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  1. I’m wondering if good quality motorcycle gloves is a better choice for protecting your hands, since wrist guards don’t protect your fingers ? I wore good quality wrist guards in my crash, but I still broke my little finger ?
  2. I’m sure you’re right. I remember the feeling of falling forward.. like it didn’t hold me upright any more. But is 800W considered weak? I’m not sure.. it was my son who picked it up but I think it was off..
  3. I expired a cut off in the process of drag racing my son on his Ninebot one e. My INMOTION v8 accelerated fast and then suddenly it wobbled like crazy and then cut off.. flying forward and made some kind of rolling on the ground. Broken little finger and some bruises on right hand. Fortunately I wore all my protective gear and full face helmet ? I am a little shock up by the cut off, but I guess I’m not the only one expiring this..
  4. Yeah, guess I need to figure out what can be the cause.. I allready tried to dismantle it down to the wheel, but the wheel/motor I dident have the guts to take apart.. Also I need to know what to look for... :-/ But then again.. If I take the waranty road I might be without the EUC for loooong time..
  5. It Sound like this... F6151C3D-460D-4514-B001-2217317B0DAA.mov
  6. Hi. I've recently bourght my V8 and its only been running few Km.. It seems like there is a freeplay/ clonck sound when Im starting or breaking.. Its like theres to much freeplay between forward-backwards ?? Anyone knows why this is?? And can I tighten somthing?? Its kind of strange, since it dident do so right when I got it.. Hope someone can help... Regards, Lars , Denmark
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