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  1. JBinBalt

    Baltimore MD, USA

    To my fellow Baltimore riders, things have been getting organized down in DC. Check out Glydiators on Facebook or the Meetup Group. There are lot's of rides planned for the Spring. We're also planning a Baltimore ride for May, to be announced soon. It should be about 30ish miles, ridling largely on the Gywynn's Falls and Jones Falls trails, connecting through Pimlico on the North side and through the Inner Harbor on the South side. Search Facebook for "Glydiators" for additional information, a web site is also coming soon. Lastly, it was fun to finally run into another one of you guys down at the Inner Harbor this past weekend. I pass through there several times weekly and this is only the second time I've spotted another wheel, the last time was June 2018.
  2. JBinBalt

    App limiting my speed

    I've not seen this on my Glide 2 or Glide 3. I was using the Solowheel app, but am on the inMotion app now.
  3. I get the rated 19mph and I've occasionally seen stats after a ride showing that I got slightly over, 19.3 or around there. I go about 205lbs, I can usually get at least 12-15 miles where I've got 3-5 bars (in blue) on the battery. It starts to moderate speed when the battery drops below what into yellow/red. I've not gone quite 20 miles, but I think I could get that riding conservatively. InMotion claims 45-50km, or about 30 miles. wWheels has it at 24 miles on their comparison chart. Hopefully this helps you. I love this wheel, it's a blast and I'll have it for a long time. However, I have been thinking about a v10. I don't usually want to cruise at 20+ mph, but I do in bursts. I want to easily pass scooters and bikers when the mood strikes.
  4. Got around to trying this. Set it at around 20%. When I jumped on and tried to get going it almost immediately went into tilt-back. Also, I was riding with a bunch of e-skaters in DC and I couldn't quite keep up with them, I kept getting the alarm. I checked I was set at 80%. I put it back to 100% and was much more easily able to stay with the skaters.
  5. That's interesting, I'll give it a try and report back. I've recently set my wheel back to 80% from 100%, my impression is that I'm not draining the battery as quickly, but it still has plenty of power.
  6. JBinBalt

    Baltimore MD, USA

    Nice work! I'm just a month into this and I don't I could show you much about riding. I'm learning fast and am pretty comfortable, but I think trying to flap wings would still distract me and upset my balance. I've got a Glide 2 and Glide 3, went for the combo deal so I could learn on (and beat up) the smaller one. I ride the Glide 3 most of the time now, but the small one is still fun and really easy to maneuver.
  7. JBinBalt

    Baltimore MD, USA

    Hello. I'm a fairly new rider in Baltimore. I just found the forum and this thread. If anyone is organizing a ride in the area I'd love to join. I haven't encountered too many EUCs here yet. I live near Fed Hill. One guy there told me he has one, and I met two guys on Ninebots down at the inner harbor a couple of weeks back.
  8. JBinBalt

    Weird rubber band popping out of my G3

    Happened to me also, took me about 30 minutes fooling around with it to get it fixed. I broke a toothpick in half and used the blunt/broken end to force the knobby end of the cover back through the hole. I think I also used needle nose pliers to help out a bit. Can't recall exactly how I used them, it was a few weeks back. Yes... this getting it back in was a pain.
  9. Hello- I'm a new rider/owner, and new to the forum. I've got a Glide2 and Glide3. Both have the power setting that owheely mentions above. It is a separate slider adjustment in the Solowheel app, actually next to the volume slider. I turned both of mine up to 100% shortly after getting the units. Everything seems to be fine with them, though I don't have much comparative riding time on the lower settings. My Glide2 shipped at 80%, the Glide3 at 81%.