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  1. Got it. With voice on no beeping. Voice off only beeping and no decelerate voice warning. I like to have anuncing of speed steps but with voice warning at crucial speed. No such thing possible so I have to stick with voice on for the final warning only
  2. My KS-16S don't beep at the alert speed settings and only get the final decelerate alert. Any can help?
  3. I am new and need to learn how to ride. So my major concerns is to avoid damaging my unit. My idea is to cover it with a layer of 5mm paper jam leaving uncovered crucial areas like led indicator and top side. Before all this the unit must be wrapped up in sort of food wrapping film to prevent the moisture enter in side.
  4. I am a beginner in use of Euc and my first unicycle will be the KS-16s (waiting to arrive). Have choosen it for the 16 inch and the large 840 wh battery. Also from other's perspective it is a good forgiving mistakes unicycle. Your review and use description is one more reason to gain confidens on the on ks-16s to start with it and after to look for upgrade. Thanks for your info happy traveling.
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