatsWhere is the group ride going to be on Saturday morning?
  2. I have had my V8 for a year, and have put 1000 miles on it. I have had it cut out a few times, mostly my fault. I have replaced the tube 3 times. I also put the wider 2.125 tire on it and have been pleased with the result. All in all, it is a great wheel. The main reason I upgraded was to get a higher top end and greater range. 15 miles is the farthest I have gone and 15 mph is the highest speed it seems to maintain.
  3. You should contact @TMoats he may be willing to lend you one.
  4. I would say keep it 84 volts for commonality, a majority of the wheels are that voltage, makes charging simpler. I agree top speed is not as important, I rarely go over 20 on my Mten3.
  5. I have the same problem with Wheellog, I connected it to my V8, now I don't know how to connect I to my Mten3, is there an easy way to do that?
  6. My Mten3 was submerged in 3 feet of pool water, for about 5-10 seconds. I dried it out and it did work for about a week before something on the mother board failed. I ended up returning it to ewheels for a partial credit for a new one. Decided it was safer to do that than try to repair it and have another part fail later.
  7. https://smile.amazon.com/ILM-Motorcycle-Modular-Helmet-Colors/dp/B01LXAOQ4Q/ref=sr_1_5?crid=WZPGPMBF1425&keywords=ilm+helmet+motorcycle&qid=1570984200&sprefix=ilm+h%2Caps%2C268&sr=8-5 This is my current and favorite helmet, great price comfortable, and because it is modular, it is easier to put on and off. I also like using my bone conduction headphones with it, works great!
  8. I am trying to find riders and train them as well, I have taught 3 guys here how to ride and hope to teach more. There was an article in the local paper about my efforts. If you are ever in the area of Central Washington, let me know! https://www.yakimaherald.com/lifestyle/local-collector-inspires-use-of-electric-vehicles/article_49a486a9-7498-5699-a828-762fd27f9216.html?
  9. There is one other guy in my town that owns an EUC, but I have never actually seen him. The only riders I have even seen first hand are the ones I have taught, three of them. The only EUC's I've seen are the ones I own: 3 - V8, Mten3 and an old Freeman 14 (learner). Live in Yakima, WA in the Pacific Northwest, about 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle. That will change when I get to the EUC games! So looking forward to it!
  10. I am in Yakima, WA - I have taught 4 people here how to ride EUC. Trying to start a community here. I've heard there is a Friday night ride in Portland, at the OMSI, you should check it out. I have 3 EUC, one is just for learning on, a Freeman 14. Also have an INmotion V8 and Gotway Mten3. Message me if you want to connect. I have a grandson that lives in Vancouver, so I am over there occasionally.
  11. I have the TW Lighting, and I love it. Love that it can go 40 mph and it is my favorite way to get to work!
  12. I did get a new one, and love it! I am ok with the pedal size, it is the most fun wheel to ride!
  13. I have let a curious pedestrian try my wheel, I put his hand on my shoulder and walked beside him. After a few feet, he agreed it was harder than it looks, and was satisfied.
  14. The Mten3 had been water damaged by being dunked in a pool, it was probably the controller, but I decided to return the unit in exchange for a credit towards a new one. Who knows what would have gone bad next.
  15. I was riding my Mten3 today, about 90% charged, went about a mile, it slowed down, shuddered, and started non stop beeping - beep beep, in sets of 2. Also, nothing is working on it right now, except the power button. Any ideas on what the beeps mean and what the problem could be? Would unplugging the battery possibly help?
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