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  1. Geez that sounds scary a lot . I didn´t even know which danger I was in when I did the same work on my 18L the last week. Fortunatelly all went straight but it seems an all-or-nothing game more and more to me... But I´m glad to hear your wheel is on the road again. Just for interest: Is there an ..ehem.. "source" for this service application somewhere? Maybe I will need such tool some day too...
  2. To be short: Just forget it. Self balancing vehicles without steering bar (like hoverboards or EUCs) have been excluded from those oncoming regulations. We are outlaw riders from now on... Feels like joining an MC... Born to be wild!
  3. Getting older (like a lot of our folks here) reduces hearability of higher frequencies I think. Maybe I'm OK with my KS wheel therefore?
  4. That has been a great idea, thank you! Used it at once for my profile. I don´t know if its possible to align multiple wheels when putting them in one line. Maybe I shouldn´t buy so many of them...
  5. If you dislike this behaviour I would recommend just to avoid the crowded areas and go for the countryside when riding if possible. Normaly the worst you get there are jawdropped faces with no more impact on you. I understand it can be annoying to run into bunches of pupils or similar folks which express their WTF moment on EUC loudly. On the other hand it's a powerful instrument to get social contacts very easy. You also might use this fact for your benefit
  6. You are right of course that there are vivid alternatives available in the app section for most brands when it's about operating our EUCs. But for some fundamental issues like registration or unlocking you are forced to use the manufacturers (mostly shitty) apps. If you fail here i.e. of geoblocking (what KS is trying to establish in new app) you are in really bad situation.
  7. I think only you can decide it. If the "forever" promise of some brand is relevant for you the Z10 could be disappointing in the near future. Maybe it will vanish some day from official sales channels. But spare part supply and community support will be on a far more higher level than i.e. for generic wheels (for instance) in any way. I think the next decade you can run it with no fundamental issues and have all the fun about it. BTW: Even top notch brands like KS or GW tend to torture their customers with crappy apps, forced registration and else. So you you should get the wheel you really want today.
  8. Reflects my actual experience to. Yesterday I unboxed my KS 18L after its 12 week journey from Shenzen and tried to unlock it. Being aware of the hazzle described here I started with old KS app (V1.52 I think) to avoid failure or bricking. Unfortunatelly had to find out that this POS works in no way anymore. I think there was rumor around here the old servers were shutdown by April 10th. That would explain all those reports here about this issue. So I had to bite the bullet and installed the actual KS app (V3.11 if I'm not wrong). Having luck this time the process of registration and unlocking went rather smooth from then on. My wheel was on FW 1.11 already. I hope I will never have to play that "all or nothing" challenge again...
  9. Hello to our forum at first, nice to have you here! About your request I'm tossed back and forth what to recommend because there is part of my own EUC history to be told... I started this strange experience about one year ago with absolutely no knowledge about this topic. Beeing blown away by a YT video randomly watched I took a litlle research on amazon and was pointed towards the ninebot E+ for about 420€. It seems quite pricey but well designed so I thought it would be an long term purchase to have fun with for many years. But then I had to learn that this is not comparable to average consumer items we all seem to know. It is an absolute niche product sold in ridicuosly minor quantities so the common laws of marketing seem not to exist... It's not a bad idea to start with as a learner wheel but you should be aware to drop it rather fast with ongoing progress. Never pay more than about 400 credits and learn to ride but be prepared to a forthcoming invest. Once you outgrow this wheel you will have to go strong for further investment. In my case I ordered both a Z10 and a Kingsong 18L soon afterwards and never regreted.
  10. Hey I think it´s not that hopeless for @Henrik Olsen. Most cirminals are dumb and predictable. Often you can use this for you when you have recovered from this insolence. Wish him all the best recovering his wheel.
  11. Bollocks! Very offended to hear about your misfortune. Mutually the "criminal mastermind" soon realized that named item is zero worth for him and dropped it nearby. Because he certainly will not lug it several miles, he probably threw it away somewhere nearby. Rather look for it afterwards. Wish you all success!
  12. I bought a charge doctor via hobby16 website http://hobby16.neowp.fr/buy/ last year in May and I'm really impressed of his product. Now I would like to get an other one but named website seems to be out of service since some weeks. If you try to buy something you are redirected towards a page that tells you should try to revisit in about one week. Of course I tried several times with no effort... Got no answer on email on comment page to. Does anybody know what happened behind or is there any hope to get this site back online? Or is there an other way to purchase? Thanks for any help.
  13. Congrats to your decision for the big mac battery implemetation. I have been in same mood late January and ordered a 18L as counterpart for my new Z10. I still love this one but it's totally different from all I've seen in driving physics. The perfect offroader but very special at higher speeds for me. I had a long struggle with myself betwenn L or XL variant not driven by budget at all. Decided for the L because I still own a top heavy wheel and had a desire for something more nimble in the 18" class. Beeing not the long range guy I hope I won't regret some day. But same situation to me, no one of my homies can imagine what I'm so fuzzed about...
  14. Don´t want to bring new doubts but are you shure about that reference? I read in an other thread Z10's serial number N30TC1844T0001 contains the time of assembly: year=18, week = 44th for example. So I think we have to find out production time window for any batch. Maybe someone here can help? BTW I totally agree what you said about first batches of anything in production reality. Buying them means looking for trouble often.
  15. Hey guys, just around Valentine's day I hope this topic might find some interest (and fun maybe ). Wikipedia states a defintion of WAF in here what you even already might know. So I'm curious how your relationship is reacting on EUC predisposition in general and when "just thinking" about purchasing new items. We all know it's roughly elementary for us but sometimes hard to explain towards outside standing persons... Being a plain mid-aged male forum (from my impression) I think we all have some experience thereof. In my personal case I was very suprised how my wife made up her mind when beginnnig this addiction last year. For sure she was happy I skipped motorcycle activities (to be honest I'm glad too for myself due to increasing Bozo density in nowadays traffic) and even encouraged me to step onwards. Maybe you have corresponding experience? Looking forward for your contribution!
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