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  1. Not my video but funny content from @Irina about crazy halloween ride in Wladiwastok. Long time no see her in here although that´s sad. She has small but funny channel on YT, I would recommend it.
  2. That's strange, indeed. Although the offical pages from Gotway aka Kebye aka Begode still list the old specs of 512 Wh/84V. Even well known Ali shops claim same information. I presume Jason has better sources for that so maybe a switch in battery manufacturer took place. Or might this point towards a change towards 21700 technology? Just guessing, really don't know...
  3. Found another source on ali (on pre order at least). Description says it suits Gotway, Veteran and Inmotion V11 wheels as well. Type in search phrase "honeycomb pedals" on ali main page and you will be directed to Chicway store: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001501101865.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.7c9d44388bDoI4&algo_pvid=6bee9079-3518-4701-ab5e-490decf8401e&algo_expid=6bee9079-3518-4701-ab5e-490decf8401e-0&btsid=0b0a182b16017531739225364eda36&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Chicway has also a store on it´s own where you can find th
  4. Are you looking for a pair of these ones: https://eucsale.com/gotway-msp-monster-nikola-sport-pedals-set.html ? At least in Europe they seem to be available though I don´t have experience with this seller. Also I don´t know if shipment to your location is a real option costwise . As an alternate solution you might google for "Hextech pedals" and find similar in your area with some luck...
  5. You might find some more inspiration from this former thread if you´re interested: But the upside/down balcony flower pot shown above is my all-time favourite . Fits on nearly eyerything except Z10 and is unbeatable cheap.
  6. Thank you for that amazing x-ray view. Might be your hidden superpower ? Although I consider getting one of these for replacement of my sloppy upper pads. Here´s a photo how it will look on a real 18L/XL:
  7. Looking good . Can you give us a source please where to get them?
  8. Returning briefly back to the beginning: Does anyone know how the app identifies a Chinese wheel abroad? In my understanding, this can actually only be done via the serial number, otherwise the overseas wheels are certainly identical. I found this (elder) post around here concerning the SN composition: If someone succeeded in entering a "political correct" serial number for an evil Ali device (e.g. via the Soft Tuner app) we might find a way out of this mess , or am I wrong? First of all, I followed @mrelwood 's hint and deleted the toxic KS app from my phone to be safe, thx again.
  9. At 1st sorry for the guy whom it happened to. I hope he will get well soon somehow. I totally agree to what @Marty Backe said above. When I started riding 2 years ago on an (outdated) NB1E+ I used a dull bicycle helmet and Walmart style hand and knee protection. When I got my first "adult" EUC KS-18L I suddently realized in what danger zone I´ve been riding even at same speeds before. Since then I allways use a FF helmet (TSG Pass in my case) and serious Triple8 protection stuff. With great EUC power comes great responsibility.
  10. I can do it with pleasure, but first of all I probably have to learn how to jump without crashing . But I can add a few pictures if I have assembled them. If only it weren't so cold in my garage now...
  11. I ordered myself a pair of so-called "EUC Winglets" recently though I didn´t apply them yet. You may find some pictures here at manufacturer´s site: https://www.electric-games.org/product/winglets-bixo-1/ They will be fixed by velcro tape and should be easy to remove when not required. As far as I understand the solution supports jumping mainly. I asked the vendor about an extended version with a second contact point in the upper area of the wheel. This should also give more boost when accelerating if I´m right
  12. Can´t be all coincidence, a lot of people including me ordered a Mten3 the last days on Ali or else. For curiousity just watch out our welll-known YT channels about purchases everywhere ... I have to admit I formerly considered it as a "clown toy" since I saw first pictures thereof about 2 years ago (when starting with a fool´s choice NB1E+ TBH) . Being a prudent 1% -18" wheel rider my ignorance classified it as a bummer wheel because of it´s obious lacks relating to wheel diameter. I didn´t get an imagination about it´s benefits of course those times - bad me. But I am happy I changed m
  13. Very interessting attemp to calm down the hell-of-a-noise type fan . I would like to follow your idea and apply it for my similar brick chargers as well. Do you know why the replacement fan is much more silent? In my opinion there could be mainly 2 reasons: Better fan design Lower RPM at given voltage Do you know if the resulting airflow rate would be the same? Or should it be enough even if lower than before?
  14. You are definitely right. I remember it from the foggy depth of my less successful french lessons a long time ago. Still interesting but a little OT: An article in French wikipedia https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyroroue uses the same expression (i.e. the wrong way round) and indicates that the hoverwheel (following @Aneta ) was even invented by 2 frenchmen ... I don't know if that's true at all, but that would ennoble the term somewhat.
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