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  1. Solowheel told me to ride it from 100% to 0% which I did. They told me take screenshots of the app which I did. In the link I'm posting you can see all those screenshots. I'd like to add this they told me, as a new Rider to ride to 0% which was terrible advice as most of you riders know because at 0% the Glide 2 threw me straight to the ground (a face plant) as it lost power and caused me a giant laceration on the back of my leg cause by the foot pedals. I'm growing more and more unsatisfied with Solowheel as a company. As for the statements on tire pressure, we had our tire pressure at full capacity as specified on the side of the Wheel from the day we bought them. I think the person who mentioned the battery in both being junk might be correct. I have a feeling the Solowheels sat on their shelves for a very long time destroying the battery. I heard you're supposed to charge your Solowheel once a month whether you use it or not to keep the batteries fresh and I get the feeling the Glide 2's sat there with no one loving them for too long. I'm amazed that Solowheel hasn't responded to this thread. Screenshots and injury photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HcU8SsZDxHT1Wip77
  2. I can't figure it out. I've left a comment on the Inmotion forum. They are saying it should get more but are also scapegoating by saying, "So 260lbs is the maximum load the machine can bear, but we want to make it clear that weight affects performance, so Glide 3 (or the newer V10) are recommended if you want better performance at higher loads." That sounds to me like backpedaling to me. If they say 260 lb capacity for a Glide 2 and 25 miles it should do it if you weigh less. I think all of us dont expect 25 miles but 5 is really really bad. Again this happened to both Glide 2s on flat ground. 7-12 mph.
  3. Battery 320 Wh I hear ya. Id settle for half (12.5 miles) but for God sake, 5 miles is a bold faced lie.
  4. My girlfriend and I both got the glide 2 (NOT the LITE version). It brags of 25-mile range and 260lb capacity. I'm 200 lbs and while I don't expect a full 25 miles, I'm seriously feeling like false advertising has been exercised by InMotion. I tried both her glide 2 and my glide 2 and both only got 5 miles. AND it was ridden on a flat rail trail!!! No hills at all. This really needs to be explained and addressed. I'm feeling lied to and ripped off.
  5. This sounds incredible and perfect for what Im looking to do, which is charge the wheel faster as well as limit the percentages it charges to (80-100%). I'll be buying the Glide 2 and Glide 3. Can I use those two wheel's chargers in parallel with either of those two wheels? Thanks again for helping out!
  6. I hear you. Mine arrives Wednesday. I'm grateful for my glide 2 and 3 but I'm already craving a stronger, longer lasting, faster wheel. Like an msuper or z10.
  7. I own a V8. Can bigger pedals (like the V10's or others) be put on the V8? Are pedals universal and interchangable? I'm fearing the V8 pedals will be small and uncomfortable. The Gotway msuper pedals look very comfortable. So do the Z10's Also, if V10's fit, what do V10 pedals cost?
  8. I'd love to get some feedback from inmotion V8 Solowheel Glide 3 riders. I'd love to know how many miles everyone's gotten on this wheel when they are off-road riding on real trails not just dirt roads. I live in New York so we have hills here. It's not flat ground or just curvy hills, it's mountain trails. I'd love to hear all different stories of how far people got when they ride Mountain trails with this wheel. Thanks so much everyone!
  9. Did you get the Glide 2 lite or the Glide 2? If it hasn't shipped I'd cancel the lite model and ask the for 50% off the Glide 2. They will do that for you. They did it for me. The Glide 2 comes with a free cover. That can do 15 mph, about 12 miles and can handle 240lbs. Ask for 10-15% off the total order too. They might even throw in a free trolly handle too.
  10. Can you explain the Charge Doctor a bit more to me? I'm not clear on what it does. You mentioned plugging two chargers into it at one? I'm new and a bit in the dark. BTW I loved your video review on the ninebot X10.
  11. Help me find a Fast charger for the Solowheel Glide 3 and Glide 2 I know there is one at ewheels.com but he wants $129 for it plus shipping. There must be another solution. Can anyone help with both of my new wheels?
  12. I asked Kevin at Solowheel and he said his techs who design and repair use it. They actually use something called Monster Goo (I think thats the name) but the endorse using Slime and Goo.
  13. The Glide 2 is the V5F not the V5. So YouTube inmotion V5F and NOT the V5F+ either.
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