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  1. I think you need to make the distinction between 'steering' to a direction and making the physical turn. I think counter-steering is simply applying a torque to the opposite direction to which you want to turn, which gives you greater lean angle? It makes sense when you think about it. Say you're turning at high speed. You don't simply just lean in and expect to turn. Usually when you lean, you'll notice that your wheel kinda pushes outward a bit opposing your lean? Ie, You'd lean to the left, but at the same time the wheel has gone a bit to the right to compensate for your lean angle.
  2. Counter-steering is absolutely necessary in order to safely initiate turns at higher speeds. Wikipedia actually explains this one quite well. Refer to the "How it Works" section of this article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countersteering
  3. There is still tilt back at unlocked speed. He said he simply didn't go fast enough to experience tilt back. It occurs from 27KM/hr and upwards.
  4. Hey dude, how is your pricing? I'm interested in buying another one for my friend.
  5. Where abouts do you live in Aus Simon? I'm down in Sydney. Not that many riders here from what I've seen.
  6. It vibrates really badly when you try to accelerate hard or reach close to top speed. The whole unit would buck in a front/back motion literally throwing you off until it slows down to a crawl. Extremely dangerous if you're going at 20 something kph. Also, the tilt back was set too early at 25Kph when the unit that others received had it set at 30kph.
  7. A max speed of 18Kph means that the wheel can only reach that speed with maximum tilt back. Given that most EUCs actually exaggerate their top speed, it looks like your wheel simply begins tilting from 12 kph and restricts you from speeding any more at probably 15 - 16kph. Face planting above top speed refers to the motor cutoff occurring as a result of your wheel not keeping up with your forward lean due to motor inadequacies or software issues.
  8. WayneZengAU

    Firmware Update

    Are you referring to the Xima App update? I think that didn't change any behavioral elements of the Lhotz itself - only fixed some App-related bugs.
  9. As Kevin said, beeping does begin a 22KM/hr but progressively increases in tempo as you go faster. At 27KM/hr the beep becomes continuous. Yeah the Lhotz's beeping is the quietest I've actually encountered. Not sure if this is a good thing - but it sure makes it alot less annoying.
  10. Here's what I think: Gotway MCM2s < KS 800W by miles Airwheel X8 -> Good entry level wheel but terrible vs. everything else we're mentioning. Ninbot One C is miles BELOW the IPS Zero 340Wh in terms of specification I think your comparison is actually quite misleading. I actually own/have owned or tested the majority of these wheels. My suggestions for you are: IPS Zero 340Wh Gotway MCM4 (Upcoming model) KS 800W IPS Xima Lhotz 340Wh
  11. Here in Australia, I do get some idiots who try to shit talk me when I ride past them. Depending on what they do, I might just tell them to F*** off or some other combination of insults. Some of them even have tried to jump at me and try to block my path or attempt to scare me. Almost got into a full blown punch up once but it ended up being all talk (me + my friend vs a bunch of drugged up lads in the CBD). I'm actually quite a safe rider and always slow down to a crawl when passing randoms on the street/footpath. Honestly I don't feel like niceties are going to help you with these types of people. It's not like the societal perspective of EUCS depends on what a bunch of low-life scumbags think of us. Obviously gauge the risks. If you're within range of someone being able to reach you physically, don't do anything. But if you're on a high powered/fast wheel and already out of their approachable range, then sling whatever you like which makes you feel better
  12. WayneZengAU


    I would definitely argue that it isn't better looking than the zero
  13. I do have the black one Haven't seen a white one in person yet so not sure
  14. I can definitely say that the Lhotz 340Wh model easily achieves speeds of up to 30KM/hr. I've done hours of testing using 3rd party GPS apps and the speeds on the XIma App are 100% accurate. Also, my Lhotz doesn't tilt back until 27KM/hr. I've also compared it side by side with a KS800W locked at 25KM/hr and it absolutely beats that in top speed.
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