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  1. Just about anyone can be bitten by the EUC bug. I saw an ad for the Segway miniLITE which somehow lead me to discovering the electric unicycle. After much research and many videos I thought "I have to get one of those! It would be so much fun to ride!" Being over 70 I did have some reservations, but eventually rationalized through all of them and am now learning how to ride my new KS14s! I was right. This reminds me of my downhill skiing days. It's like flying without having to leave the ground... An electric skateboard or scooter never caught my interest. By the way, thanks to all of you here on this forum who have helped me so much learning all about this subject!
  2. John Hearsey

    Yet another bitten by the EUC bug

    OK, that may in fact be what I am hearing. It does make me nervous about riding the wheel so that helps to defray my fears - thanks. Yea, I have and am wearing protective gear with wrist guards at the top of my list!
  3. John Hearsey

    Yet another bitten by the EUC bug

    I actually did a short video with the sound but I am limited right now on the file upload (~3mb) But if this is normal then I won't worry. I am just a little nervous right now about something that might end up throwing me off the wheel ...)
  4. John Hearsey

    Yet another bitten by the EUC bug

    That's a good idea so I tried it and still the same vibration. It is actually audible as you begin to accelerate and actually sounds like a grinding noise.
  5. This forum has been tremendous in helping better understand EUCs as well as being a wealth of information about all kinds of things, so thank you all! I just bought a KS14s and I am now attempting to learn how to ride it. Funny, @Jason McNeil, in his into message he sent when I bought the wheel suggested I use a shopping cart for learning and I tried a variation of that by using my electric mower instead as it is not too heavy. Is is actually helping me get a feel for the wheel and how to balance on it. One thing became very clear rather quickly was to look up and ahead rather than down at the wheel (of course I knew that!). I am starting to believe I might actually be able to do this! I also do have a question. When I just start to move the wheel either forward or back I feel a vibration in my feet as if the wheel is "hunting" for the balance point. It stops vibrating as soon as I start to move. Just wondered if this is typical behavior or there might be a problem with the wheel. Thanks @Jason McNeil for including the protection foam padding which I have put to good use as I know the wheel is going down a lot in the near future anyway...