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  1. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    Being a motorcycle admirer/enthusiast still now I had lot of near death experience those days I was riding BMW´s and Harleys thus beeing a defensive driver. The density of idiots is just to high in nowadays traffic and you are really defenseless at all. I dropped all activity several years ago and was going to accept that I´m not immortal as I felt in my younger days. Although I was released from those demons something inside me refused to accept that it´s all over now. But how to get on? Warping to early 2018 - somebody in my community was talking about hoverboards occasionaly. Beeing aware that there is some relation to Segway technology I was not really impressed much. But some day I searched given topic on Youtube for curiousity.... You might know how this story ends . Just clicking on a Youtube EUC link had a huge impact on me and in some relations changed my life. I was blown away by an experience never seen before but somehow reachable for an average guy like me. Beeing unique without a poser attitude regardless of your age hit my deserve perfectly. Starting with a NB1E+ I outgrew this wheel with ongoing progress after 1000km/620 mls. Since one week I´m a happy Z10 owner but restricted by current weather conditions in here. But maybe my MC equipment could come in handy again... I´m so happy I did not end up with a red convertible like other guys of my age. My desired license plate: 8N2L8
  2. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    Exactly what you need. What is missing is an interface to connect charger equipment. As said above the proprietary Ninebot plug isn´t available anywhere and you would need an even more impossible to get proprietary socket. You are free to use any interface you want (even XT60 for example) but I recommend to use a more common type. I decided to go for GX16-3 socket/plug because it´s Kingsong standard. You can see how my charger equiment now looks like on photo below. On the left there is original charger, in the middle charge doctor monitoring and control device and on the right my 58,8V 5A fast charger block; all equipeded with GX16-3 plug. On top you can see proprietary NB plug with GX16-3 socket. So I can interchange all components fitting my actual requirement. If you do similar you are prepared for every challenge...
  3. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    If your wheel (just in case) isn't affected that bad from dischargement there is a smoother approach not requiring external XT60 access. It is described here: But you already might know that?
  4. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    Yes that´s right I charged them in parallel mode (how it is done in real operation too) to prevent different charging levels on both packs. Otherwise energy might transform from one pack to the other when reconnecting them which could cause unwanted effects maybe. The white connector (from BMS to mainboard I think) was plugged in during charging. I don´t think this matters at all because mainboard isn´t powered up at this time. I finished external chargement after 400 Wh approx. and was monitoring it on charge doctor connected inbetween. With my 5A external fast charger this took about 400Wh/(5A x 55V) = 1,45 h resp. 87 min. If you use original charger with 2A this value will change to 3,63 h resp. 218 min. Then I reassembled all and continued charging from original port. Maybe there are other ways to proceed but this was how it worked for me Is your wheel also affected?
  5. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Maximum runout on EUC (Z10) rim?

    Very helpful, thank you for the link. I used the search function but did not get there obviously. Ian´s explanation gave me enlightment that rim outside runout is not the same as tire centerline behaviour. I also have to admit I'm a bit hypersensitive after all I had gone through with my 1st new wheel purchase from Ali the last time. What I´m referring was i.e. long delivery time after purchase (9 weeks), bricked unit after delivery ("dead" battery pack from deep dischargement for unknown reason), DIY solution with external charger to reanimate battery pack and so on. Sum of all that scratched my nerves somehow. I know we all have to go through there if we attend to this strange EUC world. Thank you all for given support.
  6. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Maximum runout on EUC (Z10) rim?

    That´s reassuring, thank you. I was just wondering because my oudated NB1E+ was nearly perfect in this way. I was measuring the rim directly, but tire might increase this effect although. But I think my axle has some inclination within the rim. I hope @meepmeepmayer is right.
  7. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Maximum runout on EUC (Z10) rim?

    Hey guys, after long waiting I got my new Z10 some days ago. Having some trouble with "deep sleep" battery pack (Just seeming to be solved hopefully due to community help) I tried first steps on it within my basement for curiosity. Everything seems to be fine but what worries me a bit is estimated runout about 2-3 mm when keeping the wheel lifted. Tire oscillation is also barely visible within this range. For such a heavy rim/motor combo I expect influence on driving dynamics mutually. Or am I wrong? Unfortunatelly I can´t check out due to wheather condtions. Your estimation would be very helpful of course what should be normal range.
  8. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    Yes of course. But it´s really ugly tech. Please see below. I recommend to have a a pair of XT60 plugs (male type) available when needed. But the bigger problem to expect is the proprietary Ninebot plug on original charger. This piece of $#!t isn´t compatible to anything. To be prepared I decided to use the GX16-3 plug/socket pairing as universal interface for all my charger equipment because it is familiar with many other standards. I cut off Ninebot charger cable and soldered a GX16-3 socket for further use. I hope the picture will show how this works. Apart from all that: You will be a lucky man when you get your Z10 powered up and running. Great wheel indeed!
  9. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    No chance my new wheel would have done so . It was totally bricked but I don´t think it was wisedom from manufacturer but either unexpected discharge for some reason I can´t tell. My approach after reading similar cases was to disconnect battery pack on both XT60 connectors and apply external charger. I made a DIY cable solution (Not beautiful but working) to charge both packs in parallel mode and applied 58.8V 5A fast charger. Monitoring was given by charge doctor in between. Starting from approx. 35V I reached mid 40-50V range very fast. From there it took about 400 Wh towards 52V system voltage. Then I reassembled all and was ready to start normally. I hope this will persist...
  10. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    The good news first: Received my Z10 finally 9 weeks after purchase from Ali seller. For sure Xmas celebration days had caused further delay. But now for the bad news: The wheel wouldn´t power up any way because battery pack seemed to be in deep sleep mode for some reason. With a lot of tricks described here in Ninebot section I managed it to wake up today. Now I have charged 60% and I am slightly optimistic that this will do the job. Phew....
  11. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    OK I will keep you informed how this story ends. The seller also told me that tracking would only be active after customs clearance in destination country. For now I think there is not really much I can do but waiting until extended delivery deadline.
  12. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Looking for advice on 1st big $ Aliexpress order - 60 days running out

    Thank you for feedback. Maybe anybody else here who bought Z10 from "Intelligent Walking Store" recently? I would appreciate your experience a lot. Thanks...
  13. Hey guys, 1st things 1st: Not beeing a member very long this forum had helped me in a huge way at all when joining this weird EUC world. Thanks to the friendly and responsive community again. But now I would like to ask once more for your estimation and advice: After taking my first steps on a cheap NB1E+ I decided for an upgrade later this last year. I ended up with an order for a NB Z10 from "Intelligent Walking Store" on Aliexpress. They claimed to finish delivery after 10-15 days when recieving payment by shipment via UPS Express Saver. I knew this was to good to be true but reputation of this seller seemed to be OK by given reviews. Placing the order on November 1st I recieved a (fake or preliminary?) UPS tracking number on November 5th from a unknown company in my country. Following this tracking number says "label created" since 2 months on UPS website . On November 8th shipment was confirmed on the Ali store site. Since then happened - really nothing. On the other hand the seller seems very reactive when I contacted him several times but allways recommends me to be patient because delivery is in front of me after customs clearance. Now the Ali purchase protection seems to expire after 60 days. The seller itself extended the deadline towards January 16th. For sure the Xmas/celebration days days could have caused some more delay so I am not worried at all. Ether my questions are: Is this normal Ali or China store behaviour not to be worried at all? Are there some tar pits to be avoided? Deadlines for purchase protection for example? From my point of view no action is required until the extended delivery date 01-16-19. Or am I wrong? What makes me wonder too: The store sold a big bunch of Z10 that time. Maybe there are some other customers in here? Would be glad for your feedback of course. Thank you all in advance!
  14. Why not buy from aliexpress? Rockwheel store seems to have good reputation around this forum and you are purchasing from source. Of course you will have to wait for delivery some days weeks but I disbelieve you will find a shop in your area where you can buy those items on demand. I also would be critical about that named store due to prior warnings. But you should be aware that Rockwheel brand is a niche supplier within an even niche branch. Maybe not the best choice for starting the EUC experience. For a new user this could mean "looking for trouble" and might spoil the whole thing. Don´t get me wrong, their design and specs have yet attraction to me but I would recommend them for later use. However just my opinion. You always should get the wheel you really want.
  15. Mimetic Polyalloy

    Ninebot One E+ shut off in the middle of riding.

    Don´t mind, you did really great work with your firmware conversion programm for other users. Helped me a lot to increase top speed of my learner wheel, thank you very much again! I had to go the hard way with JTAG programmer and mainboard soldering. It´s interesting to hear that there is a bluetooth solution avialable.