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  1. Ride from today Cold windy but it doesn't stop us from having Fun
  2. http://meetu.ps/e/Ggfm4/H47Vh/a
  3. Maybe your right because it only happen when its on. i'll try to double check and maybe unplug all the speakers and try to turn it on again. Thanks
  4. I did try opening up the inside plus the motor but they are all good. the magnet is so fine the coils are intact, then i check the bearing its not lose. i can only hear that crackling sound when its hanging and spinning but if its off and try to spin the wheel theres no sound at all. I didn't notice this since i reach 1500km when i clean the wheel while hanging spinning, the sound it not that too loud to notice. and ever since I've been riding it until now i have 2076km. Im just asking around if people has encounter this sound in their KS 18L.
  5. Another Remarkable Day Riding Around DC
  6. as for the matte black it really didn't effect it when i remove the vinyl still look good, i wrap my EUC several times 1st i use different vinyl, then i remove it wrap with a carbon fiber, but i scratch the wrap so i remove it again and wrap for 3rd time but underneath that wrap the matte black is still in a good shape. i had my EUC since July.
  7. From the footage that i got still awesome because i record it in 4k, but the fact that the camera has just one focus wherever you point the camera is what angle you get it feels so lacking of something........ yourself. because in every footage you get, you want also yourself in the picture thats the disadvantage of a helmet mounted camera.
  8. Speaking of helmet mounting i do mount my Hero 5 session in my head, ouch i mean in my helmet.
  9. I agree with the stick of the insta 360 its hard to maneuver around DC street plus theirs a lot of people walking you have to be careful. but if you mount it it's another story you can get a good shot with the stick than if you just mount it on specially in the helmet. Once you have it in the Helmet you will look like Teletubbies
  10. I DIY it myself, i just buy a carbon fiber vinyl then i wrap it. And yup i'm in silver spring MD, i live here for about 9 years.
  11. @Lutalo 3 beautiful EUC ( carbon fiber wrap KS18L , glossy white KS18XL , matte black KS18L )
  12. @Lutalo but dude its really comfortable and the leg room for me of this seat is perfect.
  13. i have this set up this seat awhile back like a couple months ago but i end up removing the seat because i'm afraid that if i fall and the seat hit the ground it might rip of the handle.
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