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  1. jas3

    Total Wh drained from the battery

    Want company? jas3
  2. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Acturbo I'll meet you Saturday 8 AM at the Temple Boathouse on Kelly Dr. I think the Wissahickon trail will be too wet to ride this weekend, given the insane amount of rain we've had this week. But I will ride wherever you like. @Acturbo @Jerome 9 AM is good for me on Sunday too. And back at the Temple Boathouse on Kelly Dr. would be a good spot again.
  3. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    I'm free both days and would prefer to meet at 8am or 9am and will happily ride up to 35 miles with you both.
  4. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    King Song 16S ride report for the Delaware River Towpath on Saturday 22nd September. I parked in the lot on Black Rock Road between Morrisville and Yardley and proceeded north on the west side of the Delaware River through Yardley, under 295, through Washington Crossing, up towards New Hope where the trail just sort of ends without a lot of warning. One finds one’s self on River Road then S. Main Street, but not for very long. I blended in with traffic doing 15 mph and headed north to E. Bridge Street and rode east across to Lambertville. The bridge was signed “no bicycles” and “motorized vehicles only.”. As there was no traffic behind me, I decided to see if I could euc my way across. This is challenging because my wheel is a little narrow, and the steel bridge has vertical and horizontal grooves in it that were rather slippery.. the grooves try to grab the wheel which makes balancing very hard.. the temptation is to over correct. I made it across without incident, but one of NJ’s traffic guys stopped me and said “YOU CAN’T RIDE THAT ON THERE”. I said “OK.. I won’t do it again, but is there a sign about that?”. He said “The sign says no bicycles”. I said “I am not a bicycle.”. He said “The sign says MOTORIZED VEHICLES ONLY.” I said “I have a motor.” He gave me a look. I said “Officer, if you don’t want me on the bridge, I definitely won’t ride on the bridge again, but I did want to establish that there are no signs currently prohibiting a motorized single wheeled vehicle... but I will be courteous and respectful of your wishes. Have a great day!” And I shook his hand and gave him a a smile. He smiled back... and I hung a left onto the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail. I proceed to ride under 202 and all the way up to Stockton, NJ on the east side of the river. At this point I noticed Darknessbot said I had 48% power left, which was not great, since I stil had to cross the river and get back to my vehicle. I was about 16.7 miles into the trip at this point. I crossed the river again at Bridge Street towards the Centre Bridge Inn on the PA side where I found a sign that the towpath trail was CLOSED for construction and to be careful because River Road (one’s only option) was dangerous, had fast moving traffic, and had no shoulders. Great. So I brought my euc out to the road and walked it for maybe 0.5 miles until a pod of bikers passed me. I hopped on my euc, caught up with the pod, and drafted the pod south on River Road (32) until I got to Canal Park where I was able to take a bridge across the canal and get back onto the tow path, which I rode south under 202 and down to Bridge Street. Then a right put me on S. Main in New Hope, where going 5 to 10 mph, I was going the same speed as other traffic. I missed the entrance back on to the towpath trail and went farther south on River Road, which was a little dangerous with traffic passing me. I found the next bridge over the canal at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve... jumped onto the trail there... and rode south back to my car. Darknessbot told me I hit 0.0 miles remaining about 0.7 miles away from my car whereas the King Song app told me I had maybe 16% power left. I nursed her in at lower than usual speed and skipped a planned rest stop to preserve battery life and to save time in case I needed to walk the last half mile or so. A quick stretch of the legs, and I was in the car and headed home with 34.0 miles logged in a little over 4 hours. Thoughts on the trail and route for others: PROBABLY the trail has a “no motorized vehicles” sign, though I didn’t see any on the PA side. The NJ side definitely did have such a sign... or at least one that I saw. But almost every walker and bicyclist I passed or saw said “cool” or “neato” or gave me a smile. I think eucs are too new to be disliked, and the bicyclists count us one of their own unlike a gasoline powered dirt bike. I would say as long as you ride respectfully both the PA and NJ walkers and bikers will tolerate us. That being said, the trail is packed gravel mostly, loose gravel in others, paved in a few. There are low bridges that require you to bow deeply to get under them or to jump off and walk your euc across a road. There is one 2” deep ford that I decided to try and was successfully able to cross without shorting out my euc or falling off. Not sure I would do even a 3” deep ford. The path is VERY narrow in places, so I kept my speed very low in such areas for safety. If anybody has any questions or thoughts, please post them here, and I will try to reply. Just please ride respectfully on these trails, and the bicyclists and walkers should be happy with us.
  5. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Yes... it is just on the river and is called the Water Works South Garden. Very pleasant place to hang out. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Water+Works+South+Garden/@39.9649991,-75.1835589,222m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c6c7b471b4ec51:0xf686b0ac50084b9!8m2!3d39.9650874!4d-75.1830992 My preference is to loop MLK+Kelly, but I will leave it up to your preference. Game day decision! See you soon, Jerome.
  6. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Jerome Let’s meet at 9AM on Sunday at the little park area on the river next to (east of) the Art Museum just downriver from the Waterworks. It’s shady, and there are benches there, in case one of us is early. @Acturbo Give me a shout if you want to join me on Saturday AM for a Delaware towpath ride.
  7. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    OK... I will hit the Delaware towpath on Saturday AM early. Then on Sunday, I am good for the SRT any time.
  8. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Jerome @Acturbo I'm free any time on Saturday or Sunday. Let me know where you two want to meet up and I'll join. I was also thinking of hitting up one or more of these loops this weekend if that's of interest: https://www.fodc.org/visit-the-canal/loop-trails-hikers-bikers/ That's a bit more of a drive for you Acturbo. I can do pickup/dropoff for you Jerome, if that's helpful... otherwise I'm happy to zip around the SRT and MLK Drive and etc.
  9. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    @Jerome @Roman Brenerbronfen If you gentlemen don't mind meeting in Conshohocken, it is 9.0 miles upriver and then across the new-ish Sullivan's Bridge to the VF visitor's center. Maybe we grab a bite or a beer in Conshy when done? If 18 miles is not enough, we can also loop the VF paved trail before heading downriver. Also there is a little tap room right on the SRT here: http://www.conshohockenbrewing.com/ if you want to grab a pint (or a Gatorade) at the end of the ride. Nobody has complained at all about my EUC on the SRT, but I ride respectfully and carefully. Pedestrians seem to love it. Cyclists generally pass me (except on the uphills) and make positive comments, if any at all. Jerome, if you don't like gravel, dirt, stay off the Forbidden Trail in the Wissahickon... it is definitely challenging in parts. I had 2 unscheduled dismounts (neither resulting in a fall) last night, thanks to a deep rut hidden under leaves + a giant branch that I couldn't stop in time for. I am a cautious rider, so neither presented any risk of injury, plus I had wrist guards, helmet, plus kneepads... none of which I needed. If Conshy is too far from town for either of you, LMK, and I'm happy to meet anywhere.
  10. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Great, @Jerome. Really looking forward to riding with you! @Roman Brenerbronfen and I are going to try to meet up on Sunday morning the 16th. As the newbie, I'm happy to ride anywhere you two want to go and can be pretty flexible with time outside of work hours. I banged out 18 miles last night from the Cynwyd trailhead to the SRT in Manyunk to the Wissahickon Trail to the Forbidden Trail all the way up past Bells Mill up to Northwestern Ave, then back again. There are a few spots that are rather bumpy and poorly maintained, but it was still a very nice ride.
  11. jas3

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I got my first EUC from Jason at eWheels week ago today. It's a KS16S, and I've got 50+ miles on it already. Jason did a great job communicating on when the EUC would arrive, getting me tracking detail, sending safety and other detail in advance of arrival, and replying to my support email (which was effusive praise on the product). Count me as another satisfied eWheels customer. My only complaint is that now I sit at work all day thinking about where I am going riding tonight...
  12. jas3

    New Wheel Checklist - ACM Edition

    Would you mind posting a wrist guard mirror photo?
  13. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Today was day 4, and I did 32.5 miles from the Cynwyd Historic Trail trailhead in Bala to Manyunk, then down to the end of the SRT, then up to Conshy, then back to Manyunk and finally Bala. 4 hours. GREAT ride. Next weekend, I will try out the Wissahickon. If anybody wants to join, let me know!
  14. jas3

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Here’s a great article I found when researching the SRT: https://www.phillyvoice.com/step-step-fully-illustrated-bicyclists-guide-schuylkill-river-trail/ Today was day 3 with my KS16S, and I put 13 miles on her. Tomorrow I will try for 25. Anybody want to hit the SRT tomorrow with me?