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  1. It occurred in Foggy Bottom, Washington circle. I was going against the traffic - totally my fault, but thanks for the support Lutalo. With this thread I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone to be cautious. So true As of now I need to create a budget for a new wheel. Maybe 18L, but I would like to try it first, although I really liked the ks16s. It absolutely fit my needs. @RockyTop, I myself missed a couple of opportunities to buy the wheel on the second hand market before I bought the wheel from Marc
  2. When I was riding the wheel, usually it's my hands that got cold because of the wind and cold weather, so I instinctively hid them behind my back holding each arm by another alternatively. @RockyTop, I emailed to Marcglider a few hours earlier (than you posted on the forum ) about my intention to buy the wheel.
  3. @meepmeepmayer, I honestly didn't want a new one. I loved my ks16s With bumps and potholes in Washington DC - you rarely go faster than 20-22 mph. And then DC traffic - even in the bike lane sometimes it's just a lane that separates you from the traffic. Pedestrians in DC is a separate topic to talk about. I rode my wheel mostly downtown. Going to miss it until maybe the next one @existensil, thank you. I might think about some kind of a project for the batteries. I have a couple of ideas already.
  4. Just several scratches. I think I polished the ground just a handful of times. Not too many scratches on the pedals 2000 km also not a lot for the wheel like ks16s.
  5. The bus stopped at the bus stop 50 yards after the accident. The bus driver came out - saw that no one was hurt and went back. @Marty Backe , you're very right about the battery pack and the board. I am not going to sell them. As for the wheel - that was the only one :\ @Marcglider, I can blame only myself. Lesson learned. Eh... Anyway thank you for selling the wheel - it was a lot of fun!
  6. Hi all! I had a ks16s. To begin with I barely rode a wheel without a safety gear (helmet, wrist pads, knee pads, elbow pads). Maybe a dozen times since I started to ride it in August. Those times when I didn't put the gear there was a short distance and a riding rout was very familiar to me. Usually my commute is 4.5 miles one way to work and back. I rode the wheel every day. In about 3 months I did a little less than 1400 km (1950km in total). I loved the wheel which I bought from @Marcglider. I always charged the wheel to 70% (with a fast charger) and when I was back home from work the level was 43%. Just yesterday I saw @Marty Backe video where he took a spill riding his Tesla. After watching it I though, I am a very careful rider. Turned out not really. By the way I rode the wheel _only_ on the bike lanes, but not today. On my way back from work I decided that I want to take a metro for some reason and was riding the wheel to the metro station. On my way I decided to cut my route riding a very short stretch (50 yards) and went against the traffic (it was red light for the cars plus the pedestrians where crossing the street in front of me). That was my mistake. I once I sped up, the very same moment the bus in front of me started to move towards me so fast. The driver likely saw me and he could have stopped, but probably didn't realize that the back wheels has much less turning radius then front so he kept driving. I jumped off the wheel and started to look at what will happen. In a moment the bus ran over the very bottom of the wheel. I though a tire only. It was enough to pinch the pedals which punctured the motor from both sides and blocked it. When I picked it up - the unit looked intact but didn't turn on properly - it was just beeping and some kind of weird light pattern kept blinking. I got lucky today, really lucky that I am alive and not injured. Please be safe and please ride safely! Question to the community: Do you think I can sell the parts like the handle (has only some scratches), the pedals(regular wear), battery packs, led lights - all seem to be in tact.
  7. If I didn't miss this information on the forum, maybe someone will find it useful. Source "§ 85.1703 Definition of motor vehicle. (a) For the purpose of determining the applicability of section 216(2), a vehicle which is self-propelled and capable of transporting a person orpersons or any material or any permanently or temporarily affixed apparatus shall be deemed a motor vehicle, unless any one or more of the criteria set forth below are met, in which case the vehicle shall be deemed not a motor vehicle: (1) The vehicle cannot exceed a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour over level, paved surfaces; or (2) The vehicle lacks features customarily associated with safe and practical street or highway use, such features including, but not being limited to, a reverse gear (except in the case of motorcycles), a differential, or safety features required by stateand/or federal law; or (3) The vehicle exhibits features which render its use on a street or highway unsafe, impractical, or highly unlikely, such features including, but not being limited to, tracked road contact means, an inordinate size, or features ordinarily associated with military combat or tactical vehicles such as armor and/or weaponry." According to (a) an euc is a motorized vehicle, but criteria (1) says "The vehicle cannot exceed a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour over level". It makes my ks 16s legal on those bike trails. Also once I saw the police car on the bike trail patrolling. They didn't say anything to me when I was riding my ks16s.
  8. Thank you! Does it also mean that I don't really have to deplete batteries to 0 every now and again?
  9. Hi all! I was trying to find threads with the "battery balancing" topic, but for some reason couldn't find any. My everyday commute is 9.6 miles. So I charge my ks16s once a day to 80% using EWheels Dual mode Charger. When I am back, the charge level is at 45%. I have heard from someone that every so often I need to discharge batteries to 0% and then back to 100% to balance them. What would be your suggestion on battery balancing for a unicycle? How often is the battery balancing necessary? Thanks!
  10. @Lutalo, wow, couldn't even imagine that DC was like that back then. As for riding, I love DC streets as well, although those stop signs on 13th street made me tired. There are not too many stop signs on the 16th street NW. In September I lived in Silver Spring: riding to and from DC was fun. Now I am back to DC. Hopefully I will make it on October 20th for a ride, not sure yet though.
  11. Everyone recommends nice trails here and there in the DMV area. I recommend 16th street all the way from Silver Spring to downtown DC. Acorns on the sidewalk make a unicycle ride really fun.
  12. @Lutalo, talking about a non-paved stretch of ART you're likely talking about the short stretch between ATR and Northwest Branch trail (NBT). I decided to give it a try and ride it on the trail. It was okay to ride my ks16s on that short stretch, but there were a couple of spots where I decided to walk the wheel to just walk around the soggy spots. Not sure if even 18" wheel would have made it through those couple of soggy spots. Other than that I just enjoyed the ride. Still a bit concerned about those park police poles with the blinkers (transition bridge from NBT to Sligo creek trail) and the signs ("No motor vehicles") on my way through ART. PS: hope to catch up with you guys one day!
  13. @Lutalo, yesterday I was riding my ks16s from Stadium Armory to Silver Spring through Anacostia Riverwalk trail, Northwest Branch trail, Sligo trail. When I switched to Sligo trail, I noticed bike road signs saying "No motor vehicles". Obviously, an EUV is a motor vehicle. Have you had any problems with park police riding your unicycle on the bike roads with signs "No motor vehicles"?
  14. Thanks everyone for the answers! Little update: the app version that I used is 1.5 One more question, I was trying to write a pm to one of the forum members and a popup forum messages says: "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later." How can I increase the number of messages to send per day? Thank you!
  15. Hi all! Last week I have bought used KS16s from marcglider. Still learning how to ride. The wheel works fine. My question to the community is that why would the KingSong app consume that much battery juice? See attached screenshot from my phone. Does everyone who uses KingSong app have this problem? Even when I don't use the wheel the app still consumes insane amount of the battery juice even if the app is closed. My phone can't really last a day now :/ Application KingSong 1.08 OS: Android 6.0.1
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