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  1. @martybacke I don't know if there is different firmware, but if it isn't then there need to be at least different code paths to differentiate between when the KS18L and the KS18XL start to limit speed. The limit on the higher cell count wheel is set to a lower percentage of battery left. The 18l starts throttling at 50% and the 18xl starts at 25%. They allow this because there are more cells in parallel on the 18xl and and can collectively give enough current at lower cell voltages safely. The throttling has to happen at a higher voltage on the 18l and a lower one on the 18xl. So it's either different firmware or the controller need a way to determine what type of battery packs are installed. We'll hopefully know more if ewheels comes out with a 18l to 18xl upgrade kit and what it entails (either control board swap, firmware upgrade, or nothing) The same thing happens in the KS14d and KS14S. Think there is different firmware for the 14" wheels since upgrading a 14d to a 14S requires a control board swap.
  2. Klonoa Just wondering if you would mind sharing where this occurred. Would like to know where I should avoid.
  3. That link appear to be a proposed bill and not law yet, if ever. Since I'm a Mass resident I'll have to look into this further. It would be good to know where we stand now. And yes, it is hard to have fun legally in Massachusetts.
  4. Hello I have been riding a few months and have really enjoying this hobby/sport. Learning curve has not been to bad, and having a lot of fun doing it. I currently have a 14" Ninebot Segway S1 with 150 miles on it. I feel comfortable using it on suburban streets and on sidewalk with moderate and heavy pedestrian/bike traffic. It has served me well and taught me how to ride, but feel it is limiting me now. Constantly hit the 20 km/hr and can't keep up with bicycles. The rage is quite limiting too. I'm heaver at 200 lbs and and get 10-12 miles out of a charge. I took it on vacation last week and me with 20-25 lbs of gear would make it to the beach 5.5 miles away, but would barely make it back (limping the last mile). It time for me to move into an intermediate wheel. I have 2 goals. One is to have a fun wheel to ride around town. The other, once I get more proficient and feel comfortable in the city, is to have a "last mile" fair weather commuter. With 2-7 mile suburban leg to either the train or subway and a 1/2-2 mile urban leg. Gotway build quality and fragility are scaring me away from them. Still think I will crash one in a while. Leaves me with Kingsong and Immotion. I am leaning towards Kinsong thinking its built better. Don't know if I should stay with a 14" or go bigger. I'm leaning towards a KS14S for it's agility and smaller size. I'm thinking the 30 km/h will be fast enough for me, but would like some input on that. Is it a wise choice for someone 200 lbs with 20 lbs or so of gear? Would a KS16S be a better fit? should I even consider an 18" wheel? Please share your thoughts, opinions and pro/cons of my options. Thanks Dan
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