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  1. Well, it had to happen sometime, and it finally happened to me. Riding home, suddenly I'm riding the wheel sideways. Hop off into the teeth of traffic to find the wheel is indeed flat. Walk over to somewhere safer and perform an inspection ... nothing. No sign of a puncture anywhere on the tire. But no air either. So, I wait for a bus. And wait. And wait. On getting home, I tear it down and go looking ... Zippo. Nada. No foreign object penetration anywhere. But there's a rough line right around both sides of the tube, and a gummy clumping of something just below it. Immersion in water finds the leak ... in that rough line. Looks like the tire has abraded the tube. I have no idea how this might happen ... So I put a patch over the site of the hole, and used up all the rest of the patches in my kit to strengthen the rest of the line out an inch from that penetration. A new tube is in order ... but I'm stumped as to how it happened in the first place, or how to prevent it in the future.
  2. I lost sound from having the battery disconnected while doing a repair. Spend a few hours checking for a damaged speaker or wire only to find them perfect. Then found this thread. Resolved the problem on the second try ... the wheel turned off in the middle of the first attempt. I suspect it timed out from being turned on in the parked position the whole time I was downloading the sound file to the app. Second try worked well. Used the 'English' version .. which changed the power up and down chirps and bongos to a rather startling voice greeting and "See Ya" on power down. I'm going to miss those drums.
  3. And add me to the no sound club.
  4. Well that was fun. 2 new first today. First ever wheel burnout. Surprisingly easy on packed snow. And first hydroplane. Also surprisingly easy in slush. I'll pencil those onto my 'done it, got away with it, don't do it again' list. Rather annoyed. Did a good run, but the app failed to record it. I hate it when that happens
  5. Keep thumping your chest ... I'm sure you're impressing .... someone.
  6. Y'know ... the moment I hear the word 'influencer' I can't help but shake my head. 1.3k subs ....
  7. So you're mad because you bought something off e-bay and they aren't treating you like you bought it from them. Sure, that makes sense.
  8. Where's the fun in that? Aw, fark. Just got a weather alert from the weather net. A low pressure system from the Great Lakes is expected to bring about 10 centimetres of snow to Montreal and vicinity tonight. Winds will also pick up overnight and locally create blowing snow. Although these expected conditions do not meet warning criteria, there is a strong likelihood that the morning commute in the greater Montreal area will be disrupted. Fortunately, the impact on traffic will soon be forgotten as the forecast calls for rain in the afternoon. Just bloody lovely.
  9. Just pulled a 6km ride in -12C. Lots and lots of ice .. not the most pleasant of rides. Bought better over-mittens so my hands aren't stiff with the cold anymore ... but I opted to wear my knee pads today. Figured with the reduced traction more padding would be better. But they held my jeans tight to my legs, letting the cold in. Now my knees are frozen. Wearing my steel caps probably wasn't ideal either. Feet haven't hurt like this in a long time. But, it was a fun ride, well worth the pins and needles.
  10. I hold the phone vertical, it turns on the rear facing camera and asks to capture the video. Not a lot more to tell.
  11. Did you guys change something in the App? It suddenly started turning on the damn camera whenever I hole the phone vertical. Unwanted and not cool.
  12. Hey, since you've got time in with the Inmotions ... the app did something strange this week. Turned on the damn camera all by itself. The moment I held the phone vertical. Never saw it do that before. Ever see that happen? Nearly shit myself when I saw it.
  13. I'm on a Glide 2 (V5F) so it's already represented. Now if I could just get it to speed up past the 20kph.
  14. A few days back it was cold and icy, but with the forecast of freezing rain, I wanted to get a ride in before it hit. Lots of icy patches on the roads, but I was able to roll over it without issue. So long as you're not changing vector, there's no reason to slide. The wheel is going to gyroscopically stay straight. Kept my speed reasonable ... lowest average speed I've clocked in a while. The one place I lost is wasn't on slick ice at all. There was a bit of rough snow frozen to the road to one side of a slick so I opted to cross that as I normally would in a car. Slow speed combined with the rough threw me. At the speed I was going it wasn't more than a trip fall, but it offended me greatly. There after I stuck to rolling over the smooth ice and had no issue. Kept my eyes far ahead and made damn sure I wasn't going to have to change speed or direction on a slick, and made it back home without issue.
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