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  1. My KS-18XL and I are *IN*. Looking forward to seeing everybody, esp. you, Jerome! Been too long. I think Justin Hicks will also be joining us.
  2. I ran into Jeff today on his ebike on the SRT. His KS S18 arrives in a few days. Also ran into another EUCer named Justin Hicks who has a 16” Inmotion. The 3 of us rode for a bit, which reminded me that I need to stop solo riding all the time and get out with y’all. Please ping be before your next ride. Did 40.2 miles today, and my calves feel it!
  3. Sorry I missed this. Want to ride tomorrow, the 15th?
  4. Well done, Chris. You are definitely the 2nd best EUC-er in Ardmore.
  5. Seba, You are a rockstar and an inspiration. Amazing ride!!! Congratulations!!!! jas3
  6. Great ride today, everybody. See you next time down in DC.
  7. You should check out the Netflix series called “DARK”. Is it 1986? jas3
  8. “While no known land animal can live permanently at a temperature over 50°C, Sahara desert ants can sustain a body temperature well above 50 °C (122 °F) with surface temperatures of up to 70 °C (178 °F). Despite this, if out in the open, they must keep moving or else they will fry.” Sahara Desert Ant
  9. Hello all... Saturday looks to be a scorcher, but I've mapped out a nice 40 mile route that should expose the non-Philly folks to the best place to ride. We are going to meet near the Temple/St. Joe's boathouses, which has free parking... then head upriver to the head of the Wisahickon trail and ride just a few miles on that (also because it is shaded... and to give folks an idea of how to get to the Forbidden Drive trail, which one can take all the way up to Flourtown and then back through Germantown)... then when back on the SRT, upriver again to the mysterious Pencoyd Bridge and into t
  10. It varies, and yes, there are some paved areas, as you found out on your e-bike ride this week. Nope, I still have only the 16S and am up to 1,600 miles after 10 months. And YUP, I did *almost* the whole Perkiomen on it. I started at the Egypt Road park rather than at the intersection of the SRT, which saved me a mile. And I did ride rather slowly with none of my regular S turns and kept a very constant speed to minimize battery drain. And I rode it down to zero % battery and then another 0.5 miles after that back to my car. I BARELY made it back because of the long big uphills a
  11. I will drive to ABE to ride with you and to learn the best places to ride up there! jas3
  12. I crossed the BF into Camden a few months back, rode the whole Camden waterfront (which is quite nice) and though that I would ride south to the Walt Whitman to cross back over the river and then zip back up Delaware Ave. to Spring Garden. I got all the way down to the Walt Whitman before I found out that the WW does not have a pedestrian crossing. D’oh! I rode back through Camden down Broadway, which is not so nice. I will keep a sharp eye out for the other Z10 in Ardmore. The official EUC count in Lower Merion is up to THREE! jas3 p.s. 20 miles today in Lower Merion (Y
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