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  1. I used a walker that had brakes, and a belt as a leash … Also wore shin guards while learning, helps reduce the shin badges ...
  2. I started with a hoverboard that I got for my birthday, took me 5 min to learn, 1 month later my wife showed me a youtube vid of an EUC, one month later I bought a used one for $180 (14" Freeman). Took me quite a while to learn, 5 weeks and many bruises later I could ride. Then came a V8, Mten3, 16x, and now MSX Pro HS. Hooked for life ...
  3. I was pulled over today by a policeman in Yakima, Washington; who admittedly did not know if EUC's were legal or not. I told him it was in the class 3 E-bike, and was legal on the road. He told me he clocked me at 30 MPH in a 30 zone. He actually pulled me over for an intersection avoidance (going through a parking lot as a shortcut instead of waiting at a traffic light) But he was nice and did not give me a ticket. It was an information exchange, and I was happy to educate him. Another Policeman showed up and he just wanted to ask questions and watch me ride
  4. My Moto 360 watch would die after 30 min, but my Pebble has done much better, I do two 20 minute rides each day, and the battery still last about 2 days at least, usually charge it once a day. For this reason I stopped using my expensive Moto 360 (about $160) and now only use the Pebble ($40).
  5. Does anyone know a 3D printer in the US that would be willing to make and sell these? They are sold as a fundraiser for an EUC event, and they are willing to allow someone over here to print them if they give a portion back to them for their event.
  6. I think the winglets would be awesome to have, so far, I have only seen them sold in France, does anyone know of someone in the US selling them?
  7. This was a bit of a challenge, need to work on improving visibility:
  8. https://kimatv.com/sports/content/local-man-services-community-using-one-wheel-motorcycle? Nice to have a positive story on the news!
  9. How about Serene? My favorite definition is “Serenity is like a gyroscope that lets us keep our balance no matter what turbulence swirls around us.” Is that a state of mind worth aiming for?
  10. I have been called, "Future Organ Donor" - but I prefer "The Uni Rider".
  11. This vid of me was posted on FB, with the comment, would you do this? - most people said no way ...
  12. I have 4 wheels, and the Mten3 is definitely the most fun, and it is very versatile. It works the best for indoor demos, where there is not much space. It is the only one of my wheels that I can go backwards on and idle on; its responsiveness makes it easier. But, it is not as fun on rides over 5 miles - my 16X is best for that.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VegasEUC/ Great group of riders!
  14. Someone who was a friend of a friend videoed me on my way to work, after about a week I was able to get the vid from him. The comments on the original post are awesome! I am riding my 16X, now have over 300 miles on it in 2 months. I love riding it to work, 5 miles each way.
  15. My 2 favorite wheels, the 16X and the Mten3, both have 3" tires - I love the feel. I love how comfortable it is on the 16X with the wide tire, and the Mten3 is very maneuverable and yet easier to go slow and do tricks. It seems the 3" tire is great for roads and increased stability - I am for the wider tire.
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