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  1. Thanks Chriull for that tip. Here is a clickable link: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-e&q=site%3Aforum.electricunicycle.org+intelligent+walking+store Summary: there are bad reports and good reports. My general feeling about aliexpress. Aliexpress has been very good at giving me refunds when I have an issue, even though it is sometimes a couple months after requesting shipment.
  2. Not there that many people that are suicidal. I wonder what is required for an EUC to be allowed on a freeway.
  3. Take a look at one of the spreadsheets and sort it by weight. Your not going to like the compromise too much of having to get a small wheel to climb 3 flights of stairs. Example spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T9GZJGJf9V24WRLqzVIyXuIeax2mu3fG5fXzHchPMwk/edit#gid=0 Created a new column: tire size / weight. See if any stand out (column F): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E8F93M2-KalHOInlDG6_P2fozy-Tt_1v95FT_Oz4Ajo
  4. Bend down very low, then jump up fast. The momentum is what carries the EUC up into the air. Tesla V2 is heavy at 42 lbs. How much do you weigh? Try jumping without an EUC. Do you have decent vertical leap?
  5. Perhaps the increased gyroscopic effect plays a big role too.
  6. +1. I had an inMotion V8 16 inch, and my KingSong 18L felt so much smoother to ride. Doesn't make logical sense to me why 2 inches would make such a big difference.
  7. 72 lbs, wow that is definitely a tank.
  8. I don't understand eWheels page. They say they have a version with 2500W motor and then lower in the page they say they have a high speed version with 2000W motor. Which is higher?
  9. If you are buying a wheel for commuting an 18 inch wheel makes a difference. Smoother ride because of the bigger wheel.
  10. Any retailers sell them with Nikola pedals? Any suggestions where to buy Nikola pedals? Anyone know if it scrapes a lot more with larger pedals?
  11. It is April. Can we get another estimate when this will be available?
  12. Did you own an 18 inch wheel? Kingsong 18L? The 18L was so much better for me than the V8. Speed was a big factor as was softer ride because of the bigger 18 inch wheel. Hard for me to imagine someone would prefer the V8 over the 18L. For the me the 18L was so much better.
  13. I'm in lockdown area. Rode today, it was a lot of fun!
  14. https://youtu.be/JytokFNJC6A?t=88 From the video, based on a wide scale study in China: Case severity: Mild: 81% Severe: 14% Critical: 5% Fatality rate under 1% for those under 50. Looks like 2% for 50-60 Then roughly doubles for each decade of age. Pre existing conditions elevate the risk. Or from the flip side, no pre existing conditions lowers the risk. Video says the spread has peaked in China, but could rebound with people returning from Holidays and shutdowns.
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