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  1. just buy a used Pebble i got mine for $20 shipped ... and it work fine !
  2. The config look disabled only the first time i slide the menu. Second time i slide the menu the config is available
  3. Yes i confirm this is 2.0.15 Sometimes i have to change a settings twice because the first time does not work ... but only sometimes
  4. I only use 2.0.15 with my Gotway acm without any problems to configure it .. weird.
  5. Long trip with my ACM16 990Wh (Fast trails around 38km/h)
  6. I love to ride with my tongs just to feel the wind between my toes btw i also go way slower this way.
  7. Hi everybody, There were too much unused space in my ACM so I added a 16S1P I just finished the job, I have not tried yet but theoretically from 820Wh to 990Wh it should give me a little 20% more autonomy ? 20% more power can be .. what do you think? if the beep of the 80% of power is relative to the voltage of the battery then I want to say that yes. Edit: After a small ballad of 7km is confirmed, maximum speed increased by about 3kmh and max speed of the wheel increased by 5kmh (when not touching the floor). About power I also feel that it has increased !!
  8. @palachzzz I will receive my first gotway wheel soon (acm16 820Wh) and from what you said about the new formula I think i will just use the latest Wheelog version and that should be ok as i have no comparison with the Gotway app. This new formula is in fact more accurate than the gotway app's formula right ? I have not seen someone saying that this new formula is not accurate according to the real capacity of the battery. Look like everyone is not happy just because this is different from what they use to see usually. Maybe i'm wrong
  9. Same here, i joined to contact @US69 for his ACMv2 (secondhand) ... I cannot contact him ...
  10. If you need another tester i would be happy to help
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