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  1. This thread has been dormant for a while, but I wanted to circle back with an update. As of August I'd given up and downgraded my firmware to v1.11. While I'd sort of gotten used the occasional platform shifting that I was experiencing on v1.12 and and v1.13, I decided I didn't really want to live with it. I saw that v2.0 was available, so I upgraded about two weeks ago. I'm very glad to report that I've gotten about 50-60 miles of riding in since then with no issues. That's enough for me to say that whatever problem I had has been solved in v2.0. It's nice to finally have the benefits of the new firmware, without any problems, even if it took a while. I'm still curious why some 18XLs experienced my issue and some did not, but we may never find that out.
  2. I'm having this exact same problem. If you have any luck please let me know. So frustrating!
  3. A brief update on this. A few weeks ago I returned the replacement motherboard that eWheels provided and swapped back to the original board that came in my wheel, and I downgraded that board to v1.11. As with the replacement board from eWheels, the problem stopped when I downgraded. I've ridden several hundred miles since then with no issues. I'm left wondering why some 18XLs have no problem with v1.12 and v1.13, but mine does. I have notices one development, the standard Kingsong app (at least on my phone and on @Lutalo's when we tried it with my wheel) is now saying that v1.11 is the latest version, it no longer offers an upgrade. Additionally, in the soft tuner app that KS provided, there is now a v1.14 listed, and they confirmed in email that they are working on a new firmware. I'm certainly going to wait for their go-ahead before trying. That is the latest. If anyone has ideas on why some 18XLs have this problem and not others, I'd love to hear them.
  4. I'm not sure if it was me that you're asking, but mine is white.
  5. Hell @DJMaxAlex. You described it well as a split second of free falling. I'd agree that it is usually tilting back, but sometimes forward. I'll also note that it was totally random for me. Sometime I might see it in the first couple of hundred meters after power up and setting out, other times it may take miles. For those following along, I'm now 40+ miles since downgrading and have not seen the problem since returning to v1.11. It first appeared for me shortly after upgrading to v1.12 and remained on v1.13. Regarding downgrading, KingSong sent me an app (they called it the SoftTuner) and a login for the app. You'll need a Android phone, it is not available on IOS. I ran into one snag where the app would not find my wheel in Bluetooth. It turned out that location services were disabled on the phone, and for some reason this stopped 3rd party apps from running Bluetooth discovery. Once I corrected that everything went smoothly and the process was very quick. They even sent me a video. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to distribute that software, so I suggest you start with emailing KS Support (support@szkingsong.com) for the SoftTuner, or your distributor. I know eWheels also has it, if that's who you bought from. @Micheal Shen from KS is also on this thread and he may be able to hook you up. If none of those options work out then please let me know. Good luck! I'll be curious to hear if you can duplicate my results!
  6. Very sorry that this happened to you @Captain Ahab, I hope you heal up quickly and keep riding. As one who's tread your path previously (owning a V8 and upgrading to an 18-XL), I'm in the camp that feels like you'd have to be doing something pretty extreme to cause this behavior on an 18XL, especially at slow speeds. I understand it is not a quick off the line as a V8, but there is SO MUCH MORE power. I overleaned mine one time when accelerating away from a stop sign. At the time it was locked to 40kph with the 3rd alarm and tilt-back both maxed, so essentially the same settings as yours. I got beeps and tilt back, not a cut out. This was after having replaced a controller, so it was really my second time riding through the 125 to unlock on that wheel and I was not really new on it wheel at the time. All of that said, I think @Jerome (Jerome - Didn't we just ride in Philly together last weekend?) makes a good point on modifying your settings based on what happened. I've also been dumped from my 18XL once, and there's video of it posted on this site. I blame the wheel, partly due to some other issues I've had with it, though others put it to rider error. This hurts my pride more than the actual fall ;-)
  7. Hello All- I just wanted to report back that I've downgraded to v1.11. I've ridden just over 20 miles and so far I'm no longer experiencing the balancing problem. As some of you may recall, we first tried replacing my controller (which didn't fix the issue), so now I'm considering going back to my original controller and downgrading it as well in order to see if I have the same results. I think that @AtlasP asks a relevant question above, as to why some wheels are experiencing this problem under v1.12 and v1.13, and others don't seem to be impacted. I can say that I get great range on my wheel and I see no other indications of battery issues. Including rides with both controllers I probably have about 1500 miles on it.
  8. Jerome- My guess is that with a 12PM meet we'll roll out around 12:15, or 12:30 at the latest. Glydiators has a group on the Telegram App. It has a live location feature that I'm sure at least a half dozen of us will activate. Feel free to check it out, you'll be able to see where we are on the route. Seeya Saturday! t.me/DMVGlydiators
  9. A quick update here... KS has contacted me directly and asked me to try downgrading my firmware and testing my wheel with both v1.11 and v1.12. They provided software and instructions to do this, but it requires an Android phone which I do not have. I'll make arrangements and try to test this weekend, and will report back.
  10. Erik- First, welcome, we're glad to have you. I live in Baltimore, but ride frequently with the Glydiators in DC and elsewhere. In fact, we've got a great ride in Philly this weekend if you're free. If it's reasonable, I have suggestion for your mTen3... keep it if you can. Inevitably, you'll run into friends, family, coworkers, etc. who are curious about your wheels. You won't want to put them on your 18XL for a "try out", but your mTen could suffice. I started on an InMotion v5f (aka Solowheel Glide 2). I rarely ride it anymore, but I've used it to introduce several friends to our awesome hobby. I give lessons and lend it out. At least two friends are looking to purchase wheels of your own. What's better than meeting new friends, plus bringing old ones into the fold? If you're able, be an EUC evangelist! Do what makes sense for you, but whatever the case, I look forward to meeting you at Glydiators ride sometime soon!
  11. Hello all. I am very excited to see that, despite the heat, we’ve got a pretty nice ride shaping up for Saturday. We’ve got 12 RSVPs, and at least one or two more that I know of. Should be a great day, and likely the biggest EUC ride in Philly? John, aka@jas3 Is working on a route that we’ll post on Meetup, but we’ll play it by ear based on the weather. After the “official” ride is done, a good number of us plan to hang out, grab dinner, and get an early evening ride in. Everyone is welcome. Route to be determined depending on what we feel like. Looking forward to seeing everyone! I live in Baltimore but I’m a Delco guy originally, so really pumped for this. Thanks everyone for getting on board!
  12. Anyone who's attending, please let us know by RSVP'ing on our MeetUp group. We've confirmed our starting spot on the SRT at the public parking area adjacent to the Gillen Boathouse (St. Joe's). Any further details, as we have them, will also be posted to MeetUp.
  13. Thank you for chiming in @US69. I have been in touch almost daily with Jason at eWheels (that how I got the new board) and we're trying to figure out what to do.
  14. I’m done discussing the fall. Whatever the case, it was a one time event and not the main issue that I have daily. @Micheal Shen, you asked about calibration. I’ve tried this multiple times, as recently as this morning since Jason at eWheels asked me to try it again. I am out on my wheel now. I’ve ridden about 1.5 miles. I had pedal fluctuations about 200 yards into my ride in the middle of a flat level street, and once more time since. Please forget about my fall, perhaps I should not have bothered with that point. Let’s turn our attention to my primary problem, which is been reported by other owners, and verified by another experienced rider on my own wheel. Calibration does not help. What can we do next?
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