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  1. I have IPS i130+ .. you can check the spec anywhere... 15 km 35 k/h I never try only kind of 26 - 27 km/h. Want to sell US$ 350. Don't know the shipping cost from Sarasota Florida. Scuff here and there. Shoot me if interested. Bennytoro33@gmail.com
  2. hi guys... I just bought ips i130+ . After i ride just 3 miles i can not find bluetooth signal anymore... Any idea how to turn on the wheel (euc) bluetooth. I try using my iphone and my android phone no bluetooth from my wheel (euc).. Please help thank you. Ps : The software said device not found
  3. where to buy the gotway 5 and how much? I have x3 and order ipsi130+ still waiting shipment from aliexpress. Need to have the light version
  4. is anybody know this external battery .... Is it can work with airwheel x3 and ips i130+. ? http://www.kingswing.net/product/60032421653-800337558/67_2V_battery_pack_for_electric_scooter_single_electric_wheel.html
  5. would anybody show how to do 1 foot riding...i Still can not do it
  6. sorry off the topic.... Is there any mten review ... I hot x3 super slow how is the mten?? Thank you
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