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  1. Maybe we should not worry to much about KS-18XL´s structural weakness therein. For static load (just you and your gear) the shell and its junction should be able to bear it easily at all. Partial overload in my opinion only could happen when there are dynamic load components for example when crossing curbs or potholes so you are right regarding that of course. This also seems to be a bad idea because there is nearly no shock absorbing item between the tire and your bum. Riding seated in this way could easily send you airborne besides from damaging the wheel. But from what I´ve seen in videos and comments seated riding is used as a concept for intermittend relief during "active" riding. I never saw someone riding downhill fast mountain trails while sitting on his wheel . So I think primary use is only during calm periods on planar surfaces where you don´t have to expect disruptions. I hope I´m not mistaken...
  2. Thanks for the hint. I will take a look at his channel for getting used to seated riding. Just hoping I will master it
  3. FYI: Finally discovered it on Ali today and went for it immediately . If you might be interested too just look for seller or item phrase shown below. I will try to give a review when I recieve it but this might take some (delivery) time...
  4. That's a good point you mentioned. I already thought about a DIY solution with some kind of struts mounted from the pedal hangers and leading upside to the top. There they could host some item for bolting on a bicycle seat or else. Maybe this could figure out like similar solutions for the Nikola MSX shown by @Marty Backe i.e (If I remember correctly). Although for checking out that "seated riding" experience I would be glad for a not-so-perfect solution like shown above . Ordering a KS18S as a 4th wheel would get me into serious trouble at home ...
  5. Some new pics from KS FB Page (dated 11-03-19) below, just if haven´t seen already: I hope this will be available soon. The comment is a little cryptic to me...
  6. Did you ever think about wrapping your wheel to refurbish it? You could use your existing shells and also have an endless choice of colours or patterns. User @Lutalo did such with his 18L/XL if I remember correctly. Take a look at his work if you're interested....
  7. Deep in the MALM´s mind they recognize riding a 18th century technology when 21st tech is passing by them. I think it is most time reason for hazzle like that.
  8. Very exited and thanks a lot for sharing that content! I would like to buy that add-on seat blindfolded because I´ve always been a great admirer of the 18S concept. My 18L fulfills most of my needs but I´m still getting tired after some additional miles requesting ongoing breaks. This might be a perfect solution. I would be glad for any information where to buy on Ali or elsewhere.
  9. I went a similar way in learning with the NB1E+, then starting a love-hate relationship with Z10 (will *never* turn in curves naturally ) and finally turning towards the well balanced KS18L just like yours. It has a different initial behaviour of course but I can ensure you will get used to it. I think it relates more to the additional weight than wheel diameter difference of 16" vs. 18". Once you get used to it you will discover an unknown superpower of the 18L (or other new generation wheels of course). When you get familiar with handling (and I promise you will) you will feel a complete different level of security when entering higher speed regions or more demanding rides. We are talking about 500W vs 2000W (consider MS-DOS vs. Windows 10 ) continious motor power which makes a huge difference in cut-out reserves. So everything fine about your purchase, give yourself the time to master it
  10. Sorry for the neglection of your post. It also happened to me several times when asking about NB1E+ issues. I think it´s caused how the forum software handles new postings. They are stacked on the top page and go down one row with every new comment. So after around 15 new items they will vanish to Nirvana if not picked up by any users. And - to be honest - the general interest for this wheel is going down with every year after its release in 2014 (if I´m right?). Concerning your overheat issue: When I started learning last year on same machine the overheat beep was very familiar to me after mastering the first steps. Of course it depends on many factors like weigth, speed, inclination, battery age and condition (just to name some) so it´s difficult to sort out what exactly caused your failure. But as you obviously have heard very often here, this machine is outdated at all and hasn´t got really any reserves for nowadays purpose. Compared to modern wheels it feels like the air-cooled, rear wheel driven Volkswagen Beetle from good ol´ days. You might find older discussion threads if you search the forum but I don´t know if that will solve your problem. Same situation to me the last year by the way. So I finally said goodbye to NB1E+ and purchased some other wheel(s). It has been worth the money in any case. Now I got rid of that problems (and got some new ones but that´s another story ...)
  11. Glad to hear that. My upgrade on Android took some time maybe 8-10 minutes but no interruptions. It might feel very scary what you reported... good to hear you found an other workaround.
  12. Encouraged by your reports I did the 1.13 upgrade one hours ago . Being frightened by former experience but no issues so far - phew! You are right, calibration wasn´t demanded like in prior versions. Although I checked after upgrading and found a slight misalignment of my wheel. But this may have been there before I think. Anyway I repeated calibration without any hazzle. Now I´m very exited about the pronounced improvements. Maybe tomorrow I will know more if wheather conditions are OK (Having a crazy heatwave this week makes you glue to the tarmac this days! )
  13. Thanks for your reports. Did you have to do a recalibration afterwards (i.e. after coming from 1.12)?
  14. *Offtopic ON I know it might sound a bit strange but I mostly like the whine of my KS18L during operation. After some collected miles I got an intuitive feeling thereof about the speed I´m riding at without watching cell phones/apps/smartwatches etc. Those frequency seems to be somehow proportinal to the applied mph I suppose. Due to my age I also can´t hear it so much - a little benefit from getting older. But as mentioned above by @US69 it provides that strange "Terminator/Skynet" feeling when closing up to not initiated pedestrians or cyclists and I enjoy that sometimes a bit. *Offtopic OFF And now for something totally different...
  15. FYI: Charge doctor supplier @hobby16 seems to be vanished from the net since early 2019. No one here has knowledge (if I´m right) if he is still able/interested to answer any inquiries. Tried to contact him many times but no responses ever. Very wierd at all...
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