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  1. GamingBarbecue256

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    That is kind of the direction that my mind was going with this. I mean, the Quadcopter and R/C communities have a lot of experience with lithium-ion battery fires (admittedly with lipo packs rather than 18650s and similar cells). It doesn't seem to me that water is a common trigger there. Of course, I'm just guessing, but I'm afraid the water diagnosis might have some guesswork as well. Considering the gravity of the situation, that worries me a bit.
  2. GamingBarbecue256

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    LOL, no its just a variation of a name that I was auto-assigned by xbox live. BBQ is good, so I kept it.
  3. GamingBarbecue256

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    TBH, I'm starting to worry that this may not actually always be a moisture issue. Are were sure that this couldn't be an issue with bad (or counterfeit) cells? I'm really expecting this problem to get much worse with this wheel.
  4. GamingBarbecue256

    Maybe These Batteries Will Be In Our 2020 EUCs

    Oh, of course. I'm pretty optimistic, too, considering all of the investment. I just don't necessarily expect the progress to come from the most hyped tech.
  5. GamingBarbecue256

    Noob first try - meh

    What is the "pusher approach"? Also, good luck. I'm looking forward to similar struggles.
  6. GamingBarbecue256

    Maybe These Batteries Will Be In Our 2020 EUCs

    Wasn't Panasonic estimating ~2025 for solid state? It definitely seems to be the direction that a lot of people expect over the long term. But then again, people used to think that thin-film solar was the future and that didn't exactly pan out. Sometimes stuff like this stays perpetually 5-10 years away.
  7. GamingBarbecue256

    IPS i5 20700 video - 4k, 360 and drone

    That is an awful lot of beeping!
  8. GamingBarbecue256

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Maybe a stupid question, but are you on iOS?
  9. GamingBarbecue256

    My Z10 Review

    So, this guy needed a Z10?
  10. GamingBarbecue256

    Decisions, decisions

    Meh, the big forums that I've been on tend to just have different biases. They may be less obvious, but the group-think is still really strong. Basically, it is really hard to "get informed" from a forum.
  11. GamingBarbecue256

    IPS S5

    Has the wheel still not arrived? I've been pretty curious about reports from this one.
  12. GamingBarbecue256

    IPS 1000watt motor really 350w sustained?

    http://haveago.city/ips-i5/ lists 350W. Maybe 1000W is some sort of peak potential?
  13. Oh, I see. I was under the impression that the E+ was slower than that, but this explains why it only seemed like a marginal upgrade for him. I guess if you have mostly level terrain, a 3mph bump isn't much.
  14. @Dingfelder I have the same concerns, but I also don't really have hills and I'm not particularly interested in going fast (>12 mph). I feel like the MSuper and similar wheels would be overkill.
  15. Thanks, I'm a newb just looking into getting a first wheel, so this is all new to me. I was under the impression that the E+ would be a poor choice for the 100kg/220lb weight range (me) and that something like a Glide3/V8 would be much better. Obviously it is surpassed by wheels that cost hundreds more, but, you know, they cost hundreds more. I have also thought about the mcm3, though outdated, it is ~500 now and seems to have a powerful motor for the price. Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Let me know all of the ways that they are wrong.