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  1. WARPed1701D, interesting suit, nice and probably protective. I am curious how it called, if to search to buy something like this
  2. Hi, from Daibot's store, I bought one and already delivered (few days ago). This is protective cover of V5 (as written in this product description) and it sadly don't fit on V8. As far as i see it too small... This of course not seller's fault as written that it for V5, I just had hope that it will fit, but learned the lesson that not. Now just bought one from: https://onewheel.be/en/inmotion-scv/87-inmotion-protect-v8-3999-eur-inmotion-technologies-coltd-3760243821080.html
  3. Just decompiled sources, but it huge mess... 7997 source files in total, 11,2 megs if zipped... If someone wish to try it, here is not bad article. Just their app has classes.dex and classes2.dex files and both of them need to consider. Many of source code files probably are 3rd party libraries (& so on). Basically maybe possible to avoid login window, if to specify different class as startup activity, but I not tested it yet. Android APK files, basically are renamed zip files, where AndroidManifest.xml contains specified startup activity/class, which possible to change, but it slightly encoded that was harder to edit.
  4. It could take some time, as I do plenty of coding at work and a bit lazy to code after it :) But I limited my V8 to 12km/h speed while i tried to learn to drive it at home in apartments and now unable to remove it as issues to connect to app. I'm using another e-scooter (Defiant DF SK8") to drive to work, it just like not urgent currently for me, but anyway I trying to get my V8 working, just my needs is just to control it, i don't need statistics, tracking, logging and so on. Normally when i ride very focused on riding, and don't check anything else. Need to try to decompile it with JD (Java Decompiler) to get official app source code and if it will be succesful, to analyze code, to find this device control & so on. Kind of reverse engineering here is needed. But I still hope to run official app, trying to communicate with support.
  5. Hi, I at all today unable to login to app... Before i used it a bit, but not long time I have my V8... But with same credentials today impossible to login... While i bought it from local in my country and good for all here known internet store, which now I pushing to do some actions about it or even to moneyback. Somehow they forgot my login info, but when i try to register again, they tell that phone already registered, while i try "forgot password" it tells that my email not registered... Kind of magical triangle... Any workarounds you guys have or i need to hack this app already? I am senior java developer and this is no big deal to me, but i hope to solve it in normal way yet Elsewhere i probably will hack it, take e-scooter bluetooth control and will develop simple small app. As while i tried to learn limited its speed to 12km/h, and now unable to remove it... I need just simple scv control features, nothing more. Maybe any solutions you guys already have?
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