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  1. If the noise appears only when you stand on only one side pedal and not on the other, check the opposite direction pedal where you standing on if it is loosely. Seams the shaft of your wheel is not firm. Have to tiden the bolds. Sounds like my occasion.
  2. Just got the feeling of quiting EUC riding after the nice picture of the situation. Second thought is mimicking the old paps on the scooters, never go faster than 15kmh no mater what.
  3. I agree with @The Fat Unicyclist. It sounds like something hitting the fan blade, or the saft is bend and coliding case with fan. I hope you solve the problem fast.
  4. HI fellow EUC riders! I was annoyed by the constantly on and off going of my KS-16s light from passing under light poste or the home lights. So I kame up with the idea of modefie the sensor to catch less light and make it less responsive.The proses is simple. I pouted a layer if clear tape on the sensor, painted it black with a permanent marker and stick a second layer of clear tape over to avoid the discoloration over time. I have used it for one year and I am satisfied with the results. If Kingsong is reading the postes in this forum I suggest them to tinter the clear cap of the sensor on the next models to prevent the flickering of the light on auto mode.
  5. Android app it is then to make it work. Glad to hear that you set up and can ride the KS-16S now. Happy traveling!
  6. Once I came over some poste he stated using its phone had problems with the app setting up his EUC. He borrowed an android phone and sorted it out.
  7. I will agree with the previous fellows. Normally you have restriction antil you have traveled over 10 km. There is an unlock code you can use to bypass the restriction. And last it must be set to expert riding mode. On my ks16s it worked out so it cept my speed changes. Happy riding!
  8. HI fellow KS-16s rider I have my ride one year now and my trolley handle is wobily but never have any issues with it. You just have bad luck. Had a minor problem of loose screws of one pedal solved it by just tidening it. I enjoy riding my KS-16s and hope you experience the fealing of joyful riding.
  9. Hello My opinion is your EUC have the outer small screws holding the shell bit loose. They ar under the led stripes. Also a cracked shell suld do the same noise. It seams it has swaped side pads, there suld be kingsong logo on it. Only the replacement lacks of it. Is the weeal second hand purchase; Her in this video you can see how to disassemble the KS 16 EUC and get a picture witch screws to tiden up. There is a second schell with small screws holding it together.
  10. Hi all! I have my KS-16S V1 Silver for one year now and have use it for 480 Km. Casual user, more commuting in the city and the most extreme I do is jumping from the sidewalk to the road when no ramp exists. At the beginning after the first 3 months I jumped of because it was wobbling at the start acceleration and got afraid (this was the biggest crash I had). The EUC tumbled for several meters and stop falling at it side. I continued using it after I examine it and only some scratch marks was made nothing ales. Now several month after I noticed it was wobbling at braking, and the one side was so squishy from one side that the rim collides with the outer shell. The other side is still solid no displacing of the rim. I decided to open it for first time and examine the interior shaft after I saw a poste of a forum fellow he got loose hanger. I had also an lose hanger it was cosign the issue. Took the appropriate allen key and tightened the two screws. Now it is like new again. Will keep an eye on it because I did not used thread lock on the screws and maybe it get loose again. This is what i experience with my KS-16S V1 and want to share with you for those noticing the same symptoms. Happy riding to every one!
  11. Got it. With voice on no beeping. Voice off only beeping and no decelerate voice warning. I like to have anuncing of speed steps but with voice warning at crucial speed. No such thing possible so I have to stick with voice on for the final warning only
  12. My KS-16S don't beep at the alert speed settings and only get the final decelerate alert. Any can help?
  13. I am new and need to learn how to ride. So my major concerns is to avoid damaging my unit. My idea is to cover it with a layer of 5mm paper jam leaving uncovered crucial areas like led indicator and top side. Before all this the unit must be wrapped up in sort of food wrapping film to prevent the moisture enter in side.
  14. I am a beginner in use of Euc and my first unicycle will be the KS-16s (waiting to arrive). Have choosen it for the 16 inch and the large 840 wh battery. Also from other's perspective it is a good forgiving mistakes unicycle. Your review and use description is one more reason to gain confidens on the on ks-16s to start with it and after to look for upgrade. Thanks for your info happy traveling.
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