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  1. Erik- First, welcome, we're glad to have you. I live in Baltimore, but ride frequently with the Glydiators in DC and elsewhere. In fact, we've got a great ride in Philly this weekend if you're free. If it's reasonable, I have suggestion for your mTen3... keep it if you can. Inevitably, you'll run into friends, family, coworkers, etc. who are curious about your wheels. You won't want to put them on your 18XL for a "try out", but your mTen could suffice. I started on an InMotion v5f (aka Solowheel Glide 2). I rarely ride it anymore, but I've used it to introduce several friends to our awesome hobby. I give lessons and lend it out. At least two friends are looking to purchase wheels of your own. What's better than meeting new friends, plus bringing old ones into the fold? If you're able, be an EUC evangelist! Do what makes sense for you, but whatever the case, I look forward to meeting you at Glydiators ride sometime soon!
  2. Hello all. I am very excited to see that, despite the heat, we’ve got a pretty nice ride shaping up for Saturday. We’ve got 12 RSVPs, and at least one or two more that I know of. Should be a great day, and likely the biggest EUC ride in Philly? John, aka@jas3 Is working on a route that we’ll post on Meetup, but we’ll play it by ear based on the weather. After the “official” ride is done, a good number of us plan to hang out, grab dinner, and get an early evening ride in. Everyone is welcome. Route to be determined depending on what we feel like. Looking forward to seeing everyone! I live in Baltimore but I’m a Delco guy originally, so really pumped for this. Thanks everyone for getting on board!
  3. Anyone who's attending, please let us know by RSVP'ing on our MeetUp group. We've confirmed our starting spot on the SRT at the public parking area adjacent to the Gillen Boathouse (St. Joe's). Any further details, as we have them, will also be posted to MeetUp.
  4. Thank you for chiming in @US69. I have been in touch almost daily with Jason at eWheels (that how I got the new board) and we're trying to figure out what to do.
  5. I’m done discussing the fall. Whatever the case, it was a one time event and not the main issue that I have daily. @Micheal Shen, you asked about calibration. I’ve tried this multiple times, as recently as this morning since Jason at eWheels asked me to try it again. I am out on my wheel now. I’ve ridden about 1.5 miles. I had pedal fluctuations about 200 yards into my ride in the middle of a flat level street, and once more time since. Please forget about my fall, perhaps I should not have bothered with that point. Let’s turn our attention to my primary problem, which is been reported by other owners, and verified by another experienced rider on my own wheel. Calibration does not help. What can we do next?
  6. That's me in the video. There are a couple of things I'd like to mention. While I definitely have a problem with my wheel, it's never totally cut out on me, other than possibly this time in the video. When I reported my issue to eWheels I told Jason that I wasn't sure if this was related to my ongoing issues or not. By this time I'd sort of gotten used to the "wobble" as @Lutalo calls it, or "fluttering" as I've termed it. Neither of my Solowheels has ever done anything like it, and my XL never did it for the first 45 days or so that I owned it. It then started doing it occasionally. It really scared me the first few times. I started to get used to it, and began to have confidence that it would recover when it did this. It started to do it with more frequency, and I started to think that maybe this was normal and that the wheel was somehow "re-leveling" it self periodically in the course of riding. This incident above, which I still think was a cut-out or failure of some sort, caused me to re-evaluate everything, thus the call to eWheels and the new motherboard. After installing and calibrating, I had the first instance of the problem within my first mile or so of riding, which was disappointing because I really believe the motherboard would fix it. At that point I really started to wonder if this was all "normal" wheel behavior and if I was making a big deal out of nothing. This gave me the idea of swapping rides with Lutalo. As I'm sure he'll attest, he rode my wheel for at least 15 miles, but spotted the first problem within the first 50 yards. He said something like "Whoa, what is that? That's not normal. You need to send this thing back". Meanwhile, I had the smoothest 15 miles I'd ridden in a while on his wheel. Something is definitely wrong with my wheel. As to the video, I'm really trying not to be defensive. However... I've got somewhere north of 3000 miles of riding between my three wheels, which would take me more than half way across the United States. I had over 500 miles on my XL when this happened. I know my 3K is not much compared to many on this forum, but I don't just fall off of my wheel on terrain like that, even with a dip or small hole in the road. I still fall, but not from stuff like this. I was confused by what happened at the time. I thought maybe I struck an object, and you can hear me say that in the video. Yes, I also noticed the behavior in my left foot. Probably no one has reviewed this video more than I have. I've slowed it down, taken screen shots, etc. Whatever is going on there, I believe I was just trying to react to whatever the wheel was doing or not doing, which is also influenced by the terrain. If I was pressing too hard on the left pedal then why was my left foot the first one to come off? Given the problems why wheel has been exhibiting, I don't think you can make judgments about what it is doing just by looking at the lights. We can analyze this to the end of time, but I was on the wheel and no one else was. I maintain it was the wheel. Even if I'm wrong, I've already said that this was a one-time occurrence, but that the other problem I've been having has been frequent and ongoing. @Lutalo, who owns at least four King Song wheels and has several more years and many more miles of riding experience than I do has validated that something is wrong with my wheel. You're in China, and you mention "our tester", so I assume you work for King Song? I'm not sure why you're questioning me on a public forum rather than contacting me directly or at least engaging me through your US distributor. Whatever the case, we're in this now, so if you represent King Song, what can be done here? I know one other rider in DC, also an experienced rider and very skilled (more than me), who is reporting this issue with his wheel. Also take a look at the comments in this thread from @Lueksparky and @Meserias. They are also reporting similar issues to mine. Something is going on here, it's not just me. I look forward to your response, and to find out how King Song is going to help me and other with this problem.
  7. @Yanex87 gets crazy range! He's not a big dude, but he does wear a lot of protective gear and carries a lot of stuff. He is always the guy with air pump, first aid kit, flashlight or whatever else you need but didn't bring, so he's really not running a light as you'd link. As for charging at 30mi, my wheel and I are having trust issues right now, so eliminate whatever risk I can, lol.
  8. Try disabling Wi-Fi on your phone @Eliran. It worked for me, I have an iPhone. I read somewhere on this forum that the firmware update requires some type of location services which don't report the correct data if the app is running via Wi-FI. Just to be clear, disable Wi-Fi only. You still need cellular data and bluetooth, so you can't use airplane mode.
  9. I agree. I hope not to have to ask that of @Lutalo I'll first wait to see what eWheels has to say. My wheel is still under warranty, so perhaps I'll ship it back for them to look at, or they will ship us more parts to try. Yes, as I recently learned with the motherboard, the tear down is a hassle, but it may save me time without the wheel. They need to find a better way to mount the padding on the wheel (aside from adhesive or double sided tape) in order to make the internals more accessible! In addition to myself, @Meserias and @Lueksparky both reported similar issues further above in this thread, and I know one other DC area rider who is reporting similar issues as mine, though less frequently so far. Mine started very sporadically, but have increased in frequency. There may be a larger issue going on here. More as I have it...
  10. A brief update on this... I swapped my motherboard on July 4th. I wasn't able to ride, but got out the next day. Unfortunately the issue has not gone away. Further, we had a 60mi group ride in DC on the 6th. I was able to swap wheels for about 15 miles with Lutalo (from this forum), who also rides an 18-XL, among other Kingsong wheels. He experienced the problem almost immediately, and frequently while he was on my wheel. It his opinion, it is definitely not normal behavior. Conversely, I finally experienced 15 miles of trouble-free riding on Lutalo's wheel ;-) Thanks Lutalo! I'm reporting all of this to eWheels and will continue to troubleshoot the problem and post updates.
  11. I forgot to add... I was on 1.12 when I first noticed it. It continued happening with 1.13.
  12. This sounds very similar. In my case it happens very quickly (lasts a second or two) and it often tilts forward, back or both. It is a very unsettling feeling and happens suddenly. For me, at first it happened infrequently and mostly at higher speeds, but it increased in frequency and started happening at all speeds. Recently, it might happen several times over a few miles. this is my third wheel and I'm a reasonably experienced rider, so I don't feel like my riding style had much to do with the issue. I'm estimating I had around 250-300 miles on this wheel before I noticed the issue the first time, it was around 700 miles when we pulled the board yesterday. I received my new motherboard and installed it yesterday. I've not ridden much yet, but I'll get in a few miles in today and tomorrow I'm doing the Glydiators "Bye Bye Blackbyrd" ride in Washington, D.C. that's going to be close to 60 miles, so it should be a good test and I'll report back. While we had it apart yesterday my friends and I also took the opportunity to do a vinyl wrap. Very happy with how that turned out. Many thanks to Lutalo and Neil (Yanex) for their help on MB swap and the wrap. Those guys know their way around the inside of a KingSong! Shameless plug for Glydiators.... We ride almost every weekend, all are welcome. Anyone in the DC area or visiting please hook up with us. ESK8'rs and OneWheels and also PEV's also welcome!
  13. I know of one other rider in the DC area who is experiencing something like I have, but so far not as frequently. I had kind of gotten used to it and was ignoring it. Maybe I shouldn't have.
  14. I'm not ruling anything out. However, as far as batteries go, I've got about 800 miles on this wheel, so they're fairly new. Range has been as expected, so I've not noticed any other symptoms that appear battery related.
  15. Thanks. I suspect something like that as well, though I may try re-calibrating (as per above) and some gentle riding (in full armor) on the off-chance that might help. I'm also in touch with Jason at eWheels about replacing the motherboard.
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